20 January 2012

Weekend reading

This is my regular Friday feature in which I share a few things I've read or watched recently and some blogs that have inspired me in some way. We all know the internet is an amazing place, with many nooks and crannies to explore. I hope these links reveal interest and beauty you might not otherwise have found.

Life is starting to get busy here again so I'm looking forward to a quieter weekend. I hope you can relax at home too. See you again next week!


  1. You must be posting early today - I haven't had Thursday tea yet, and you are up and at it!

    Love your links - I have put Ivynest in my own blogroll as I love the photography, and can't wait to go and check these out - sure they'll be great!

    Morgan in the UK

  2. Thanks for the links Rhonda, I shall enjoy checking them out.

  3. That reversible sunhat is so cute and not too hard even for a novice sewer. Thanks Rhonda. Have a lovely weekend. xo m.

  4. Thanks for your links Rhonda....love to find new things to inspire and excite!
    I really can't wait until your book comes out!!Have a lovely weekend x

  5. So far I have only gotten to watch the you-tube on self-sufficient and debt-free. What an inspiration!!! I want to watch it again and again. Don't ya wish they were your neighbors? I would love to help them just to learn more! It was so nice of them to do a you-tube As we always say...you never stop learning and that is so with our lifestyle too. Wow! :) Sarah

  6. Great links! The couple in the video are so adorable. I hope I can achieve what they have one day.

  7. Thanks for the great links. Cullen skink is wonderful comfort food! I live only a few miles away from Cullen! :)

  8. HA!
    I've always wanted to make a "cullen skink".

    The mind boggled.
    Some sort of earthen cellar?
    A genetic experiment with little lizards?
    Of course!!!

  9. Such wonderful links. You are so right about the nooks and crannies; you have introduced me to new wonderful sites here. Thank you.

  10. Thank you, Rhonda. I especially liked Michelle and Kelly's blogs.


  11. Your YouTube link to Self-Sufficient and debt-free is about people from my neck of the woods!

  12. Hi Rhonda,

    Just found your blog & can't believe it. Your living my dream!! I love simple DIY living & you live in the Sunny Coast Hinterland to boot, our favourite place. Can't wait to get some time to really read your blog & must get some inspiration for our rural shack just north of Brissy!! Just wondering what shop you owned in Montville as it has been our holiday destination for many years?


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