What day is it?

24 April 2009
There really is no reason for me to know what day it is, or the time of day for that matter, nevertheless, I do usually know the day. I didn't yesterday though and when I signed off thanking you for visiting this week, I thought it was Friday. Today I know it's Friday but I have no idea what I will write about because after I finished yesterday, I thought it would be another couple of days before I posted again. So bear with me, I do know what I'm doing, even if it doesn't look that way. LOL!

Shane and Sarndra are here! They arrived back from their holiday in New Zealand on Wednesday, had one night with Sarndra's mum in Brisbane and they are now sleeping soundly here, tucked up in bed. They were going to look for jobs in Brisbane but a little house Shane used to live in, set in trees on a lake just metres from the sea, is vacant. A friend of theirs is moving out and the lease will be current till September. The rent is quite low so they'll live there until after they get married. It's only about 20 minutes drive from here so it will be easier to help them organise all the ins and outs of the wedding. And I'm pleased they'll be closer to home for the time being.

Soon, I'll make breakfast for us all. No doubt we'll sit around talking for a while and then I have quite a bit of work to do. I cut out a new apron last weekend so I'll iron that and sew it up, I have tomatoes to make into relish and sauce. I made yoghurt yesterday and will make that into quark today. It will only take a short time because all I have to do is sit it in cheesecloth in a strainer for the whey to drip out. After a few days draining in the fridge, I'll add honey to half the batch, herbs to the other half, and we'll have another batch of delicious simple cheese.

I have laundry to do today and the bathroom needs cleaning but the majority of my time will be spent writing. I am trying to get the proposal back by next Monday. To all those lovely people who sent emails, I will reply later today and over the weekend.

I don't know what Earth Day is. Do we celebrate it in Australia? That is one of the downsides of not watching much TV or reading magazines or newspapers, these new things start and I have no idea. I visited some other blogs yesterday and noticed many of them writing about it so I gather it's a day when the focus is on the environment and how we live responsibly on our patch of land. I look forward to future times when such days will not be necessary because we live like that all the time. It was really wonderful to see all the photos of new seedlings started, little chickens and ducks and general feeling of optimism and renewal on those blogs. It is a great thing this internet. To see what you're doing in your own homes, to be a part of your planning and hopes for the new season connects us all in a way that was impossible in the past. It is a wonderful time to be alive.

Let me show you what the volunteers at my work gave me for my birthday. Twenty knitted squares! Isn't that fabulous. I was so pleased and surprised. Bernadette was behind it all, she had them all knitting when I wasn't there. They even made a card and all signed it with a personal message. They are such a great group of people, I'm proud to know them all.

So that has given my blanket project a big boost, it would have taken me weeks to knit 20 squares. Now I'm thinking about joining them, which I'll do by crocheting. I'm not finished with my knitting yet but I want to join them as I go. I will start on that next week, this week is fully booked.

Thank you for the wonderful comments you leave. They help me know that we are all connected and trying to live a life that matters. When you write about how a post effects you, that you're motivated by what I write, or a little story about what you're doing, it keeps me going. I am really heartened by this group of world-wide friends who choose to visit here. In a world where much is maligned, where money is king and we fail to talk to our neighbours, we have built a neighbourhood here that supports and nourishes. As an older woman I feel it is my duty, as well as a pleasure, to pass on what I know. I hope as you grow older, you find that same inclination and help others who are yet to know what you do. If we don't do that we are as guilty as all the others for letting old skills and neighbourliness die. You have a part in this just as much as I do, so let's all reignite the passion for helping our friends and neighbours. It used to be a common thing, and it should be like that now.

See you all next week. Take care.