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13 July 2008
The pincushion, needle book/water bottle holder swap seems to be going well after a little bit of tweaking and sorting out swap buddies. As always, if there are any problems, please e-mail me at: cdetroyes at yahoo dot com and I will do my best to fix the problem. I am still gathering tutorials, blog sites, e-zines, and blogs for knitting and crochet help, patterns and ideas. I had no idea there were so many and always visit the links before I give them to you so it will be next week-end before I post the list. I would, however, like to leave you with a couple more sewing links: the first is a site that gives a lot of information on textile arts and sewing tips: and the second is a tutorial for making your own microwave heating packs for all those aches and pains, for keeping tootsies warm in cold weather or for wonderful home-made gifts, especially if you vary the essential oils. Rose, vanilla, lavender for calming, eucalyptus and mint for colds and flu, or your own personal favorite scent or combination can personalize each heating pack: Until next week-end, happy swapping and have fun creating your own home-made life. Sharon

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  1. I made those wheat bags one year for Christmas and they were a hit. Might be time to think about making them again.....

    Gill from Canada


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