4 December 2020

Weekend Reading

This week I've been working on promoting the Down to Earth paperback on radio and writing articles for magazines and online. The weather has been dry and hot so I've had the sprinkler on the garden and thankful we have rainwater tanks to allow that to happen. I've also been gearing up to do some sewing next week so I've decided on two projects and made sure I have everything I need.  All I need now is the time to do it and I think that will happen next week.

Lace cap hydrangea.

I've got a radio interview this morning at 8.30 am my time/9.30 am NSW time, on ABC Illawarra.  I'd better get a wriggle on because I'm still sitting here in my nightie and I want to have a shower and make the bed (naturally) and another cup of tea before the interview.

I cook up half a red cabbage yesterday. We had some for lunch and the rest will be eaten with our meals today and on the weekend. 

I hope you enjoy the reading list this week.

I hope you're safe and well and if you're in some sort of lockdown, use the time to relax and do some simple things in your home.  Take care and stay safe. xx
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