Mother's Day gift cards from my sponsors

12 May 2017
I just noticed my sponsor EcoYarns has a Mother's Day Special you may be interested in. In the nterest of fair play, I've included information from Biome and Odgers and McClelland as well.

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This is from Salihan at EcoYarns: This Mother's Day we would like to thank all the mothers for the important and prestigious work that you do everyday, whether you're raising little ones like we are or being there for the adult children in your life.

We know mothers are not always easy to shop for, so to help you out we'll be selling GIFT CARDS at 15% OFF until 10pm Sunday (Australian Eastern Standard Time). You will receive an email immediately after purchase with the special Gift Card code and you can simply forward the entire email to your mum or write the code down in her Mother's Day card.

Don't forget to treat yourself to a gift card as well and automatically give yourself a rare 15% discount from Ecoyarns. Gift cards do not expire and there are no limits on the number of gift cards you can purchase. Happy making!

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Don't forget Biome. They have shops in south east Queensland but they also have a safe and secure online store. You could buy mum a gift card so she can choose something herself, or have a look around one of the stores if you're in Brisbane.  I use quite a few of their products but I want to tell you about these freezer pods I bought last Christmas.

The Wean Meister freezer pods have been in constant use here. I think it was originally made to store breast milk but I use mine for freezing herbs, to make large ice blocks for our water jugs, for frozen yoghurt and little jellies and for baking mini quiches. Yes, you can use them for freezing and in the oven.  The temperature range they recommend is -40 degrees to 240 degrees C. I will always have one of these in my kitchen from now on. I love it.

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Whenever I need something for the kitchen, I check to see if Odgers and McClelland have it. I love their range of good quality homewares. Megan and Duncan are friendly and helpful and they stock items that fit perfectly in my simple life.  The tea pot in my previous post is from this wonderful store.

Have a look through their catalogue but remember they have gift cards too. They can be sent via email.

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  1. Hi Rhonda thank you for bringing this to our attention. I was in Narrabri recently to look after my little Grand-daughter so I decided that as I was close enough I would go to Nundle on my way home and visit Odger & McClelland. I came home with some lovely purchases and a memory of a special place. Nundle was so pretty and well worth the visit.



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