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3 October 2016
I know there are many readers out there who have been searching for a soap saver, well, I just opened Odgers and McClelland's latest newsletter and they have them in the shop now!  Click here to see the ad. They're only $32.95, made in Australia and look very sturdy.  

I'm very proud to have Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores as one of my sponsors. They sell good quality household items that are hard to find nowadays. Check out Megan and Duncan's online catalogue and choose from their wide range of products. I've shopped in the store and have had things sent in the post and I got excellent service each time. Have a look at the Falcon  enamel ware - I have all the spoons and ladles and they are getting a good work-out in my kitchen. I've been thinking about ordering the Falcon square cake tin. Now that I have grandchildren, my preference is for slab cakes - little kids can't handle a tall slice of cake. This tray would suit my whole orange cake and chocolate yoghurt cake perfectly.  Megan has been using it for her brownies and semolina cake. It looks like a winner to me.

I'm also thinking of ordering the Robert Gordon glass honey pot. I have a few Robert Gordon jugs and they're constantly on my kitchen table serving up water or juice.  This honey pot looks like just the thing to serve honey at the table too. We have a lot of people in our family who have honey in their tea. And speaking of tea, look at these beautiful tea strainers! I never use tea bags so I'm a bit of an expert when it comes to tea strainers. I love these.  If I order the cake tin, one of these strainers will be in the parcel too.

Tea strainers, made by local potter Sasha Jury-Radford.

If you want to get some early Christmas gifts, now would be a good time - before the rush starts. But don't worry if you have no time now, I'll be reminding you again in about a month about Christmas shopping to support my sponsors.

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  1. I love those tea strainers, Rhonda. I don't drink tea but my very best friend does and I think this will make a very beautiful little extra to go in with the Christmas gift I have made for her. So lovely to find handmade things by local folk. Meg

  2. I've never seen a soap saver that looks like that--what do you do with it? Is it just meant to hold the soap to dry it better (so it doesn't melt into a soap dish) or do you use the tool to make lather? (The only soap savers I've seen are made from washcloths or knit/crocheted from wool--you put the bar of soap, or small pieces of soap, into it and use the whole thing to wash your hands or use it in the shower.

    1. Helena, back in the days before detergent, many Australian women used these soap savers when they washed their dishes. The soap was swished around in the water to create suds and then taken out of the water. They helped create soapy water without using too much soap.

  3. I grudgingly decided to check out the soap saver because I don't really like advertising and I try not to look for stuff I don't need...but Wow! They really do have great quality items and you are right, I immediately spotted several items that would be useful Christmas gifts for several family members and maybe an enamel jug and bristle brush for me...I should have known you would be discerning about your page sponsors.

  4. It seems the soap savers are sold out already! Hopefully they will order in some more.

  5. Does anybody know how much soap you can buy for $33 plus shipping! Pretty and all but it's just some bits of wire. Another example of AU pricing gone mad!

  6. I love those tea strainers Rhonda. Blue and white, my favourite colour combination. I am off to take a look at their wares.

    Thank you so much for sharing,



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