6 April 2009

I own Autumn

I feel like I own Autumn. I was born in April so Autumn is my season, it is when I feel the most comfortable, the time when I know deep within me that anything is possible and the time when on the 15th of the month, I realise I am one step closer to my grave. I will soon be 62. I have been thinking about aging for a while now, not because I am getting older but because those around me are. Sure I age at the same rate, but I never feel I'm old. I only know I am my age when I write it on a form or look at Hanno and wonder why time went so fast. And if the truth is told, sometimes when I write '61', I look at it and think it's wrong.

To put my age into perspective, these are a few facts I looked up:
  • When I was born, Australia's population was 7,708,761 - it's now 21 million.
  • When I was born, our prime minister was Ben Chifley, and our monarch was King George VI
  • When I was born, the American president was Harry Truman.
When I gave up working for a living, I gave away all my watches. I didn't want to be constrained by certain time periods and what was supposed to happen at those times of the day. I wanted to do things when they needed to be done or when I felt like doing them. I wonder now if getting rid of my watches had a deeper meaning for me - whether by not recording time on my arm, it didn't record anywhere. Of course, that is a ridiculous notion, but I still think about it. The truth is, I love being my age, what ever age it is, but now in my Autumn season I feel I have become the real me. I look at other women my age who have plastic surgery and dress like fluffy lambs, and I feel comfortable, content and proud that I am what I am.

Ageing has been hijacked by commerce, it's now bound up by what we should look like. Advertisements in women's magazines and the undertone of many TV programs pressure women (and men) into believing if they don't look young, they're not good enough. WRONG! We should only look young when we're young. That's not rocket science. Older women are still beautiful, beauty will never rely on youth.

I am happier now than I have ever been. I am proud to look my age, to have my hair its natural grey colour, to dress how I feel comfortable. Sure, there are times when I forget things, when I can't move nearly as fast as I used to, or when I go to sleep in the arm chair when I sit down to knit. Those things come with the territory but you also get many golden moments too. When I was younger, I didn't have the confidence I have now. I didn't know how awesome I can be when I put my mind to it. I didn't feel this powerful.

Like everything in this world, the ups are always balanced by the downs and sometimes when I look at Hanno and my sister, I see fragility and worry about how we will all progress into older age. I am concerned there may be a time when we can't do the work we do now and I hope we'll be okay with that if it happens. But then I remember the Blue Zones I wrote about last week and I know that life can still be rich and fulfilling in very old age. I think about writing my book at the age of 62 and I feel grateful that I have the capacity and desire to do it, and the energy it needs.

So bear with me today as I think about age, birthdays and the number 62; tomorrow I'll be ageless again. Tomorrow all thoughts of age will probably have left me and I'll be back to writing posts about being frugal and green and living the simple life. But you never know. At my age you can do anything. ;- )

Thanks for all the feedback that came while I was working on my blog on the weekend. It's so encouraging to have people tell you you're doing a good job as you go along. I have added an email subscription box and will add a feed subscription soon. I'm quite baffled by feed subscriptions and I'm sure I've done something to mine. Anyhow, we'll know soon enough. My hope with the new look is to have things better organised so that the older information is more easily accessed. Let me know if you have any more suggestions for me.

I wanted to place more emphasis on my home too. I didn't want it to look like a gardening blog and although my garden is an absolute joy to me, without my home, I'd be lost. So I chose some new photos for the banner that, I hope, indicate where my heart is. I love my home, and while it's a small and simple dwelling, it suits my simple soul and working class heritage.



  1. I love the new look for the blog. I just listened to you on the link to the radio show and it was amazing to hear your voice! I'm so excited for you with all that is going on in your life. Thank you for everything you have taught me so far. Anitaxx

  2. Hi Rhonda,

    I read your blog daily, and thoroughly enjoy it. I'm about 16 months older than you, and like you I feel good about my age. I have finally settled into my own skin, and I like it - unadorned and plain! I don't have to impress anyone anymore. That's in the past.

    The thing that makes life so precious is its brevity. Every moment counts for something. Joy rises from the very simplest things, even on days which are pain-filled, or difficult, you learn to accept and appreciate what there *is* to be appreciated. Happy Approaching Birthday! May you and Hanno celebrate many more together.

    A friend in Western Canada

  3. Hi
    I was able to listen to NZers gardener of the year in the weekend - she is 86 years old.
    A delightful hard case nun!
    A few links for you
    Gardener of the Year
    Sister Loyola
    She is an inspiration - I wouldn't mind being as fit & with it as she is at 86.
    Maybe we will See you & Hanno Gardeners of the year in Australia one year.

  4. Autumn is my favourite season.. even though I am a Summer baby, born Jan 1st.. I follow the seasons religiously, taking old folklore bits and weaving them into my daily life.. autumn is a time of beginning to turn inward, which it seems is what your wise self is doing :)

    alot of my friends are older than I am.. and just recently we sat under an old persimmon tree to celebrate a 76 birthday! Peter my friend, still puts on a New Years eve party for 30. cooking a 3 course meal, so dear Rhonda, there are many more years for you yet xo and with your healthy lifestyle, you will probably be still gardening well into your 80's..
    This is a brilliant post... I loved reading it.. sometimes when I read your words, it feels like I am reading my own thoughts.

    (I think home & garden go hand in hand, so your banner is perfect)

  5. Another beautiful post Rhonda.

    April here is spring. The snowdrops have gone, this is the season of daffodils and shoots and promise. I love having my birthday in April, everything's awakening from the winter, the days are getting longer and warmer, and the summer is just around the corner. Autumn is still my favourite season overall though I think, the nip in the air, the nights drawing in, the colours....

    It must be difficult to look around and see your friends aging, even if you don't feel so old yourself. I can't really complain as I'm not 30 yet! But I've known people get ill earlier than this so youth is no guarantee of longevity I guess. I feel for you today when this is on your mind, there's nothing to stop the progress of the years. You have healthy lives though, so here's hoping there's a few more years of good health in you all yet.

    Your blog is looking great! I like the glimpses into your home, so it's great that you're focusing on that some more. I'm probably just nosey :) But it's so inspirational to see how your life works.


  6. I love the new look, Rhonda! A facelift is good when it comes to a blog! Just gave myself one this morning!
    I know what you mean about aging. I will be 56 this year, and I can hardly get the words out of my mouth. I certainly don't feel 55, but my drivers license and birth certificate say it is so. In my mind I am 35!!!

  7. Rhonda,

    I really enjoy your blog and your thoughts each day. The new layout looks great.

    You've inspired me to make my own laundry detergent and we're enjoying using it. Hopefully this summer we'll move on to other homemade cleaners.


  8. ps - did you watch 60mins last night? not something I usually watch, but wanted to see Dr.Teo (he operated on my bil just recently)... but after that segment, they had Peter Cundall on.. he was talking about turning the backyard into a vegie garden... seems it is happening everywhere.. isn't that wonderful?

  9. Rhonda, your essay on age is your best posting yet. Absolutely inspiring. Happy birthday!

  10. Ah no wonder you are such a gentle special person an April babe.

    My eldest and youngest are April babes and they are truly a joy to me (all the ones in between are too ) there is something very special about these two though they seem unflappable, solid, sensible, funny - perhaps it is to do with the season Autumn is always such a gentle time I think.

    I love the new masthead for the blog.


  11. I love the new look to the blog Rhonda. You have once again did a great job.

    I turned 44 this year and I too am happy with where I am at. I started going grey when I turned 34 and always dyed my hair until late last year. I decided then to stop dying it and age gracefully. Thanks for your post as it reaffirms my desire to not be a plastic surgery, vain type of woman!

  12. Dearest Rhonda,
    Beautiful post once again. Love your new layout for your blog!
    Autumn is my favourite time of year as well! My birthday is in May! The days are just beautiful this time of year.
    Thanks again for being such an inspiration to many people.
    Can you tell me when your book would be released in Australia please? I want to be one of the first to pre-order!!
    Take care & God bless

  13. Hi, Rhonda!

    Love the new look...just saw your Barred Rock Plymouth pic also. Take a peek at my blog. Just brought home the baby chicks: 6 Rhode Island Red and 6 Barred Rock Plymouths! I have soooo much to learn about chickens...or chooks?! *smile*


  14. Good morning Rhonda,

    I'm 58 in June and I'm very excited about the future. I'm getting a few aches and pains but I've got a bit more freedom these days. We have made a decision to go back to the country from the city and we are putting the wheels in motion now. The sense of expectation is fascinating. To me beauty is in a smile and it doesn't matter how old that face is, if it has a beautiful smile then its true beauty. I to saw Peter Cundal on the TV last night and he is so vibrant and he is in his 80's. I feel sure you will be still blogging away well into your 80's Rhonda. I often take my watch off when we are spending time down at our caravan and I think when the big fella gives up work we will give the watches away also.
    You and Hanno are an inspiration and it is a joy to read and be part of your blog each day. Thankyou both.

    Blessings Gail

  15. Autumn is my favourite time, but since we moved to QLD I feel we don't get a real Autumn anymore.

    I really like your new look blog - but I miss the photo of you!


  16. Donna in Colorado USAApril 06, 2009 7:53 am

    Hi Rhonda,
    You and Deb in Western Canada have both expressed what I feel: that growing older means growing better, more settled, more confident of our feminine and human strengths. There *is* wisdom in experience. And there is certainly precious meaning invested in the brevity and fragility of life.

    Congratulations on creating such a beautiful blog, with such inspirational content. I look forward to reading your wisdom for many more years.

    Donna in Colorado USA

  17. This is great. Would love if you could include in the How To section, how to start an organic garden and/or maintain it (soil requirements) ie. what to add to the soil as you go along. Many thanks Rhonda for all this fabulous info.

  18. Hi Rhonda

    The blog looks great - fresh and modern yet simple. I especially like the way your recipes are now listed down the side as I have made a few of them now and they are always well received by my very fussy family:) I really must thank you for the lemon butter recipe. My husband loves lemon butter and eats it every day on toast for breakfast but the only shop bought brand he'd eat was more than $4 a jar. With a few lemons from the markets I can make 3 good sized jars worth for less than the price of one and the taste is so much better. It wasn't nearly as difficult as I imagined it would be. He has it on my own bread each day and I kind of like knowing that I made his entire breakfast from scratch.

  19. Hi Rhonda,
    happy birthday! Wishing you a very happy and healthy 'ageless' year.

  20. You are only an autumn (as opposed to spring) chicken! I'm 72 and although I too pause and examine my memories, I am not old!
    Peace and fun on your bithday.
    June also in Oz

  21. I love the new look of your blog. I've tried many backgrounds but come to the conclusion that white is the most readable and refreshing one. It is like a liberation from all the ideas of individuality to actually being an individual. Your header is gorgeous, comfy and homely. It speaks of a home full of love which I am sure it is.
    I also agree on being proud of whatever age you are. I don't wish for the frather round figure I currently have but do not see why I should have a girls figure in my mid forties either just because I am again single. I have a right to be my age and enjoy it's blessings though I still prefer to colour my hair for my own sake so that when I look in the mirror I am not all grey.

  22. I found your blog through a link from a friend's blog, a week or two ago, and haven't yet left a comment (well, if I have, I've forgotten) but today's post left me wanting to say hello. I will be 62 on my next birthday (Dec) and I relate to what you wrote about age. The simple life appeals to me and I have taken steps to simplify but have not reached it in some ways, those will come. I have much "catching-up" reading to do on your blog because it has so much helpful, interesting information. Happy Birthday in advance...

  23. Happy "soon" Birthday! (in case I don't get back on the date...)

    I love the new look of your blog. Your home looks so warm and welcoming, just as your personality comes across in your lovely writing.

    As I'm nearing 40 I'm thinking a lot about aging, as well. Your thoughts at 62 are not a lot different from mine at 38.5. Interesting, isn't it? It's really not about the numbers, but our attitudes.

  24. I had my birthday yesterday. I too am an autumn person, and always feel that the best things happen to me at this time of the year.

    Life does seem to be passing by quickly... what ? a year went by already?

    Yesterday i learned something new. The meaning of the word axiom. A self evident truth: the sky is blue for example. Even though a small thing, I am learning every day, and that is what the journey is about afterall.

    Happy Birthday to you for 15 April.
    I hope that your birthday wishes come true this year dear Rhonda.

  25. Hi Rhonda,

    love the post & think the updated blog looks great.

    You have many, many years of autumn still ahead of you - enjoy! :-)

    Cate in NZ

  26. Your blog looks beautiful!

    I will turn 55 soon, my husband turns 62 on April 21st. I don't know where the years have gone.

    Except for the challenges of a chronic illness, I love getting older. I have more peace about who I am now.

    Keep up the wonderful work. You get better all the time. :)

  27. Rhonda,

    I love Autumn, seriously your blog, your new blog look, and your inspirational homesteading. Simply beautiful. Happy early birthday. :)

  28. Good morning Rhonda. The new look is lovely, all that white background shows up the text very well. The photo at the top is very inviting, I feel as if I've stepped in and sat down with you.

    Your reflections on age and aging mirror my own. I'm almost 54 (May) and I CANNOT understand when that happened! I haven't accepted the grey hair yet but I'm moving close to it.

    I find that a lot of women really hit their prime in their 50s and 60s, it may be the confidence that develops. Keep on enjoying it girl!

  29. Love the new lay out. At first I was concerned, I could not find soap making, but then just typed it in and wahla...soap making instructions. Thank You so much for your site and all your hard work.
    Thanks again

  30. Hi Rhonda,
    I have been reading your blog most days for a little while now and find that I get a lot of inspiration and help from everything you share. I'm just starting out on the journey you've been on and experience counts for everything. Thanks! Jane

  31. In my mid 30's now, I'm often thinking about the "aging" process too. Although I don't see it as gaining wrinkles and grey hair (I already have those!!) but I think about losing my manouvrability to get the things done that I love doing today.

    I slipped in the mud the other day after a storm, on my way to feeding the chickens. My legs split rather suddenly and I managed to stop myself falling flat on my face! But boy, I hadn't moved that fast in years!!

    I thought I better put in better surfaces while I'm young, so I won't need a hip replacement when I'm older. I'd hate to have done that in my 60's.

    But it's nice reading about what you're experiencing as you age. It gives me hope that while the falls may still come, it doesn't necessarily mean you need to pack everything up and move into a retirement village to protect yourself.

    I like the new look to the blog as well. :)

  32. I love autumn but here it is in sep, oct and nov. Wishing you a happy b'day..I presume it is this month, right?
    I will be 62 as well this year and I am content..silver hair and all! I like the simple life and work to keep it that way.
    I like the new look of your blog Rhonda..great work and I esp liked this post on aging..let's keep doing it gracefully and be an example to the younger women.

  33. Good morning Rhonda,
    I'm a lover of your blog and have found it encouraging and inspiring. Being a grandmother of six and a bit of an old fashioned homemaker your life hits lots of buttons for me. Now onto the topic of this message - after talking to my sister in law about how I wished there was a way to bottle fruit in the microwave rather than the whole preserving routine - really applying that when you only have a small amount you wish to preserve. Possibly even down to just a few pieces of fruit. She told me about a fabulous book written by Australian Isabel Webb. Now perhaps I am out of touch and your readers know of this book. If not it is worth a mention, it is wonderful and makes preserving easier and less time consumng and also as I said you can do small amounts eg. just one jar. The publication is called Quik and Easy Microwave Fruit Bottling ISBN 0-646-38611-4 printed by Wilkinson Printers, 51 Union Road. North Albury. NSW 2640 Australia.
    I do all our cooking and baking from sratch and encourage my daughter and daughter in law to do the same, even the boys are showing great interest in cooking and growing there own produce. I couldn't be more pleased.

    Thanks again Rhonda for all your insights.

    Anne J.

  34. Lovely reflections Rhonda, I can totally relate. I am just a little over a year older than you.
    Thank you again for giving us the privilege of reading your wonderful writing.
    Autumn is also my favorite season.
    I love what you have done to the blog, so clever.

    Regards Patricia

  35. In Canada, you'd own Spring as well! :)
    I love the new look, very functional and easy to read.
    Best wishes to you and Hanno!

  36. I really like your blogs new look.


  37. My hubby has more trouble with age and every day I wake up it's an adventure always something new.

    As for the season it the opposite here. I'm a winter baby (Feb) my hubby is fall (Nov) My oldest son is born on our Autumn (Sept 23) and my youngest one is in the spring (April)

    Enjoy every day in your life and the coffee is on.

  38. Cheers to your comments on aging! I watched my grandma hike the Grand Canyon in her 70s and garden and do volunteer work into her
    90s. She taught me to embrace the age you are and keep a young spirit. Love the new look of the blog.

  39. Hello

    I have only found you recently. My mother sent me your way. I hope you have a fantastic birthday.

  40. Ahhh...thank you so much. I am "getting there". I am 56 and I am not that old. Oh yes, there are aches and pains on some days, but in my mind I am young. I too am happy where I am.
    I laughed when you mentioned how the magazines say what we should look like...a younger friend once told me that I would look so much younger if I dyed my hair. Sure I would, but I told him it took me 55 years to get my hair this color and I certainly wasn't going to spend the $6 now to change it. My hair is long, and natural, I take good care of it and I consider it my crown. I love seeing older women who have naturally colored hair! It is beautiful!
    Thank you for such a wonderful post. And Happy Birthday! (I'm planning on saying it again on the fifteenth!

  41. Rhonda, I'm nearly 40 years younger than you, but I feel through your writings that you're more optimistic, energetic, and outgoing, than many of my peers. I used to know a lady who was very much like you in character, and I always thought that's how I want to be in a few decades.

  42. Hi Rhonda - what a lovely post :) I especially love your Autum leaves photo at the top of the post. I think your new layout of your blog is fab!

    Chantel from Ashfield x

  43. Rhonda....I'm extrememly muddled (age maybe?)...you celebrated your 60th last year, so are about to turn 61... or as my Dad would say, about to start your 62nd year....or is that what you8 meant?!.

    It's funny isn't it, we notice those around us age, but we don't think of ourselves as ageing at the same rate!

  44. Good Evening Rhonda
    Like the new blog, very easy to find everything.
    I use to worry about getting old and febble in my previous stressed life. Now life flows with the days (no watch for me either) I am content with how I am and who I am.
    I'm a harvest baby, born in late August and I literally held up the cutting of the barley while Dad looked after Mum.

    Pippa x

  45. I do like your new design and photos - they really convey the feel of the blog. I listened to your radio broadcast last week and thought you spoke very well. So interesting to hear you speak -this internet community of being in touch with folk all over the world is amazing.
    This post sounds very heartfelt and thought provoking. I'm about 10 years younger than you and as time passes I feel more and more that you should make the most of everything and enjoy and appreciate the small things each day. Happy Birthday! from East Anglia, in the UK, on the other side of the world, where it's all blossom and flowers and springtime.

  46. your are such an inspiration to women of all ages rhonda. happy birthday friend!

    and the final blog look is wonderful ~ you inspired me to begin a little freshening up of my own as well. ;)

  47. Hi Rhonda Jean,i loved you comment about your age,i'm Carol Jean, turning 60 in June,and i feel so happy with my age,i feel very comfy in my body, even though i'm not that skinny little thing from when i was 40,i feel relaxed about my apearance, don't have to impress anyone,i live alone, very contented with that,live my life just the way i like, i have a sister who is 56 and can't accept the ageing process,she diet's herself until she feel's ill, has botox treatment's, obsessed about her apearance, i feel sorry for her, i love my age,i love living a more simple life, with my darling Cat,yes i embrace the 60'ees.

  48. Thank you for your blog and all the inspiration you provide. I'm approaching my 50th birthday in two months time and I think that perhaps I'm now coming into my best time of life. My only sadness is that of the 'empty-nester'. But I'm going to become a grandmother in November and I am looking forward to that! I'm writing from Cornwall in England where we are now going into Spring. Ahh, some warmth at last!

  49. Rhonda,

    I am so glad your bringing up retirement....I know we are a little younger than you but.....we are trying to look ahead to retirement.

    You have mentioned before that you are frugal so you can save each month but that is where we are struggling...we don't know how much to save and where to put it...do you have a savings account,a retirement account and maybe some investments accounts??

    I am not asking for stock-market advice just "life advice"..

    I would love to here about your savings plan:)



  50. So glad I found you, from Cherry Hills favorites, we too try to live and walk the life that leaves the least footprint. I just blogged today about the excesses we are trying to overcome here in the US. Come visit me at http;//grannymountain.blogspot.com
    Love your blog!

  51. Rhonda, I wish I could have you as a blog-grandma -- I visit your post daily, and you seem so sturdy in life. I hope, as I'm trying to build a similar life for myself and my husband (we're 28 & 31, just married last year), that we can have all the joys that you seem to have. One day we hope to get out of the city to live a slower life!

    And I love my new grey hair -- it's so good to see people who enjoy their age. :)


  52. I love hearing your insights. I have to take a step back every time you mention how it is fall...I live in Canada and we are welcoming our spring after a long, snowy winter. I am an autumn child too, although I was born in October. These slight cultural differences are refreshing for me to read.

    I agree with you on every point in your articles. It is so nice to know I am not alone in my quest for simplicity. Through you I see it is possible, desirable and enjoyable.

    Thanks for being an inspiration for me.

  53. Happy Birthday Month to you! You are young and vibrant at "almost" sixty-two. Love the new look and ease of navigating the blog.

  54. I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to get chickens (something I've never done). I live in the southern United States. I had never heard of "Dominiques", but found a baby at our farmers co-op. I also added a "Rhode Island Red", and have already built a backyard pen and have them in a coop. I'm quite excited, and they are fascinating to watch. Thanks for your blog! (I also like the picture of your adult dominique on your website.)

  55. so funny to think back on things. When I was in college there were approx 4 b people in the world. Now I don't even know how many there are but it's way more!

  56. Wonderful Blog!! I'm a staunch, follower now!!hughugs

  57. you give a 29-year-old great hope (were you a little nervous turning 30? i am ...). i think the way you live will support your health and longevity for many, many more years to come! happy early birthday dear rhonda. and i'm so glad you're around to help us younger ones blaze the way to a more sustainable future ... each in our own small way, in a manner that suits us best, individually. thanks for all your effort at "passing on" some of the very most important basics of simple living! you are truly the best.

  58. It is interesting to know that autumn is there in Australia. Here in USA (Louisiana state) it is spring & about to get really hot & humid.
    I don't know alot about Australia, other than what I see on McLeods Daughters --LOL. I love that show!
    I think I'll have to plan on studying it in our homeschool lessons.
    Hope you have a great birthday!

  59. Hi there,

    I too feel as if I own Autumn, May in south Africa being my favourite month (also the month I was born in, I turn 63 this year).

    You have a SUPERB site (you get what you pay for!) and I certainly will be visiting often. So much to read...

    Regards and an abundant day to you

  60. I can't decide which post I prefer. Your most recent one about finding your own map, or this one about acceptance and enjoying yourself. Both are wonderful. Great, great job. Also, I think you have hit on the reason why so many people are drawn here - you are content with yourself and your choices. There are lots of us searching for this same contentment!! And now you've reminded us that it is different for everyone. Still, it's nice to see this contentment lived out. Keep on.

  61. i love the new look..
    Love all your tips and pictures..

  62. Yay you go Rhonda!
    Firstly- autumn is my absolute favourite time of year. I never linked it to being born in March :-).
    I'm in my late (very late) 30's and I'm already thinking about what kind of older lady I want to be. I have two grey hairs. I like them! I haven't dyed my hair in 10 years and I don't want to start now so I've already decided to go grey when nature dictates it.
    Many of my peers still wear the same styles that young women wear. If I like a fashion and it suits my figure, I will wear it but I have my own style and I love that I don't feel the need to be dressed-up and made-up just to go down to the supermarket. Some things about getting older are definitely better!
    I don't look forward to the frail part of age and spending part of every week in the doctor's surgery but I do look forward to becoming even more accepting of who I am; of watching my children become adults and perhaps meeting their children. Making a cosy home, learning new life skills, being a (hopefully) wiser listening ear to young folks.
    All things in their time.

  63. Hi Rhonda,
    I have been following your blog for 5 months now and loving it. My family and I decided to adopt a simplier lifestyle since spring 2008. We have had many joyfully moments as a result of our change.My husband and 3 kids have grown closer .However at time like now as a stay at home mum and juggling uni i am struggling to find time to spend in the garden or keep to my household chores and only cooking basic food just to stop the family from dying of hunger while watching my friends enjoy the life that we once led. Being Easter many of my friends are going away and for some reason i can't help but feel sad. Have you ever experience this feeling as you were making your change.Today as i feel my lowest moment in a very long time i made an extra effort to go into garden and harvest all the food i needed to made dinner just to overcome my sadness. It sure did help. My chickens are also started to lay which is very exciting.This easter apart from going to Church we as are family will be closing our gates and enjoying all the things that is inside it.

    West Hoxton

  64. Rhonda Jean,
    Happy Birthday! (just in case I forget on the 15th) LOL Your post about age and aging is full of wisdom and refections. I'm not too far behind you in age and even though I see others aging I just don't 'see' myself aging right along with them. I really think that LisaZ is right...attitude does make a big difference. Except for a bit of stiffness and forgetfulness I feel better then when I was 30 years old. I don't have to prove anything...and I laughingly tell my friends that I can be whatever I want 'cause I'm an old lady!! I chuckled over Claudia's remark about her hair. I been going gray/white since I was 17 years old! (it's premature in my family!) Friends have asked me why I've never dyed my hair and I just smile. Figured if the good Lord wanted me to have brown hair, etc. he would have left it brown. Besides, I have an 8yo red-haired son who has given me lots of white hair! Enjoy your Autumn... I just know you'll be celebrating many more! Lovely new blog header I think it reflects your thoughts and values nicely.
    Hugs, Aunt Bea


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