Weekend reading

17 February 2017

It's been a busy week full of simple home tasks, family, dogs and thoughts of changing seasons and what that means for me and my home. Nothing stays the same, that's for sure, and while I look forward to the weekend and next week, it has hit me that it's almost a year since we packed the car and took off for three weeks on the road for our book tour. That time has gone by so fast. It seems like yesterday when I signed that contract and sat down, in 2015, to write the first chapters.

Thanks for your comments and visits this week. I hope you have something good planned for the weekend. We'll have all the grandkids here tomorrow and a day in the garden or planning the garden on Sunday.  I'll see you again next week.  ♥︎

Simple beauty washcloth pattern by Salihan at Ecoyarns.  This is a great tutorial if you're starting out with knitting or crochet or if you just want a simple pattern for easy knitting.
The wonders of afternoon tea - so many good ideas here
Timeless advice on writing
Cutting into hand knits - steeking
Steeking a cardigan
For my overseas readers - Sydney (my home town) webcam
The Great American Baking Show
And finally, my mother studied the piano at the Sydney Conservatorium and was a gifted pianist. Maybe there is some of that in my blood because when I read this, I understood the feeling and the need. I'm smiling at you, Phil.