11 June 2012

Back to my list

Over the past few weeks, I've moved away from my old habit of writing down what I hope to do during the day. I have been quite busy lately so didn't really notice my change until I could see things not done, or half done. And we've been buying bread at the bakery. I used to have all this down pat - after breakfast I'd put bread on to rise, wash up, clean the kitchen and make the bed and those few tasks would get me in the right mind for doing the rest of my work. Sometimes that was writing most of the day, sometimes it was housework, sewing and mending.  Somehow I moved from breakfast to writing and only remembered to make the bed or wash up when I went to those rooms. I'm not sure if it's because I'm busy or if I'm losing my marbles.

Whatever the reason, I know I need my list.

I know that a list written in the morning is the best way to organise myself. I write it when I know what I feel capable of that day. If I'm feeling energetic, I can add tasks and ideas to my core task group. If I'm not so sprightly, I can just keep the core group, knowing that will keep us going well - we'll be fed and watered and most things will be clean and tidy. When I get back on track again, I can add a chore each day to catch up.

I don't like writing down a week's worth of work. It's too overwhelming. Not writing it down at all, well, then I forget to do it. This morning list does work for me and if you're looking for a good daily guide, this may work for you too.

This shows me just how easy it is to go back to old habits. It's important to stay focused and to monitor what I am doing occasionally. None of us are perfect; it's easy to slip off track, and it's easy to stay off track. I'm pleased to tell you I re-started my list yesterday morning and I got everything done that I needed to get through. I've also started using my computer more for reminders. I already had a "take vitamins" reminder in iCal, now I have a morning tasks reminder too. I'm not going to type the list into the computer because I know I need to think about the list every morning, but a reminder to do the list should be just what I need to get back to this helpful habit.  How do you organise your day to day tasks?

I want to thank those of you who bought my book. It's still on the bestsellers list at Angus and Robinson, Borders and Dymocks, and on the Health and Well Being books bestsellers list at Fishpond. I hoped it would do well but I didn't think it would still be going strong after three months in the shops. My thanks also to those who wrote reviews online for the book. Some have said it's their favourite book and when I read that, well, I was truly humbled.

It's a public holiday here but I have a couple of meetings to attend this morning that I can't do any other time. But when I come home again, Shane, Sarndra and Alex will be here! I am looking forward to watching Alex walk in his new shoes. They'll stay overnight so we'll be able to catch up with their news and spend some time with them. I hope you enjoy your day too and that the week ahead will be a good one for all of us.

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