Weekend reading

20 July 2018
The girls are laying 6 eggs a day now. This is two day's worth.

Hello everyone. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  I'm still recovering and feeling quite good today.  I went to see my doctor yesterday and have a treatment plan I'm happy with, with the option of a cortisone injection into my knee if I want to go down that route. I have the form here, all I have to do is book the appointment if what I'm doing stops working.  

Tricia is coming up for a visit and will arrive next week so I want to be well while she is here. The three of us, Tricia, Hanno and I, have been healthy all through our lives and all of are now coming to terms with our mortality and how to handle old age. It will be good to be together to support each other and just do what we can and be happy with that. I'm looking forward to her visit.

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