1 April 2014

Taking care of home

Hanno has an appointment with a rheumatoid specialist in early May and in the meantime he's trying to get back into his normal routine that has been interrupted by pain so many times in the past months. He's on a mission to catch up with a few home maintenance projects and so took advantage of the soaking rain on the weekend to pressure clean the old picket fence out front.  There is a strip of pine trees over the road so sunlight doesn't hit the front fence much during the winter months. Over the years that has caused a lot of discolouring in the wood which was put into sharp contrast when we put up that new side fence. That didn't worry me but Hanno didn't like it. He's very happy now that the fence is clean and it's all matching again.

When the fenced was clean and dry again, Hanno attached a new letter box.

 This is the lichen that grows here in the fresh clean air.

A few weeks ago, just before the rain started he cleaned out one of our water tanks. We live at the edge of a forest so we have usually got pretty clean air here. Nevertheless, dust and leaves settle on the roof and that gets swept into the tanks when the rain starts falling. After a while it builds up a sediment that settles in the bottom of the tanks.  The only way of cleaning it out properly is to disconnect the whole system and hose the tanks out. We're thinking about getting a third large tank now. It will sit on the eastern side of the house, collect rain from the front of the house and be used on the front garden. We are still talking it over, whether we'd get full use of it, and whether it would make up for the cost of buying it.

We're also discussing the future of mowing the lawn here. Mowing with the self-propelled mower is getting too much for Hanno now. Although he never wanted a ride-on mower in the past, now he does. My preference is to get a handy man in to do the mowing for us. We can still manage the gardens, but the summer mowing in particular causes a problem now.

Over the years the home maintenance done by Hanno in our house and yard have saved us a lot of money by keeping systems operating and looking good. It's a similar thing to cleaning and organising the interior of the house. Everything we have here has been bought with money we worked hard for. I'm sure it's the same at your place. Looking after what we own helps keep everything going for as long as possible and that's good for us and the environment.  Who does your outdoor home maintenance and mowing? If you've already gone from doing the mowing yourself to some other way of getting it done, please tell me what you did and how that went.

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