Weekend Reading - home cooking and cleaning

26 November 2021
It's been a busy week, a mix of doctors, decisions and housework. Hanno is still unwell and now we're waiting to hear about another appointment with another specialist. I don't want to go into it here and please don't email or message me about it, when we have a solid diagnosis, I'll let you know.

This rose is called The Fairy. It's an old miniature rose that grows well in a pot or in the ground.

The thing that lifted my spirits during the week was rain. We had 200mm/7.8 inches of rain in three days and another 40mm/1.5 inches last night. I always feel safe and secure when it rains and just the  thought of rain soaking into the garden out the back makes me smile.

I cleaned my utensils bucket out and "edited" a number of items. Amazingly, I use everything in the bucket now.

Meals during the week included pork chops, red cabbage and potatoes, ham salad and the day we went for Hanno's MRI in Caloundra, we came home with fish and chips. I made biscuits and a tropical cheesecake for morning teas and desserts and some lemon cordial.

The rest of my time has been spent cleaning, doing the washing and clipping Gracie. I hope to wash her in the coming days. I'm also starting to organise my summer sewing which I hope to start next week.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. I hope you enjoy this special day.  And to everyone, slow down, sit and think and glide into the holiday season.  I send love across the miles.  xx

Weekend Reading


  1. I like the idea of gliding into the Christmas season. Thinking of you and hoping all is well with Hanno. Medical concerns can be very worrying. Your cheesecake looks yummy.

  2. What a beautiful and fitting name for those delicate, graceful roses! I often derive as much joy from flower names as from the flowers themselves.

    Thank you for sharing the video about the pencils—it was so cinematic and satisfying to watch.

    Your baking looks wonderful. A couple of days ago I made a caramel apple cake, which has been lovely for autumn-themed tea breaks.

    With love from,
    Kelly (Mrs. Kiwi)

  3. Rhonda, I am sorry to hear that Hanno has been unwell. I hope he gets a diagnosis soon. Getting older brings its challenges doesn’t it? We are having our simple living group’s breakup on Sunday at your favourite place here 😀

  4. You are so disciplined. I am saying prayers for you and Hanno. Those situations are very difficult. I guess we all go through them at some point.

  5. Oh Rhonda I know what you mean about the rain. We had 37 mls the other night and such joy i felt with the land and the gardens getting a good watering. Your tropical cheesecake looks delicious. Today i made raspberry and white chocolate ice cream and it too is delicious. Have a wonderful weekend. Karen NZ

  6. Thank you for the 31 fabulous cabinet and drawers organizing ideas. We are changing the kitchen furniture right now, and I founds lot of ideas .
    Have a good week-end. See you next week.

  7. Today we had the first morning this year with minus 10C so I didn´t doddle when I went to pick up the morning newspaper. I have all my most-used kitchen utensils in an old-fashioned tin milk churn. It sits nest to the stove of course. I guess mine could do with an edit too. We´re going to clear up the pantry after lunch.

    My husband has baked all the pepparkakor (gingerbread figures) and Lucia buns for the fist of advent. I´ve made the two ususal Christmas puddings. It´s always been our routine, that Anders fixes the Swedish traditional Christmas treats and I do the Scottish ones.

    Hoping to hear soon that Hanno´s diagnosis is not too serious.
    Thank you for another interesting and useful article.
    Keep well

    Ramona xx

  8. Each of your photos was so crisp and beautiful. I will check out weekend reading later. It is an unfortunate part of aging that we require more health care but you and I (in Canada) can be thankful that we don't have the added burden of paying for or doing without it. I hope Hanno rallies as you have done.

  9. Love your utensil enamel bucket, I have a blue one just slightly smaller, a proper 'seaside sized one' that I use for my clothes pegs, it's handy to grab on the way out with the washing.

    The 'Larders Making a Comeback' link makes me happy, I've just turned my Welsh Bread and Cheese cupboard into my food larder and it's working a treat having most food items in the same place.

  10. Wonderful photos and links, Rhonda. I am making Turkey Barley soup today after our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. It was quite a good turkey breast, and I made mashed potatoes and turkey gravy; a green salad, my grandmother's delicious sage and onion dressing, and a pumpkin pie. I must say it turned out well. Now to get through the leftovers!

  11. Praying for Hanno still. The answers will come at their appointed time. Just keep forging ahead, one moment at a time. Enjoy your weekend. ~Andrea XOXOXO

  12. Hi Rhonda
    I feel safer when it rains too. When I was very young I remember loving the rain as my mind had figured out that to be quiet burglars would have to take off their shoes. Well they wouldn't come out when it was raining cause they would get their socks wet🤣. Cheers to you and Hanno

  13. I find rain to be so soothing, and I even be like thunderstorms. Thinking of you - big hug. And, thanks for the links. I always enjoy checking them out.

  14. Wow that’s a lot of rain Rhonda ! Great for the garden and the tanks . Your garden will just keep bursting with growth. Hope the coming week allows you both some time to sit on your lovely verandah and relax with a cuppa .xxoo

  15. Your rose is beautiful and the rain sound delicious - I really miss the Qld rain living here in SA. Stay positive and strong. Our thoughts and love are with you and Hanno.

  16. Sending best wishes to you Rhonda. Your baking looks delicious and the rose is really beautiful.

  17. Rhonda, will be thinking of you and Hanno. xx Beth in MN

  18. Dear Rhonda,

    I've just discovered your blog and have been reading it all weekend! I love the way you write and how you express the meaning for you behind the day to day of living simply.

    I'm in my mid forties and live with my husband in the uk. We live simply and really enjoy living this way and as it does, its evolving more and more as time goes by. It just makes sense, we both should be able to retire early as a result and we both feel on the right path given the way things are going with climate change.

    We are happily child free (cats are our fur babies 😻) but sometimes we struggle with purpose so you are giving me a lot of food for thought. I think it's maybe about reframing our home life. We're both introverted and prefer our own and each others company generally but even then I think society still pushes us to be out of the home, having a 'good career' etc so we sometimes feel unsettled and unsure where we 'fit in' so it is inspiring to read about the sense of peace and meaning you experience from the life you are creating. I've recently taught myself crochet and like you can see in these new skills, a new way of living opening up.

    Anyway thanks for all you do! Off to read more of your archives and excited to learn more 😊

  19. Ps I also lived in Sydney about twenty years ago. I still miss living in Oz so it's lovely to see your pictures and hear about places I've visited.



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