Confession time

8 July 2008
It's confession time! There are days, like today, when I get up in the morning and can't be bothered writing. I feel overwhelmed sometimes, not with the writing, but with the knowledge that there are so many people looking into my life. Most of the time that's okay, some days it isn't.

I was not going to post this morning because I was feeling fragile but I just read the comments and you have won me over yet again with your thoughtful and generous words. Now I am compelled to write. Thank you.

Sharon J, I really liked your comment about being busy with your organising but you took time out to play with your kitten. Wise move. Kittens have a way of easing tension, don't they.

River, yes, just lightly brush the soap forms with vegetable oil.

Christine, I don't know if I would like Sex in the City or not, I haven't seen it, only the promotions. I doubt I'd like it though. I'd rather go and have afternoon tea with your mum. ;- )

Fifi, I just loved your comment. Happy birthday for yesterday! You really have got it. I watched the very end of the tennis - it's finished here at about 5.30am and it was really exciting.

Silversewer, it's good to know your OH is slowly recovering. Take care of yourself as well.

Jenny, my work makes me more thankful for Hanno and my boys too.

Terry, I don't see myself as vegetarian. We eat fish, we have a leather couch and wear leather shoes and Hanno eats meat sometimes. We do eat mainly grains, fruit and vegetables though. If you're thinking of moving to a meat free diet, I'd encourage you to buy a good recipe book that helps you understand what complete protein is - or essential amino acids. Meat is complete protein, vegetables are not, although there is protein in vegetables and fruit. Fruit and vegetables are incomplete protein, you need to combine your foods. For instance, baked beans on wholemeal toast in complete protein and a good example of combining one food with another to get what you require. I have this book, it's been a really good guide for me and it has some great recipes.

Katie, I love long comments. Your comment made me smile and was just what I needed this morning. It's okay if you don't agree with some of my reasons for change - we all come to it from different places. The important thing is that you're moving towards a a gentler life. I send my best wishes to you both and hope you find some posts here that will help you on your journey.

Amanda, it's small steps all the way, love. That's what I did and it worked well. Slowing down, organising your life and recognising your own happiness is a big part of this way of living. I think the most difficult part is the first step and I think you may have taken that. :- )

This is my low fat version of tuna bake. It's like a meat loaf only it's tuna, and very tasty.

Large tin tuna
Vegetables - onions, spinach, celery, parsley
2 eggs
1 cup breadcrumbs
salt and pepper
1 tablespoon paprika OR curry powder

Into a bowl place all your ingredients and mix well. Make sure you break up all the tuna pieces.

Grease a loaf form and pack the tuna mix into it firmly. Top with tomato (optional).

And bake in the oven on 180C (350F) for about 25 - 30 minutes.

Serve with vegetables or a salad.

This lasts us two days. We have one day with a salad, one day with vegetables. It's also really tasty on a sandwich, just like cold meatloaf.

It's raining heavily here, but I love the cold rainy weather. I hope the weather isn't too harsh in your neck of the woods. Enjoy your day, I'll see you tomorrow. :- )


  1. Hi Rhonda - hope your day picks up for you - it's those early mornings!LOL - I wonder if you have been to this website: - it is about making your own book. Have a look if you get a chance. Hope you have a great day.

  2. Rhonda,

    Yum! That recipe looks good. It sort of remind me of fish cakes:)

    I was wondering if you eat your tomatos green or if you ripen them indoors? How cold is it getting there?

    I thank you for writing everyday! I sometimes don't get to read everyday because life does get busy:) I do try to catch up on other days:)You make smile;)

    We are still working on our money. We are starting a microsoft money budget? I really don't know how this will go but we are going to start keep track down to the penny:) We want to see were all our money is going... Gas, and food:)

    I you keep you up-dated.

    Blessings to you,


  3. Rhonda Jean,
    Thanks for deciding to post. I come here everyday. I never thought of it as looking into your life, more as looking to you for your encouragement. I don't often comment. I like your blog because it's like reading a letter from a dear friend to me. I guess that makes me a little self-centered, sorry. I come here and read it thinking your talking to me, not to millions of others. Maybe it's because your style of writing. It could be what you write is something that reflects what we may have going on in our own home. Most of my closest friends have moved to other areas of the country and I have cut back on my going out to women's meetings and such with our effort to cut our running around. My neighborhood doesn't have a lot of women that even stay near their house so I read blogs. Some of the women in my Sunday School class I have tried to connect with work full time and have children and don't ever have time to meet up and do things. They get home at 6 or 7 in the evening and then spend what precious time they have left with their families. Even if they did they think I am crazy for the things I do. I just smile when they tease me about my gardens and sewing. All this to say thank you for you little missives each day. If I could ever travel anywhere it would be to come see you!

  4. Hi Rhonda,
    I always love your recipes. They look so good and simple to make and heartwarming. Just now, I'm passing a few of them along to my husband as he is having to do alot of the cooking for us as I can't go anywhere near food prep. at the moment because of the morning sickness. He is grateful! Thank you!
    Rachel from NZ

  5. I love tuna salad (tuna from a can, mustartd & mayo, onions, and boiled eggs), but have never cared for tuna casseroled, per se. The tuna loaf does look like something I'd like, though. I'm anxious to try out the recipe.

    Thanks for sharing. :-)

  6. I imagine it must be difficult to keep this daily flow going - but I am so glad you do! Your writings are such a wonderful source of all things good - good resources, good writing, good recipes, and good feeling. Thank you!

    Susan in Upstate NY

  7. Lovely simple tuna bake, Rhonda. Looks yummy, especially with the tomatoes.............
    I wanted to post about something which isn't on topic today, but I realized it is on topic for your blog overall, and might help others, and if I don't post it now, I probably never will. It relates to spending money. Books are my great weakness, and since I've been online, and on lists, (10 years) I've gotten far more good ideas about books I would like to buy. But I already have too many, so I must donate bags of books without shelf space to the Goodwill.....I began trying to control my spending by always checking if my local library had a book I wanted. If they did, I requested it. But I was still buying too many books. So I got a looseleaf notebook and put it beside my computer (the source of titles and means by which I buy most of these books nowadays) and began listing books I was interested in buying by date. I discovered that just writing them down was often enough to deal with the impulse to buy them! I really don't often look back at the titles I've jotted down. I bet this might work for other people too. It's saved me a lot of money and aggravation. Even if I buy a book for $.01 from amazon maketplace (which I often did) I still had to pay nearly $4.00 in postage. I'm amazed, but really happy, that this seems to have worked so well for me. I've never tried to use this method for other things I wanted to buy, (books are my main problem) but I bet others might find it helped with other things.

  8. Rhonda ~ THANK YOU for letting me in on your life. I imagine it would be a bit odd to share so much with us like you do. But, I look forward to checking in with you each day and appreciate you so much.
    central Illinois

  9. Morning Rhonda.
    Selfishly I am so glad you posted today, I see you as the ray of light in my life of craziness and chaos. Your lifestyle is the pot of gold on the other side of my rainbow. Its what I am working towards and I hope that one day I am at least half as happy & relaxed as you come across in your posts. I am sure we would all understand if you had a break (as long as you came back after a few days :-O).

    I made the bread & butter Pickles the other day from my mums Homegrown organic cucumbers, onions and peppers. Wow oh wow...It is sooo nice. I have had it with every sandwich I have eaten even since. I plan to have a look for some of your chutney receipes next.

    I hope your day perks up Rhonda and does'nt continue to be a struggle.
    Love and best wishes
    Steph xx

  10. Yum! Im going to try that. Im always looking for new ways to use Tuna. :)
    I love,love,love learning from you. Thank you!

  11. Hello Rhonda,

    it must be hard to be so open about your life. Often it would be a joy and a pleasure but as we all know, every day is not like that. We have seasons in our life where some things are easy and right but then even the good things require energy and effort that we may not have.
    What you share with us is a relationship. We may not have a coffee together and a good old talk , but what we do here together is close and personal. I feel very close to the thoughts you share here. I feel sustained and encouraged by what you share.
    Of course at times it will be hard. But as friends what does it matter, you just say whats in your heart. Its your blog and your life and you have the right and need to have good boundaries.
    While we read your blog etc.. we have no rights other than what you choose to share.
    And we are responsible adults too who recognise good boundaries and respect each other as well as you, and of course, the planet.
    Good on you for looking after you and not blogging on the weekend.
    Thank you Rhonda. Sustain yourself and your family.
    Coming here each day is a privelidge -spelt wrong, not a right.
    God bless

  12. I agree with others, I really appreciate what you share with us, the relationship is a quite intense for you I imagine and its no wonder if you sometimes feel pressured! We’d all understand if you wanted to cut down on your blog days, its good that you have weekends ‘off’ but maybe one more day would be good for you? You must keep your own priorities Rhonda, and don’t let us wear you out!

    I love the way that we’re all a part of this relationship too; I think I said before that I usually don’t bother to read blog comments but always read them here because there’s always something interesting or useful or sometimes just plain nice to read.

    Thanks for the tuna loaf recipe, I printed it off to try it out this week.

    Take care of yourself Rhonda, :)

    Fifi, (yesterday's comment) yes, it was the best Wimbledon final I’ve seen, it was so good for tennis, and such wonderful sportsmanship. (I think I said Timewatch in my comment yesterday, I meant Time Team of course)

  13. Thankyou for posting this morning :) Since it's confession time - the first thing I do of a morning now is get out of bed, turn my computer on and check your blog while the kettle is boiling.
    I really love your tuna recipe, thanks for sharing Rhonda.

  14. Rhonda,

    I'm glad you like all this rain, I think you are in the mountian range up the back of the Sunshine Coast. Being up there all the rain can get away. Being down the bottom end at Moffat Beach, I'm being flooded! lol :) The poor plants are haveing a drenching. Though today allows me to catch up on all the things I want to try. Like making quark and trying out my new breadmaker! Like all the other people that read your blog daily, I come here to relax, clear my haed and get inspired!.You are such a wonderful person & such a great role model for lots of people, including myself. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us.

  15. Hi, I've made a comment before but I'm not sure if it showed up at the time I didn't have a blog and was just using anonymous. This is the blog I started
    I was hoping that you could do a post on volunteer plants. What you know about if they produce well or not, and if you weed them out or not. I don't have very many other gardeners reading my blog yet but would love the advice!

  16. I'm a big lurker. I love your blog. You inspire me. My husband and I are taking our family on an urban homestead journey and it gives me encouragement to read other blogs of people already doing this! I glean so much! Thank you!

  17. Hi Rhonda Jean - just catching up after a couple of hectic days. Don't worry about your readers - It doesn't hurt us to learn you have "off" days too! By the way, I LOVE Time Team - it is just the thing on a lazy drizzly afternoon - what I love is their enthusiasm and their ABBSOLUTE conviction that a tiny shard of pottery confirms that this hill was inhabited by a man called Gregorius who had six children and had cornbread for his last meal!


  18. Hello Rhonda,
    I am glad you wrote today, I just started reading your blog and you inspire me to slow down and take stalk of what is going on around me. I am sure it would be difficult somedays to write but I think a lot of people would miss your personal touch that you put in your writing.

  19. I just want to reiterate what everyone else has said Rhonda. Thank you for you inspiration, amd your fabulous ideas that can immediately be put into practise. I had to laugh when reading your comments today as I too read your blog before I even have breakfast.

  20. For someone who didn't feel like writing, you've again sent me off to work with a smile. Rhonda, even when you are down you are an inspiration.


  21. I love to check out your blog too - you continue to motivate me to live a gentler life. Lucky you on the Atherton Tableland - what a beautiful place to live
    Janet McKinney

  22. Hi Rhonda,
    I think the rain sometimes makes us think differently about things.
    I am sure no one would mind if you had a holiday from blogging for a while. Just make sure you let everyone know you are okay.
    Have a great day.

  23. Hello everyone! Shhhh, I'm at work.

    Janet, I don't live up north. I'm in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. :- )

  24. Rhonda,
    I am so glad you posted today! I check your blog twice a day due to you are a day ahead of me. I love your encouraging words, ideas and your gift of words you share with us all.
    Would you be willing to share the recipe for the Copha soap? I would love to have it. I was given a little bit of money from my sweet mother-in-love for my Birthday and I bought some items to make my own soap. It sounds like it would be so good for your skin. I would love it if you are willing to share.
    You lift up so many of our days and we are so glad you are here. I am loving that you are making a book. Take care and Hugs, Bobbi Jo-AZ

  25. I also want to tell you that I love your blog, not to intrude, but because I love your outlook on life. It's real, and healthy, and it inspires me to live a life that is better than the way I'm living it now. So thanks for all your encouragement on here. You make a difference in the lives of others. Bless You!

  26. Hi Rhonda - I think most of the many people who read your blog (drop into your life on a daily basis) all mean good and well. We like reading your posts because they are very well written and informative not to mention inspiring in so many ways...they drop in because you are doing something good.

    Hope you're still thinking about writing a book.

    Cheers from Canada.

  27. Rhonda, it's YOUR blog, if you don't feel like posting then don't. The world won't end and your readers will survive.A blog is a strange personal/public space but it is your space and you can and should blog as you wish.

  28. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. I don't comment often but read everyday and look forward to what you have to say. You are a great inspiration for us.
    Again thank you

  29. This is my first time commenting. I just wanted to say that I love how you responded to your reader's comments in today's post. It was delightful.

    I hope you are feeling rested and more inspired tomorrow.

  30. Hi Rhonda

    I too, love your blog. It is like getting a letter from a friend. I have tried some of your recipes and I must say, cooking from scratch is much more comforting that pulling something out of a cardboard box. Your buttermilk scones are a favourite with my 2 girls and I tried your apple cinnamon sugar muffins the other day. Yummo! My only complaint is my expanding waist-line!
    I agree, if you find it getting on top of you, perhaps you could try a 'Wordless Wednesday' where you post only a picture of something that makes you smile or feel good, eg, flowers, clouds, your dogs. Rest up and give it a try.
    Cheers for now, Julie

  31. What a wonderful and inspiring post Rhonda Jean....
    I'm new to your blog and must say I love everything I've read so far. What an incredible recipe!! I can't wait to give it a go...
    I followed a link to your blog yesterday... It was in regards to your magnificent soap... I can't wait to give the soap making a go for myself. I'm really looking forward to reading through some of your past posts especially the one's on preserving... I too grow most of my own produce and hate to see any of it go to waste. I make alot of pickles but have never tried blanching or pickling. Seen as though DH and I are big meat eaters we kill all of our own meat on the farm too, we have a cool room which I think is an essensial if you're going to do this. The next thing I'd love to get is a dairy cow, the possibilities are endless with one of these beauties.... Milk, cheese, butter etc, but I really need to learn much more about dairy cows before I jump into that. I'd love to get a few bee hives too and DH is looking into it for me as we speak. Seen as though we're on a 'LARGE' property, 33,000 acres, I'd be able to move them around to different trees as they flower. The honey would be so handy not to mention the bee's wax and honey comb, once again lots more to learn yet. Do you know anything about bee keeping or milking cows???

    Take Care and thankyou for being such an inspiration..
    Jodie :)

  32. Oh Rhonda Jean - I've just been reading over your comments for today and it is clear that you touch the lives of so many of us. Your's is the voice of sanity in a too-fast world. I think of all of us getting out there and making a difference - one clothespin at a time - and it makes me smile. Take a break whenever you need it, dear Rhonda.

  33. Hi Rhonda,
    I haven't commented for a little while as life has just been hectic. But I have been thinking about you a lot and how thankful I am to have found your blog. I have been putting your teachings into practice for a few months now and you know what? This universe works in mysterious ways because I am now in the middle of a HUGE life change and REALLY need to not be spending except on absolute necessities. I am not stressed about it though because YOU have shown me that it can be done! And I AM doing it - so thank you so much for opening your heart and your life to all of us. I must say though that I really enjoyed this post because it showed me that you too are vulnerable and have your fragile days just like me and I am sure, everyone else... Hugs, Tamara

  34. Dear Rhonda Jean. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today. I really appreciate the fact that you took the time, to post to us today. Thank you also for your honesty. Things can be hard at times and I was struggling a little this morning. There are so many things to do for the house and children that take priority over the things that I'd like to do for me! I have a camisole pattern that I'm toileing at the moment and am desperate to be working on it. Even normally therapeutic chores, like the bread baking can seem like a burden at times. I am, (slowly!), learning that I am capable of determination and dedication and that this is all part of the learning process. Seeing your blog today, produced when you really didn't want to do it, has been a great inspiration to me.

    Your blog is one of the anchoring points to my life at the moment, it gives me a calm haven when life seems to be a struggle. Thank you.


  35. r an encouragement to me. We have not been able to sell out the house so we are staying here. I will be setting up a good budget and seeking some employment to aid the elderly. With my jewelry making skills it is my hope to overcome the fears of selling and begin to sell online and in person. A good stock for gifts and such. I have some supplies to make cold press soap but am afraid to do it. I would love a good post about it.
    I like your idea on home made soaps. I will do that for my dish soap this week . I am almost out. I made a wonderful simple syrup to use in my coffee and iced tea. I had some cake flavoring of raspberry and added some vanilla as well to the cooked syrup. Very inexpensive and so good! I recycled a bottle from some store bought when it ran out I just made my own. It is a different mind set and your post support me in the focus as we change our ways more and more.
    Be Blessed.

  36. Rhonda, thanks for writing today and all the other days. Your blog obviously touches and inspires so many and it must feel like a great responsibility at times. I'm sure that most people who visit your site see you as a generous friend like I do and don't want to intrude, just drop by have a cuppa, catch up and go away feeling refreshed and inspired.

  37. I may not comment on every post but even if I have a lot on one day I read all your postings, even if it's a day or two later. If all you posted was a snapshot of your garden, the dogs or chickens...oh I mean chooks ;-) It would still be an inspiration to me because I know from your past posts what goes into it.
    Part of simpler living, I feel, is taking time to take care of ourselves. Not just the house, the people we love and so on, but us. I think sometimes we forget that if we don't take time to refill our own tank we have nothing to give out to others. We feel guilty because there are possibly children or animals that depend completely on us and there are expectation even from ourselves of things we hope to accomplish. I know I sometimes used to feel selfish and bad if I took a day or even a few hours just to just refill myself, leave the mending one more day or some such. Then when I started to live more simply I realized it's not. I just need to give to myself sometimes, not just the house, not just the people I care about, but including myself. I felt rested, just a little spoiled and when I came out of the gate I had more to give without that feeling of what about me any more.
    You do so much Rhonda. You inspire me and so many others. If you want a day of privacy, take it. Don't forget you are one of the people you love in your life too. Take care of her and don't feel guilty. She needs you too.

  38. Rhonda,

    If you don't feel like posting, then you shouldn't. We're still going to be here for the next post, even if we have to wait a while.

    Christine from the NL

    PS: I don't eat tuna, but it looks good! I'll go for the tomatoes. :-)

  39. I'm glad that those who benefit from your blog have been able to encourage you through your morning. Sometimes life is a little overwhelming.

  40. I have enjoyed today's post and comments so much :-)

    Rosieb - I couldn't leave the telly while that final was on. I so wanted Federer to win though! I also love Time Team because of the long-haired chap. I forget his name, but he looks like Wurzel Gummidge! I love his accent because he's from the same part of the UK as I am and it reminds me of home. I guess some of you may have trouble understanding him though!

    Rhonda, I really fancy trying that Tuna loaf recipe. I've got some tomatoes nearly ready, they just need to ripen a bit more, and I can see the first use for them being the top of one of those loaves ;-)

    I would really miss it if you didn't post daily - which is really hypocritical as I don't post on my blog from one week to the next, only occasionally. But then nobody reads my blog! But you're such a grounding influence and your wise words really hit home. I've been looking for this blog my whole life it seems!

    And I think each and every one of you who comments here, or just has the good sense to read this blog, are all absolutely fantastic. As Rhonda said a few months ago - we're starting a silent revolution!

    Love to you all,


  41. I have been coming to your blog for a while now and I love!! reading your updates


    y'know though, on those days when you just don't feel up to it - don't feel you have to - and don't blog and enjoy your day!
    you know we will all be back the following day to see how you are going! xxx

    thanks to you and those wonderful blocks you made the other day - I'm going to try and make my own soap on the weekend! *gasp*

  42. I really enjoy your posts about living simply as well, but I understand your need to pause once in awhile and take a break.

    Thank you for your time and effort to document your journey in simplicity.

  43. Hi Rhonda,

    I am a long-time lurker, so appreciative of the serenity you bring to my life. I am a shift worker in a sometimes stressful area and when I come home, you are my sanity spot. I needed to comment now, when you are feeling fragile, to let you know how much your caring and sharing means to me, and how much I understand the need, at times, to bunker down out of reach of society and enjoy the beauty of solitude.

    Trying to live the simple life as much as I can, growing vegies, cooking from scratch, making some of my own mixtures, brings a lot of satisfaction, as you say.

    Would you believe, because of you, at the age of 56 I have just made my first loaf of bread, and it must have been OK, as my son's girlfriend promptly ate 6 slices of it! ;)

    So thank you for the inspiration and be kind to yourself too.


  44. Dearest Rhonda,
    I think it's times like this that we have to go to the Lord and ask His path for us. I am selfish in that I LOVE when you blog and share your life with us, but do understand that this may give you a "strange" feeling at times.

    Asking the Lord to give you comfort and peace during this time.

    Blessings my friend,

  45. You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need. ~Vernon Howard

    Found a site with interesting quotes regarding simplicity and thought of you when I read this one.

    Hope things are well in the walls and greens that you call home.
    I don't blog and spend as much time on the computer as I am learning to become a better manager of my time, just as important not to waste the minutes in addition to our not wasting money.

    Have a happy day!
    (Used to be libertystarfarm)

  46. Hi Rhonda,

    I pretty much want to echo what everyone else is saying. I read your post as soon as i'm home every day and then proceed to 'calm' from my day at work. After reading it i suddenly am transported into my lovely home, i cook clean and tend to my vegetable garden and am at peace with everything.
    Your blog is and always has been 'quality' and i'm sure the saying goes quality rather than quantity. You still manage to think of new subjects and recipes etc no wonder some days you are not in the mood to post!
    Keep up the good work.
    Maybe on days when you don't feel like posting you could do a post of something like 'family makes me happy, tell me what makes you happy' or another open question and through the comments on here let the blog write itself!
    Take care Stacey xx

  47. Rhonda,

    I love reading your blog each, but I quite understand there are some days you just do not feel like writing. I do not post everyday on mine, although I am at the moment, it is helping me to cope whilst OH is so ill. The appoinrment had come through for his Echo, its for this Friday, I am not sure how I am going to cope, mornings are the worst time.

    I had to ring our GP this morning, I have the symptoms of cystitis again, I am really hacked off, its only less than a month since my last attack, have a friend going to collect the script for me and get it filled at the chemist. I d not want OH to know, he will only worry and thats the last thing he should be doing now.

    Away to do paoched fish with onion sauce for supper, thankfully he is eating ok just now.

  48. I just want to say thank you for your blog and being such an inspiration. I have just recently found you (last 2 weeks) and you have greatly impacted my life already. I struggle with "wanting" too much. Your blog is so helpful, and I am actually enjoying the process of lightning the load, so to speak. I have been happily "nesting" - cleaning out cupboards, repurposing, and just enjoying and using what I already have. I hope you can continue your blog and find a happy medium so that you don't feel intruded upon - that too many eyes are watching.
    Sending you thanks,warm wishes, and gratitude from Montana - Tracy

  49. I for one am glad that you decided to post today! MY BIRTHDAY!! {I had to share LOL}

    we make this all the time, only w/o the tomatoes and only with canned sucker fish. I love it!

    thanks for sharing!

  50. Hi Rhonda,

    I must say that fruit and vegetables have very, very little protein in them. Beans and grains have more protein, but as you rightly stated, it's "incomplete", meaning that the balance of essential amino acids is not ideal.

    However we look at it, only few people in our affluent culture have anything remotely close to protein deficiency. I'd worry more about not getting enough B12 for example.

  51. Hello Rhonda,

    I am so grateful to you for your generosity in sharing your life. I have been unwell for the past two years, and unable to do much, (and I so miss being active), and it has been such a comfort to me to share in your life and the many things you do which echo my own interests so closely. I have so many new ideas to put into practice when things improve, thanks to your inspiration.

    I am on treatment, and hopefully I will get back to a more active life. I'm surrounded by books, sewing bits and knitting wool, and unable currently to use any of them! So I greatly enjoy sharing in what you do, and particularly as you are on the other side of the world and with a better climate!(I live in Scotland).

    When I'm better, one of my goals is to save up for a greenhouse - I made a start 3 years ago on a productive garden, and my main ambition is to take up where I left off and really make the most of it - as in gardening, in life too.

    Thank you again for reminding me - and many others - how good life can be.


  52. Rhonda,
    Your blog is one I read every day. You are encouraging and inspiring and have a great deal of knowledge to share with others. I love hearing about your gardening, worm farming, energy saving, budgeting, and cooking experiences.

  53. Hi I've just discovered your blog via a comment mentioning you on someone elses blog. I have a feeling I'm going to be spending the rest of the day reading back over every post you've written as what I've read so far is so lovely and very interesting. Really love the sound of the tuna loaf and will definitely give it a try as I'm always trying to think of new things to cook. Actually, my boyfriend does most of the cooking in our house as I work long hours and have a two hour commute to work in London. But I'm happy to say I've just got a new job so in four weeks time will be working just 15 minutes from home and hopefully will be able to share the cooking. I will add this recipe to my list. Now I'm off to keep reading about your wonderful sounding lifestyle.

  54. I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I'll check back and see what you are up to next !
    - Gypsyheart Lady

  55. WOW! I cant belive all the comments you get! I am going to try this recipe later in the week! I hope it goes over well with the kiddos! Great Blog!


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