5 February 2021

Weekend Reading

Many things have returned to normal here after our long summer holidays. School and work have started, limited sport is back, shops are open, people are travelling between states although some are still closed or have removed border controls but then put them back again for a couple of weeks. So although general life looks normal, there's a feeling of uncertainty and the knowledge that it could all change again.

The Down to Earth paperback four-page extract was published in the Australian Women's Weekly this month.  I'm really proud of it because it speaks of positive ageing instead of dementia, fragility, wrinkle  and illness. It's primarily about older folk and retirement so if you're interested in those topics and you don't have the book, check out the magazine.

And yesterday I did my first session on ABC radio when I talked about laundry liquid. Next week I start with Annie Gaffney, the regular presenter, and we'll delve into the book a bit more.   Click here to go to the live radio link.  I'm on Thursdays, 3.30 - 3.45pm, or close to it.

The second simple living workshop, number two in a series of six, is on tomorrow and Sunday. We'll be discussing frugality, budgeting and debt reduction face-to-face on Zoom. The first workshop was fantastic, Zoom worked well for all of us and many of the ladies emailed me to say how much they got out of the session.  I got a lot out of it too. One of the drawbacks of this lifestyle is that you don't often meet other people who know about it or understand the concept.  So I really loved seeing the ladies sitting in their homes, talking about how they live and having a group discussion about new ideas and how to add to what they're doing.  And I have another five weekends to continue doing that!  

I made a small orange buttermilk cake for morning teas the other day. It was about half the size of a normal cake. If you've never used buttermilk in a cake, try it because it gives you a delicious light cake. Just substitute buttermilk for the milk in your favourite recipe.

I know many of you are still in lockdown and I hope you're okay and doing what you can to stay healthy and motivated. Staying at home really is the key to beating this, so hang in there, stay strong and let us know in the comments how you're getting on. It's really worrying that towns and cities here in Australia are getting down to zero cases, and a few weeks later, it breaks out again.  I think now that we won't get rid of this virus and we'll live with it by getting vaccinated, keeping the active cases low, social distancing and wearing masks when needed. Probably when we look back in years to come, 2020 will be seen as the landmark year when the entire world changed.

Here are this week's reading, I hope you take time to relax and read them.  And have a wonderful weekend.

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