26 March 2021

Weekend Reading

Hello friends! We finally got some rain which we're very grateful for.  All up we got 230 mm which is 9 inches on the old scale. The entire east coast of Australia got a lot of rain, many with record falls. The water hasn't run off yet so if you're in one of those flooded areas, I hope you've got help from the locals and the SES and that you get things back to normal soon.

Bread and butter pudding made from stale brioche hot cross buns.

Hanno went back to the eye specialist yesterday. Luckily there hadn't been another bleed and the doctor was very happy with his eye. He had to go back for another checkup in two months. Fingers crossed. Hanno asked me to let you know he was very grateful for all the good wishes sent about his eye.

On Wednesday, I was interviewed for an article in Taproot magazine.  The article will be in the Sustain edition later in the year. I'm sure most of you know the magazine which was founded by Amanda Blake Soule of the wonderful SouleMama blog. When I first started blogging, Soulemama was a great encouragemnt to me and it's good to see both of us still thriving all these years later.

Lunch one day during the week - chive pancakes with mini Roma tomatoes.

My new computer arrived yesterday!  I'm still on the old one writing this but I'll move onto the new girl over the weekend when I have a bit more time. I'm keeping this computer and will use it for photo storage.

Can you believe it? Jamie has his tenth birthday next week. 😳 He's grown into a very sweet, kind and talented boy and we couldn't be prouder of him.  Here is the post I wrote on the day he was born.  BTW, the monkeys are still loose.

🌿  💚  🌿

I hope you enjoy this week's readings.  

How to create a neat edge on your garter stitch projects
How to Start Your First Knitting Project
Down the back today - this is an Instagram page of a wonderful Australian garden. This is a genuine garden and home, not the shiny and "perfect" Instagram garden. Check out the seed swap.
La Parfait, Weck and Ball jars and lids and preserving supplies - Australian site
Melbourne mum stuns with 35-tray pantry storage solution - When I first saw this, I liked the idea but didn't think it would suit the kind of food we cook. It looked to be packet and bottled foods instead of ingredients for scratch cooking.  However, if you look at the far right, you can see ingredients there. 


  1. So nice to read all the good news in your post - Hanno, Taproot article and being a grandmother for 10 years - congrats! I hope Jamie has a wonderful birthday. I love those Din Life videos.
    Apart from the wonderful "making" aspects, those cats are amazing - it's like watching synchronized sleeping! Beth in MN

  2. Hi...so great that Hanno had a good report..always so comforting!
    It was wonderful to read about when Jaimie was born...what a beautiful journey you are having with him. I don't have grandchildren yet but can understand exactly the emotions you conveyed back then. Hope and love. Happy birthday to Jamie for next week!

    1. Thanks Karen. Those 10 years have gone so fast. I'm sure you're looking forward to being a grandma. It's one of life's gifts. xx

  3. Hi Rhonda. I am glad Hanno is okay. I will check out those links later. Thanks. We didn't get as much rain as you did but we still had a few inches which were needed. Now I need a gardener 🤔 Jamie is growing up so quickly.

  4. OMG Jamie is 10 years old...how time has flown. I moved into our current house 10 years ago on the 1st June. I remember when you posted about Jamie being born. They grow up so quick. Have a good weekend. Kathy A, Brisbane

  5. Oh, the time goes by so quickly! But full of such love and delight. Glad to hear about Hanno.

  6. That's quite a pantry. I need to do some work on mine. I look forward to listening to your interview. (or reading it.) So glad you decided to blog again. Wonderful news about Hanno's eye. I always think of you when I feed my fruit trees or pick fruit. Your blog set me up beautifully for retirement. Thank you!

  7. I can not believe Jamie is 10 already. Happy Birthday to him! And I am glad to hear Hanno's eye appointment went well.

  8. Hi Rhonda,

    wow, what wonderful rain you've had! I'm relieved you don't mention flooding. We went for a drive down to Uralla yesterday and compared to 12 months ago it was like we were driving in a different country. It is so heartening to see how nature repairs and rebalances after extreme weather patterns.


  9. We ended up with 35mm in total. The Fraser Coast missed out big time on the rain. We got to level 2 Water Restrictions, starting Monday. Mum, at Buderim, finds it hard to believe that she gets lots of rain and we get very little. It amazes me how there is flooding in one area and drought continues in another.

  10. Hi Rhonda, just wondering if you get to see Sarndra's children often? Do they live far away?

    1. We see them, they live about 45 minutes away.

  11. Such good news about Hanno´s eye! Oh those precious grandchildren...how quickly they grow up. That means we´re getting older, but who cares? That´s the circle of life. Our oldest granddaughter will be 18 in a few days. So far away now in Melbourne but we´ll celebrate together as a family. Maybe at strange times due to the time differences but that´s no problem. How wonderful to hear these monkeys are still loose. You put a label on something I´ve felt for so long for my own part. We get our first vaccinations next week! At last!

    Keep well
    Ramona xx


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