Warm ... Fortunate ... Thankful

23 May 2013
I had a great time yesterday sewing and organising myself and my work room. You know that I'm visiting my sister, Tricia, next week and I want to take a few things down for her grandson, Johnathan. He is six months old now, they're just coming into winter in a very cold region, so that presents me with many wonderful options to knit cosy cardigans and sew fluffy fleece sleeping bags. I love helping others stay cozy. I'd like to write that on official forms that ask "occupation". (Not that it's anyone else's business what I do and besides, I refuse to be categorised by a single word. "Retired". Pffffft! End of rant.)  I love the cold weather, rugging up and feeling cosy and I take every opportunity to help others do the same. I'll help Tricia start Johnathan on that road early.

While I worked in that little room, rain fell outside, I could see the trees and bushes move in the wind and I was pleased I was in that room. Warm.

Out in the yard, the wisteria is turning gold and slowly falling, the grass isn't growing so fast and soon the pecan tree will lose its leaves. All signs that winter is nearly here. It makes me think of the alpaca yarn I have here and what I'll make with it. Alpaca is very light but incredibly warm so it's one of the natural yarns that I love to knit. Maybe some gloves for Hanno. Since he had his chainsaw accident, his damaged hand, with compromised circulation, seems to always be cold. It's even worse now in the cold weather. Yes, that's where the alpaca will go.

While I worked in that little room, I could smell chicken casserole slow cooking on the stove. I thought about all the people who have no warm room to tidy up and no casserole to eat.  Fortunate.

Life naturally turns inwards in winter. More chores are carried out indoors, we don't automatically fling open the doors and windows early in the morning to capture the cool fresh air. We keep doors closed  to keep the warmer air inside. More cups of tea are enjoyed, lambswool slippers are on, gloves and scarves have been aired and worn, we've stopped keeping a jug of water in the fridge and ice cubes in the freezer. They'll wait their turn to be enjoyed again later in the year.

While I worked in that little room, I thought about writing this post and the people who would read it from all over the world. Coming here from warm and cold parts, living near country lanes and city highways, being part of my day simply because they read what I write.  Thankful.

I'm convinced we all need a bit of downtime during busy periods in our lives. Having that one day to do this and not worrying about anything else, really cleared my head and helped me prepare for what is to come. It doesn't take a lot, but taking as much time as you can to nurture yourself and slow the pace helps. No one will come along and tell you to take time out, it's something we all have to do for ourselves. I don't do it nearly as much as I should but I'm much better than I used to be. Do you take time to look after yourself?