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8 November 2009
Steel Kitten is having a wonderful giveaway to celebrate her 300th post. But that is not the only reason to visit her. Her blog is full of interesting posts and great photos and you have to see the fingerless gloves she knitted! Click here to visit.

Also, we are having a competition at the Down to Earth Forum. To be eligible to win, simply write a post and tell us about your simple life - what is working, what isn't working, what you love, what you don't love and what you hope to be doing this time next year. The winner may have been living this way for years or have just started. We are looking for the most interesting and engaging post. Everyone may enter.

The winner will receive two 50 gram balls of beautiful Australian grown and spun, pure, machine washable wool - Cleckheatons Country Naturals, and a pattern for fingerless gloves and a man's wool hat. I will post internationally.

If you have not joined the forum yet, click here to register and you can go straight in.


  1. Thanks Rhonda for being kind enough to publicise my giveaway! That was very good of you and much appreciated.


  2. hello, readers.

    i began this journey toward a simpler life in march 2008, when, desperate for "something more" to this life "out there," i stumbled onto rhonda's blog. boy what changes have occurred: i now cook *entirely* from scratch, i compost kitchen scraps, i use vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils to clean, i knit, and i've just learned how to sew. I've also gotten rid of tons of extra "stuff" I feel I just don't need anymore. I shop locally as much as possible. I love this lifestyle because it just feels *right* on so many levels. I often don't feel buyer's anxiety, or the "need" to have this or that new, shiny "must have!!" item. What I don't always love is feeling isolated from the mainstream, and struggling with my lifelong tendency to spend, spend, spend and not save a dime, which has translated for me into the thrifting/antique/yard sale arena. It's hard to reverse a mindset that took a lifetime to acquire. Although I'm living more simply overall, I do find myself still eating out and spending entirely too much. I'm trying so hard to eliminate that "need" I feel to get out to the shops or restaurants and "keep busy." It's hard when you're young and still relatively new to a city and trying to make friends to have OVER for homemade suppers and such. I try not to judge myself too harshly, and keep the idea of "baby steps" in mind. After all, we're only human and reversing erroneous mindsets does not happen overnight. That's why I'm glad I have this wonderful blog community as a resource ... I need/crave your inspiration!! By this time next year I hope I can say that I've grown something edible, and that I've successfully rigged and indoor clothesline, and saved a substantial amount of money for my future. Only time (and effort, real effort!) will tell. Thanks for this opportunity Rhonda!



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