10 April 2015

Weekend reading

We're spending some beautiful autumn days with my sister who is visiting us. The humidity evaporated, there has been plenty of talking and tea on the verandah, and cool nights have given us restful sleeps. I just love autumn. Today's menu will be pumpkin and sweet potato soup with our second lot of raspberry and lemon mascapone Napoleons for dessert. What are you cooking this weekend?

Eggs and tofu recipes
Overpopulation, overconsumption, in pictures
Slow TV
Saving money on the homestead
Crochet mug cosy tutorial
Crochet cat nest pattern
Knitting classic mittens pattern
Hand quilting
Sweet passion fruit tarts recipe
Caring people into change - this is not my usual subject matter here, so read it first before you decide to show it to your family
Tutorial garden cart/toy box DIY
Incredible pencil drawings



  1. Hi Rhonda,

    I'll be doing my best to use up all of the leftovers in my fridge - so there will be stewed apples and a big batch of red lentil and vegetable soup for starters. I've also just harvested my potatoes and pumpkins so now doubt those will be on the menu too. And I could fancy a scone in the garden on Sunday...

    Enjoy your weekend with your sister :)


  2. Hi Rhonda,

    Autumn is my favourite time of year in South East Queensland too and this year it's felt like these Autumnal days have been a long time coming! This weekend, I'm cooking two big batches of soup (classic and economical pea and ham + a red lentil, pumpkin and bacon soup) for stockpiling in my freezer. Yum!

  3. Oh, I'm envious. Autumn has always been my favorite time of year - settling in, raking leaves, frost on the pumpkin, etc. We are spring here in Seattle. The cherry trees are gorgeous and it's nice to have the doors and windows open again. It's leftover ham with lentils here. Lentils from my cousin's farm in the Palouse, a beautiful place of rolling hills of farmland. Oh yes, and cornbread, a must with lentils.
    Enjoy your sis.

  4. Good morning, Rhonda. You must be enjoying your time with Tricia. This weekend I think we will have soup with freshly baked bread. The cooler nights are so much better for sleeping I must say. Lovely sunny days afterwards are not hard to take either. Have a relaxing weekend.

  5. With our first days of Spring it's a left-over weekend for us ;o) Lots of vegetables in our freezer, so combined with rice or used in a lovely soup, there are gonna be some lovely meals. Maybe a freshly baked bread.. Yes.. I think that will do ;o)

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. Just spent half an hour reading the links Rhonda, and am feeling quite depressed about the state of the world! I had no idea that Glasgow was considered such a dangerous city - Scotland? Who would have thought! As for the overpopulated world photos....words fail me. One reason I never wanted children was because I didn't want to add to the world population, even as a teenager. And it's got worse since then, but those photos are really shocking.

  7. I think that the whole issue of over-population is a lie, quite honestly. I'm a Christian, so maybe I have a different point of view, but I think babies and children are blessings from God. I live in the US, and there are vast areas that are hardly populated at all. I know, because I've driven cross-country with my children several times. You can't take a few pictures and say that's the whole story. There is actually an under-population crises in Europe and Japan. Too many people not wanting to have children is creating an aging population that still needs/wants old-age benefits, but fewer younger workers to support them. Then, the younger workers have to give so much of their paycheck to support the benefits given to the older population that they, in turn, say they can't afford/don't want any children. It's a vicious cycle. There are a lot of people/corporations to blame for the pictures, but it isn't the babies! It's a world that feeds on consumerism and greediness. A world that wants strawberries all year long, when they're a seasonal fruit, and flowers in the midst of a deep, snowy winter, flown in from South America. I don't want to step on anyone's toes, but I'm pretty passionate about it, being both a Christian and a mom-of-many children. I think hope and a promise of a brighter future are found in our children's (and grand-children's) faces. They will be the future generation who will be creative and find ways to help solve some of these problems. Plus, they sure give us immense happiness and fun while they're young, and companionship and caring for when we're older. It's a win-win! :0)


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