Free postage at Biome

29 July 2017
I have shopped at Biome for a number of years and many of their products are in constant use in our home. If you've never browsed through the site, now may be the time because Tracey, Biome's founder, is giving us free shipping in Australia until next Monday 31 July. Use the code: FREEJULY when you checkout and the shipping will be free. The offer ends at midnight on Monday night.

If you've been following along with the War on Waste podcast and have decided to make a real change in your own life, you may want to buy a nice water bottle and reusable coffee/tea cup.   Hanno and I have been using the Lifefactory water bottles for some time and if you came along to any of the talks I gave last year on the book tour, you probably would have seen my aqua Lifefactory bottle.  They're glass with a protective sleeve so you can carry cold drinks or hot tea/coffee. We also frequently use the Joco reusable coffee cups and they too travelled with us on all our book tours.

Biome also has organic and vegan makeup and skin care (I use the Inika range), hair products, books - including my books (thanks Tracey), natural cleaning products, healthy baby and children's products such as bottles, small glass storage pods for homemade baby food, creams and balms, small stainless steel water bottles,  insulated school lunch boxes, wooden toys, and a wide range of Dr Bronner's lotions, balms, liquid and bar soaps, including the new baby soap in a pump pack. These Castile soaps are organic and very concentrated. I bought the 946ml bottle of Dr Bronner's citrus liquid soap four years ago and finished it this week. There is organic skin care and makeup for teenagers as well as a good range of men's products such as shampoo, deodorant, skin and beard care.  

And don't forget these Wean Meister freezer pods. I use them every week to freeze juice, make large ice blocks and small amounts of frozen homemade sauce. Once they are frozen, all are stored in other containers.

But there is so much more. Check them out here but if you're in Brisbane, Tracey's stores are in Brisbane city, Indooroopilly, Balmoral and Paddington.