Ecoyarns tenth birthday sale

4 June 2016
Ecoyarns is celebrating its tenth birthday this weekend.

To celebrate, they're having a 20% off storewide sale this weekend - today and tomorrow only. Enter 10BIRTHDAY as your discount code. One order per customer. The offer ends Sunday 11.59pm Australian EST.

 I am currently knitting a cardigan for my granddaughter. I'm using Eco-Organic Cotton Virtues, 8 ply  in the colour Truth. It's a joy to knit with.  I feel very comfortable recommending EcoYarns to you. Have a look through their online catalogue and email Salihan if you have any queries. Happy shopping!


  1. Dear Rhonda,

    I hope you and Hanno are well. Can't wait to get your book ( I am in USA).Really could use to cheer me right now...LOL Not sure if you remember me, have been a lurker here, on your board for years. I asked you advice about my soon ex to be wanting divorce after all the years of gardening, saving money, buying house with my childhood investment money.

    Thank you going ahead with divorce for me. I will thrive, live simply with my kids and continue to bake bread. You are the surrogate friend and Mom I have always wanted.

    Love to you both,
    Angel ():)

    1. Hello Angel. Hanno and I are fine, thank you. I remember your name but not what we spoke about, I'm sorry, there have been so many comments over the years. I hope you're doing well. xx

  2. My good friend, Monica told me about your blog...and I have added you to my WordPressBlog list...SMILES

  3. Are you floating away yet? Falls creek is sogggy but we are up on stilts in our cosy strawbale. Thankyou for the wool link. I've loved Arne and Carlos link from Norway, the knitting fellows, and they have inspired me to do more knitting as have you! Thanks , Jenny

    1. Hi Jenny, the rain stopped last night after about 200mm and now the tanks are full so I'm smiling. Happy knitting!

  4. Ah wah. I don't come here on the weekend because of the close the gates policy.....

    Angel I am happy that you are beginning to thrive.

  5. idont know how to knit sweater or socks.i knit for charity so i just knit what i know, tube socks, blankies and hats..


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