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23 September 2022

Hello everyone.  A number of people have contacted me about the workshops I proposed this week.  It looks like people are interested in writing workshops whereas what I’m proposing is a workshop on getting published - different workshops. The getting published workshops are for people who are already writing with the hope of getting their work published.  So, I’m taking a different tack and I think this is a better idea.

I’ll do one getting published workshop for six people here at home. The course will go for four hours and cost $150, lunch and some notes are included. There’ll also be one getting published workshop for six people on Zoom.  The cost for that is $150, notes included. When everyone is signed up, I’ll send more details. 

I thought I’d also offer a two hour Zoom kitchen table chat for six people. The cost for this is $75. There might be several of them, depending on the numbers interested. It’s very appealing to me to sit and talk to a group of people who share my values.  I’ve done this type of online chat before and it well very well. If you’ve never used Zoom, you don’t have to have any software, I send you a link which will take you to our Zoom room.  All you need is a computer with a camera and microphone and we’ll be able to see and hear you when you join us.

The topics for these chats will be those I write about but I hope they expand out to include your experiences and ideas too.  Suggested topics: cleaning, budgeting, cooking, baking, growing food, chickens, preserving food and family life.  There’ll be plenty of time to ask questions. So if you’re interested in this, choose the topic you’re most interested in and I’ll make up groups of six. Our starting point will be the topic chosen but I’m sure conversations will include many other issues as well.  This should start in early October.

Please send an email to express your interest. My email for this is

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