Swap Update

1 March 2009
Hello all. Our dish/tea towel and pot holder swap seems to be chugging along just fine. Don't forget to e-mail Rose (rosmar at 1earth dot net) or myself Sharon (cdetroyes at yahoo dot com) if you have any problems. Now for another, ahem, yes, you guessed it, swap. Rhonda would like to start up a seed swap. We will be swapping heirloom seeds only. The rules for this swap are very strict. You may only swap within your country and even with in specific territories or states of some countries, such as Australia. If you are interested in swapping heirloom seeds (not the seeds you get at your local big box store), please leave me your name, your country, your territory or state, and your e-mail address (spelled out please). Those ladies who had offered to help with seed swaps please e-mail me, Sharon, (cedtroyes at yahoo dot com) if you wish to help with this seed swap. Rhonda is thinking of making seed swaps a regular happening around here, so if you are interested in this please leave a comment for us, too. Sharon


  1. I'm in! I'll be watching for the rules and going thru my seeds. It's going to be hard to part with them as I am such a pack rat - but for such a good cause I'll take a deep breath and do it. Thanks again for all your work, this can't be easy!

    sewilson at cull dot twcbc dot com

  2. Hi,
    I'd love to take part in this - and will help with organising also if you wish. I grow a lot of our food in my small garden here on the west coast of scotland,
    Pauline :-)

  3. Hi,
    forgot to say, my email is paulinexyz at hotmail dot co dot uk
    Pauline :-)

  4. Would love to be added to the seed swap please.
    My email is missmclucas at hotmail dot com. Brisbane, Australia.
    I have been reading your blog Rhonda for at least 5 months now and only just tonight started my own blog with the push of my 9yr old daughter.

  5. I have some heirloom seeds I ordered from an heirloom seed company that I would love to swap. My eyes were bigger than my garden this year :o)
    Count me in!
    indigo52 at cox dot net


  6. I would like to do this and be a regular but I will need to know exactley what type of seeds you are reffering too. So i will be watching for details.

  7. I'd love to be included in also. I am in western Pennsylvania in the US. I believe my zone is 7. My email is rscelp@yahoo.com.


  8. I am just learning to save my own seeds and would love to be part of this swap.

    emma dot berrypatch at gmail dot com
    I live in NSW, Aust.

    Oh, and I would be interested in this being a regular swap.


  9. Hi Rhonda
    I too would love to be a part of your swap group I have just started to grow veg and as yet have not got any seeds to swap but i hope to join diggers club in the near future and then there will be no stopping me Great Blog and so inspirational I read you every day and have started making bread and yoghurt as well just made my first batch of washing soap and am going to try lots of other things too My interests are gardening homemaking and I also paint [pictures] I live in Hervey Bay Queensland my e-mail is
    elge@tadaust.org.au Regards ELLIE

  10. Hello everybody,
    please count me in!
    I'm watching out for the rules and want to say "Thank you" for all your work!
    Hopefully there will be a separation between flower seeds and vegetable seeds (which I'm only interested in to be honest).
    Lichtlein at beautycafe dot de

  11. I'd love to be part of this if there are any other New Zealanders.

    Rachel L
    New Zealand
    Email: priorhill at xtra dot co dot nz

  12. not sure if I am too late for this but I would love to join if I can.

    I live in NSW & my email address is

    missrobyn1158 at yahoo dot com dot au

    oh and I am also willing to help if you need me :)



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