15 percent off at Ecoyarns

21 November 2019
Ecoyarns is offering Down to Earth readers 15 percent off all purchases starting today. I have been using Ecoyarns exclusively for my knitting for many years now and I've always received high quality yarns and excellent service.  


I'm currently knitting my yearly dishcloth stash with this Allhemp3  and some baby washcloths with this organic cotton.  I like to use the best yarn I can find because knitting takes a lot of time and I want what I give as gifts and what I use in my home to be valued. I get that when I knit with these yarns. An added bonus is that knitting with these yarns is a true pleasure.  But there is so much more than organic cottons and hemp at Ecoyarns.  Take a look around the site, message Salihan if you need advice, and see what you think of the selection of yarns, fibre, tools and notions.  The 15 percent off offer ends 31 December.

Click on the links above or the ad in the side bar to go to the online store, have a look around, choose your items and use the code word "Rhonda" at the checkout.  Happy knitting everyone! 


  1. I'm just curious how many dishcloths you make each year for your own use and how many dishcloths you make from one skein (50 g or 65 grams, the two sizes you linked. I buy all cotton for my dishcloths but there isn't much selection in store.

    1. Hi Joyful, I can't tell you how many I get from a skein. I use cotton I've used on larger projects because I want to finish the skein off. I usually knit six cloths a year, some I give away, mostly I use all of them. I progress older cloths on to cleaning cloths as they age.

      Go to the Ecoyarns site and message Salihan, she'll be able to tell you and I know she'll be eager to help. xx



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