Green Living - a new sponsor

12 March 2018
I'm pleased to introduce you to a new Down to Earth sponsor. A few weeks go, Valerie Pearson from Green Living Australia contacted me and asked if I would be interested in working with her to promote our common interests.  Of course I'd know of Green Living and have bought jars from them in the past but for some reason, I'd never crossed paths with Valerie.

As you know, I only promote those businesses who share the values we live by here in my home and in the homes of many readers here, so I'm happy to advertise Green Living and Valerie's workshops and books and recommend them to you.  Please click on this link to visit Valerie's website and see the wide range of equipment, gadgets, books, workshops, cultures, crocks, brewing jars, preserving equipment and jars, cheese making equipment, craft information and materials she has on offer. Make sure you look for Valerie's recently published second edition of Home Cheesemaking in Australia and keep checking the sidebar here for changing information about the latest workshops.

This is from the Green Living website:
Green Living Australia is an Australian owned and operated company located south of Brisbane. The business evolved from a need to create home-made, preservative free, additive free foods, and chemical free body products to combat the ever increasing food allergy and chemical sensitivity within our society. From this, Green Living Australia has built a strong community, providing pure cultures, equipment and education for conscious foodies to fill their dietary requirements and gourmet food cravings and to make all natural body products that are chemical free and sustainable!

With our help, Australians are able to produce their own artisan cheeses, from chevre and cream fraiche to feta and camembert, and boutique lacto-ferments, such as kimchi, sauerkraut, natural pickles, kefir and kombucha. We support people in learning the skills needed to take back control of their diets and help develop their confidence to bring back the crafts of home cheesemaking and home preserving.

We believe it is every person’s right, and our society’s responsibility, to know what is in our foods and how they are produced. We want to pull back the curtain and tell all the secrets, and really get people excited about the science and art of cultured foods!

Look on the website for more information, general inquiries about products and Valerie's street address, phone number and email address.  They are open: Monday - Saturday 9.00am - 4.30pm.