24 April 2009

What day is it?

There really is no reason for me to know what day it is, or the time of day for that matter, nevertheless, I do usually know the day. I didn't yesterday though and when I signed off thanking you for visiting this week, I thought it was Friday. Today I know it's Friday but I have no idea what I will write about because after I finished yesterday, I thought it would be another couple of days before I posted again. So bear with me, I do know what I'm doing, even if it doesn't look that way. LOL!

Shane and Sarndra are here! They arrived back from their holiday in New Zealand on Wednesday, had one night with Sarndra's mum in Brisbane and they are now sleeping soundly here, tucked up in bed. They were going to look for jobs in Brisbane but a little house Shane used to live in, set in trees on a lake just metres from the sea, is vacant. A friend of theirs is moving out and the lease will be current till September. The rent is quite low so they'll live there until after they get married. It's only about 20 minutes drive from here so it will be easier to help them organise all the ins and outs of the wedding. And I'm pleased they'll be closer to home for the time being.

Soon, I'll make breakfast for us all. No doubt we'll sit around talking for a while and then I have quite a bit of work to do. I cut out a new apron last weekend so I'll iron that and sew it up, I have tomatoes to make into relish and sauce. I made yoghurt yesterday and will make that into quark today. It will only take a short time because all I have to do is sit it in cheesecloth in a strainer for the whey to drip out. After a few days draining in the fridge, I'll add honey to half the batch, herbs to the other half, and we'll have another batch of delicious simple cheese.

I have laundry to do today and the bathroom needs cleaning but the majority of my time will be spent writing. I am trying to get the proposal back by next Monday. To all those lovely people who sent emails, I will reply later today and over the weekend.

I don't know what Earth Day is. Do we celebrate it in Australia? That is one of the downsides of not watching much TV or reading magazines or newspapers, these new things start and I have no idea. I visited some other blogs yesterday and noticed many of them writing about it so I gather it's a day when the focus is on the environment and how we live responsibly on our patch of land. I look forward to future times when such days will not be necessary because we live like that all the time. It was really wonderful to see all the photos of new seedlings started, little chickens and ducks and general feeling of optimism and renewal on those blogs. It is a great thing this internet. To see what you're doing in your own homes, to be a part of your planning and hopes for the new season connects us all in a way that was impossible in the past. It is a wonderful time to be alive.

Let me show you what the volunteers at my work gave me for my birthday. Twenty knitted squares! Isn't that fabulous. I was so pleased and surprised. Bernadette was behind it all, she had them all knitting when I wasn't there. They even made a card and all signed it with a personal message. They are such a great group of people, I'm proud to know them all.

So that has given my blanket project a big boost, it would have taken me weeks to knit 20 squares. Now I'm thinking about joining them, which I'll do by crocheting. I'm not finished with my knitting yet but I want to join them as I go. I will start on that next week, this week is fully booked.

Thank you for the wonderful comments you leave. They help me know that we are all connected and trying to live a life that matters. When you write about how a post effects you, that you're motivated by what I write, or a little story about what you're doing, it keeps me going. I am really heartened by this group of world-wide friends who choose to visit here. In a world where much is maligned, where money is king and we fail to talk to our neighbours, we have built a neighbourhood here that supports and nourishes. As an older woman I feel it is my duty, as well as a pleasure, to pass on what I know. I hope as you grow older, you find that same inclination and help others who are yet to know what you do. If we don't do that we are as guilty as all the others for letting old skills and neighbourliness die. You have a part in this just as much as I do, so let's all reignite the passion for helping our friends and neighbours. It used to be a common thing, and it should be like that now.

See you all next week. Take care.


  1. What a find, that is your blog such an inspiration to us all. I've only read a couple of your post but i'm addicted already.
    This year I decided that as a family we needed to make some changes for the better even if they were little ones.
    I look forward to keeping up with your daily going on's

    Joanne x

  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog.

  3. Good Morning Rhonda
    What a lovely birthday present, it is something that I would love to be given. My dear husband often gives me gifts he has made himself. Some of my friends think he is a skinflint for not buying something but I know how much time and love go into handmade things. They mean so much more.
    Have a good weekend with Shane, Sarndra and Hanno.


  4. Earth Day isn't terribly new ;) It was begun on April 22, 1970, so is nearly 40.

    Though the UN has a separate Earth Day which is celebrated on the equinox, the American Earth Day has generally gathered greater support. It began as an educational day to learn how stabilizing population would benefit the world as a whole, environmentally and in other ways. It was also just a general teach-in on how/why we should honor our planet's environment.

    These days, it's more of a total environmental observance, focusing on things like reducing your environmental footprint, the benefits of clean energy (solar, wind, tidal), recycling, reforestation, etc. I

    t's primarily an American observance, but I can't think of a country that wouldn't benefit. And Aussie Greens Senator Bob Brown is on the Earth Day council.

    Here's the website: http://www.earthday.net/

  5. Thank you for your blog. I am a regular visitor now. You inspire me, and encourage. Thank you.


  6. Good morning Rhonda. What a lovely gift the squares are, I'm sure you'll treasure your rug even more now! It reminds me of the friendship quilts I've read about on American blogs. That house sound like an ideal location...do S&S need a housekeeper/cook/bottle washer? :-) Have a great weekend. Rose

  7. Wow, everytime I come here I get so motivated. Everytime that I think I am so tired that I can't keep going I remember how you say to go slow and enjoy. So you are helping more people than you even know. Thank you is not enough.

  8. Earth Day is an old idea, coming 'round again. The first organized one was in 1970, but the idea had been coming together since the early '60's. It might not be observed outside of the USA, however.

  9. Funny how the common, normal thing to do (show kindness to others) is now so exceptional. When really it is to do what is right, just and honorable.
    I am so glad that you were born. Blessed may you be as those around extend such wonderful loving kindness as to knit you those beautiful squares. How very thoughtful of all of them.
    I am saving my first seeds today. What a thrill to see this life (a plant) multiply. Just like the kindness of strangers.

  10. Enjoy your time with the children. It is so special. I have no idea what earth day is either. Probably a commercial way of sending the message to care for the earth which we should do all the time.

  11. I'm with you. I don't know what day it is at the moment because it is school holidays. When the kids go back to school then we are once again bound by the confines of the clock and the calender.

    Your birthday squares are lovely and I'm sure they will be that much warmer because of the thoughts and care knitted into them.

  12. Hi Rhonda Jean :) What a joy to find an extra day! Have a lovely, lovely weekend - oh, and I am looking forward to what you are making with all of the pretty squares... Love, Q

  13. Two posts in two days. That's a world record for me. Just wanted to share with you that I cooked two entries for the local show which commences tomorrow and I got an absolute buzz out of it. My scones looked fantastic if I do say so myself. Used to get a special outfit when we were kids especially for the show and today it all came flooding back. There was a hive of activity and a real sense of community. Fantastic.

  14. Hello Rhonda, That you speak of being neighbourly today is coincidence? We have just recently moved here and I only have one neighbour. Their propery adjoins ours at the back. I was thinking of popping over with a jar of my homemade lemon curd and introducing myself. It seems like it's the wrong way around though. Shouldn't they be welcoming me? Someone has to break the ice so it will be me. I don't want to know all her business but I'd like to wave now and again.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    Sue K

  15. You spoke about neighborliness tonight. I live on a cul-de-sac in the US and unfortunately I only know 3 of the 7 families who share it with us. We moved here in August and the ones we do know, I had to introduce myself to. How ironic that it feels more neighborly to chat with folks halfway around the world than literally my own backyard. Thank you!

  16. How very nice of your friends..wow and just like that you jumped up 20 squares..happy for you Rhonda! Homemade gifts are the best!!
    Got a call from Sydney today..my g'daughter is backpacking out there for a few weeks. She loves it there.
    Thank you for your newsy post..I love hearing about your way of life and always feel encouraged and motivated by your blog to continue simplifying life.
    Some day I may try to make cheese..I'm so intrigued by that.

  17. What a wonderful post to wrap up the week!
    I enjoyed it very much so!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. Good morning Rhonda (well, it is really early here in Germany)
    Every morning I get up at 5, make myself a nice cup of tea, feed the cat, switch on my computer and read your blog. It inspires me in a helpful way and helps me through rough times.
    What a wonderful start into the day.
    Thank you for being a good friend,
    P.S. Sorry for my poor english...

  19. Thank you again for your wonderful, inspiring words and pictures. They are a little taste of honey at the beginning of a busy day , every day, for me!! Those beautiful kitchen curtains- are they embroidered? I love them!
    Linda in South Africa

  20. "It is a wonderful time to be alive."

    Your blog is always so positive and inspiring, Rhonda. After a couple of days of hearing doom and gloom (media induced!) from a couple of friends, I just want to shake them and suggest they DO something positive to change their worlds. I shall point them here! :)

  21. I had an experience of forgetting which day it was earlier this week as well. I've been sick & off work, my first day back was Wednesday. Wednesday is the night we put out our garbage & recycling bins, I normally do it when I get home from work because I'm the last one in on Wednesday. But, I was disoriented and forgot to do it. Heard the garbage truck the next morning, wondered why we had such a noisy truck in our normally quiet street, but it still didn't register that I'd forgotten the garbage! Luckily it registered with Mykl, and he raced out & got the bin up to the street in time. Oh well, it was only about a quarter full, so it wouldn't really have mattered if we missed a week!

    What a lovely birthday surprise to get those squares! I love the look of that purple one at the front with the pink flowers added. I've finally updated my blog with where I am at with my rug and added in a few more of the patterns I've been using.

  22. What a lovely gift from your workmates at the centre, so very thoughtful.

    Have a really happy weekend, catching up with Shane and Sarndra and enjoying your home.

    Care and huggles from Wellington, Mickle and Zebbycat

  23. Hi Rhonda, I continue to just love your blog, I tell everyone and anyone who will listen about you.

    Yesterday, my day off, I kept in mind your entry about mindful housekeeping. I was able to complete so many chores and refusing to rush through anyone of them to just get to the next one. It was wonderful! Best of all I made another batch of soap. This one turned out better than my first, I was even able to stamp some Moose's on the bars,( need more practice with this).

    Thanks again for all your work and writing, can't wait for the book.


  24. What, Rhonda, you don't sit around watching tv 364 days a year and celebrate Earth day 1 day a year? Why ever not? :-P

  25. I was also lost this week because the children had two days off of school. I thought it was the weekend already.
    I found Earth Day to be uneventful (being into everyday being Earth day). Even the local media didn't make a big deal out of it this year. Perhaps because it didn't fall on a weekend?

  26. I too love this blog. It does provide an inspiration to do what I believe is right in the face of a society that has so much wrong. I am not condeming it - it just isn't my right way. However, I was sad by my "neighborhood" being on line. I long to meet someone in my home town like you (no one could be just like you) so I could sit down with a cup of tea and chat - about all the things you chat about here. I need the face to face. I am sad that some of the best conversations I have are on line. I just moved to my new house eight months ago. And I too have had to invite people to my home to meet them. I hope that if I just keep inviting people, I will find someone. I know I need to get out to volunteer more, but I have a hard time making that contact.

    Thank you for listening and sorry for the long comment.

  27. Chris in EnglandApril 24, 2009 11:14 pm

    Thank you for your continuing inspiration. I have just come back for an event organised by a local lady promoting 'green streets'to encourage people to walk or cycle to the shops just one day a month.She had put a lot of work into it and had details published in newspapers and notice boards. The library hosted a series of short talks this morning about the project and related topics. Only 2 people turned up! The rest were the speakers. How disappointing and frustrating. The sun is shining,free coffee was offered,discounts on bus tickets and eco-friendly products were there to tempt and still people stayed in their cars.I hope this afternoon's free bike ride and foraging trip are better attended.
    I find this very discouraging.
    I heard a saying the other day which I cling to,
    You can't see the others as you're in the front.
    I really hope so..
    Chris in England

  28. Thank you for all your great posts... I don't often comment but you and your blog mean much to me every day!

    cathy c

  29. Thank you for your lovely post! Yes, I do stop by here a lot...there is so much helpful information here! Beyond cooking and cleaning, I really don't know much about living simply- though I do want a garden! :D Thank you for taking the time to blog- it's been very helpful! I love living simply...I find I notice things that matter more often- like birds, how bright the sun is, or how beautiful the stars are. Hope you have a spectacular day!

  30. I stopped by again today and was reminded of how much I enjoy the leisurely pace of your life and how you share it here. I look forward to the day, a year from now, when I too can enjoy not having a reason to know the day or the time. Retirement approaches ever closer.

  31. Wow, I love your blog, it is a fantastic resource...and sometimes I feel like I'm reading about myself ie: what day is it?, I don't follow T.V. newspapers, mags either. As far as Earth Day goes I know where I live in Canada we have been celebrating it since at least the 1980's.

  32. How sweet of your friends! You should dot them here and there around the edges of your blanket as if they are "hugging" all the ones you made.
    Good friends are rare ~ how blessed you are!

  33. Hello Rhonda

    I have a question. Those beautiful bars of soap on your home page. Did you make them? How?

  34. I just wanted to say thank you again for your wonderful posts. Each day that I read your blog I come away inspired and motivated.
    I have also noticed as I go through my day that I feel calmer and more joyful in doing my daily tasks. They really do matter even if we are repeatedly doing the same things over each day. I have taken the time to stop and appreciate my tasks and have really learned to live mindfully. No longer is housework drudgery, it is a task to be done well and purposefully. Thank you Rhonda... I appreciate you!

  35. lovely squares.
    have a great weekend..

  36. Dear Rhonda,

    I have arrived with delight, to your blog via Mickle of Mickles Pickle in NZ. How glad I am that she shared it with me - it's like coming home! I will be here everyday, life permitting.


  37. Thank you all for the lovely comments.
    Claudia, your English is very good. :- )

    Mickle, Shane and Sarndra were in Welly last week. They said many things are expensive in NZ.

    Anon, good luck in the show.

    Patricia, I too find it very disappointing to not have close friends and neighbours who share my lifestyle.

    Berry, I'm pleased to know you're granddaughter is enjoying Sydney. That is where I grew up. It's a beautiful place.

    Chris in England, how disappointing! The only thing we can do is to not give up and support the people who lead.

    Eileen, I really like the sound of your moose soap.

    Linda, yes, I embroidered my kitchen curtains. It's a light cotton that I freehand drew on teacups with flowers, then redworked them.

  38. Hi Rhonda, This is such an inspirational blog. As a young woman who grew up by and large in "alternative" communities, I find myself living a suburban life these days. I am happy enough living thus, but still miss the "hands-on" of living a more simple existance. Reading this has inspired me to follow through on many of the ideas that have been pushing through my consciousness for the last few years.

    Happily for me, we are living in much the same part of the world as you, so seasonal advice is a bonus!

    Thanks for the inspiration, I'm spreading the word!
    Rachel xx


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