6 July 2012

Weekend reading

Two friends of mine sent me the link to this NY Times article during the week - The Busy Trap. It's a great read.

I really relate to this - what all successful parents do before breakfast.  I started doing it when I realised I could get a few extra hours into my day when I was studying. Now, well, I still do it.

Backyard farmers by necessity. - You Tube. What a great couple!

This is a lovely blog - Allotment Adventures with Jean. Have a look at the rolling compost maker down the page.

These people are living off the grid. It's interesting seeing how different, yet similar, it is.


This blog, Little Home in the Country, is written by one of the wonderful moderators at the forum. I direct you there not because I'm mentioned in this post but because it's a beautiful lesson in following your heart.

Prairie Harmony is a member of the forum and is such a sweetie. She'll be surprised by her inclusion here but I watch and I learn.

Kev is a new to me reader of my blog. I like his blog - An English Homestead. It's great to see more men getting into this way of living and now we can encourage him along with our comments.


  1. Hey thanks for the link! I really enjoy reading your blog - and like you say it's great to have comments, it's surprised me how motivating it is to have people interested in what I do.
    Thanks again

  2. Very happy to have found your blog, i suspect by your definition of 'simple living' your posts will be right up my alley! max x

  3. Thanks for the links!! I loved the NY Times article, it is so true, and I think we do spend too much time being 'busy'....time to re-think! Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Thank you Rhonda for linking up to Sherri's post on her Little Home in the Country blog...such a heartfelt post I relate to..

  5. What a good read from NY Times on being busy.
    I don't want to be busy. It take a lot of thought
    to stay focused on what's important. I pray that I
    will live a life of meaning...not doing.

    Thanks, Rhonda!

  6. I love the weekend reading, usually curl up on the couch in my "nest" on Friday night, it is easy tea night and I watch Move to the Country and read some of the blogs you have left for us, sort of finishes of my week. I really want to go back and have a good read about Jean's allotment.We currently live of a 1/3 acre block with fruit trees, vegies and chooks, only a few more years left to work I cannot wait to stay home and "play" all day.

  7. Thank you, Rhonda for the link to my blog. I enjoyed the other links... some very good reading there :)

  8. Thanks Rhonda. It's always good to have some new blogs to check out. Have a lovely weekend. Xxoo

  9. Thanks for putting up these links, so nice to have found Kev's Blog, I'm going to be a regular follower of it now, he's already up on my sidebar.

    Sue xx

  10. Great links and I enjoyed the article at the times until he said God created work as punishment which is totally contradictory to the Bible...to work is a blessing and that kind of ruined it for me. However it is a interesting read.

  11. Dear Rhonda. Thank you so much for the link to my blog. I had a real start when I clicked onto it this morning and realised that the 'hits' on my blog had doubled overnight! Best wishes from Jean.

  12. I am really enjoying reading this weekend reading list! I always enjoy visiting new blogs and sites and appreciate the recommendations you have. What a wonderful way to meet others. I am very surprised that you included me here!!! Delightfully of course. Thank you so very much I am humbly thankful. You are such a blessing as always to myself and so many others. Hugs :)

  13. I'm busy. I think when someone says "busy" in this day and age, I think they might mean "unhappy". I DO have a "Richard Scarry book" job, yet know that when I'm not teaching, I'm busy, not productive. This year, I've gone from go-to girl to 100m behind everyone else, batches of the blues and (gasp) my first grey hairs. The article mentions institutional self-delusion, and I know that I'm constantly being told that if I don't prioritise everything at once, the world will fall apart. I don't want to become one of the people in the article who have to completely remove themselves from their environment in order to be happy, but I understand why it's happening. It might even have to happy to me soon, too.

  14. Oh, and another idea similar to the first:

    TED talks are great!


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