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20 March 2015
This is the rain exactly one month ago when the last cyclone passed by. It's been as dry as a bone ever since.

We're going through very warm patch with another cyclone up north. We need rain but it looks like being a dry and warm weekend ahead, not the ideal time for planting out seedlings. Looks like we'll have to wait another week. I hope the weather where you are is better than ours and you have the chance to either plant out or defrost your garden.

Why are white people expats when the rest of us are immigrants?  good question.
20 Satisfying, Wholesome Lunches You Can Make the Night Before


  1. It's cool and raining here in South West Victoria - I wish I could push it up there to you Rhonda! I had a chuckle at the Ready to boil egg, seriously people are suckers for convenience aren't they - just crazy...After now having our own chook eggs, I'd hate to think what the 3 minute reheated precooked omelette tastes like!!
    Jan x

  2. I hope you get some rain soon, Rhonda. I thought the unexpected storm we got on Wednesday was headed your way but obviously it fizzled out on the way. Another 35C day to survive and then back to normal again for us hopefully. Enjoy your weekend and I will be checking out the Weekend Reading later on.

  3. I giggled when I read the item about Old Laundries! One of the things shown is a clothes aired which hangs from the ceiling. In England they are called "Sheila maids" and I had one fitted in my Utility Room (laundry) in 1997 as part of remodeling our kitchen and utility room. The house was built in 1981 so is not an old house as the article says.

  4. There are always some fun things to read in your weekend reading, this time I thoroughly enjoyed the 'old laundries", Thanks and have a lovely weekend! We are starting to warm up and will be tilling the garden the next few days.

  5. Looking forward to reading some of these. That was a ton of rain, hopefully it comes to visit again soon!

  6. The days are warming here but not enough for seedlings ;). We will sow seeds next month I think. Like Linda I too have a Sheila maid in my house, my husband made ours they are very expensive to buy. We have ours hanging in the bathroom over the bath. It holds a full load of washing and is great when it is raining, which is often in these parts, for drying the washing. We open the bathroom window all year round and even in the cold of winter a load can dry in a day :)

    I hope your writing is going well, have a good weekend.


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