8 September 2023

Reducing electricity costs

This is just a quick post to let you know I got my electricity bill.  You might remember I posted about electricity charges after Hanno died when I was trying to establish what I used. While Hanno was sick at home I was using every appliance that made it easier for him and easier to look after him.  I knew my solo usage would be less but I didn't know how much less.  Click on that link to see the post.

I'm happy to tell you that bill reflects the one I got yesterday. My old usage was 5 kWh and my current is 4.06 kWh, less than half one person's usage.  I'm glad I did this so I know how low I can go if I need to in the future.  I have no doubt I'll use the air conditioning during summer but I doubt I'll stray too far from what I'm doing now.  The main thing for me is to use my solar power as I generate it by doing my housework in the morning when the sun is on the roof and to always turn off power when I'm not using it.

With the price rise on 1 July, the cost of electricity per day here increased from $1.99 to $2.28 kWh and my greenhouse gas emissions reduced from 1.1 tonnes to 0.6 tonnes. I hope this encourages you to reduce your usage too. It's not easy to do at first but it gets easier as you get used to it but as you can see here, it WILL make a difference.

For the rest of today, I'll have a salad wrap for lunch and make bread this afternoon before spending a couple of hours in the garden. I had a new gardener come over yesterday.  He's fantastic and I hope he'll return in a couple of weeks to clean my roof and do a bit of pruning.

Enjoy yourself over the weekend. I hope you get the chance to spend time relaxing at home. 🥰

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