We're saying goodbye to Virtues and Clouds cotton

17 February 2016
I was interested to read EcoYarns' newsletter this week which stated that two favourite yarns - Virtues cotton and Clouds cotton, will not be stocked in the future. While I'm disappointed they will go, Salihan has reassured me that they'll always stock organic cotton yarn so I'm excited to see what the new range will be.

Here is the Eco Yarns newsletter from Salihan:

We have come to a very hard decision. We are discontinuing the Eco-Organic Cotton Clouds and Virtues range in order to maintain a strong business and we intend to be here for a long time. Our goal is to be the company you can rely on to bring you organic and environmentally yarns and fibres regularly. We haven’t been able to do so with the Eco-Organic Cotton range and it is not fair to you to try to keep it going.

Ecoyarns have sold thousands of hanks of these wonderful cotton yarns. Virtues was a special creation of Ecoyarns’ founder, Vivian, nearly 10 years ago. We thank you deeply for supporting our yarns all these years. It is the end of an era, but the beginning of a new one. We’re here to stay and we have some exciting plans for the future.

The current Eco-Organic stock is still available for purchase and there are 23 colours across the range. There will be no mark down on prices to move them along quickly. The Virtues cotton is a one-of-a-kind yarn never to be reproduced again, never to be found anywhere else in the world. We will not diminish its importance and high quality by slashing prices.

I have two knitting projects underway at the moment and, as usual, I'm using eco-cotton Virtues. One is a simple triangular shawl, the other is a stack of dishcloths using the leftover ends of various Virtues colours.  It's a soft cotton that knits up beautifully and I never tire of the range of colours. They are soft and appealing and don't fade much, even after many washes. Salihan said there has been a rush of orders for the cotton since the newsletter went out, so if you want to try this cotton, put an order in soon. When the new range of cottons comes in, I'll showcase them here and we can all try them out.


  1. That's why I asked about how much you use for your shawls! Thanks for the reply. I have put in my order for some virtue. I have used clouds before. To make a beanie and fingerless mittens for my trip overseas. Loved it.

  2. I can understand their decision if it is a supply issue. Lucky for me, I have 9 hanks left, 3 each of Love, Pride and Greed......never liked the name 'Greed' but love the colour.

  3. I cannot understand, for the life of me, why they would discontinue such a successful product. I would keep ordering until I could no longer order it; of course supplying and phasing in new lines as well. They are great about not slashing the prices of it, though. That is real respect for the product.

  4. Off topic and late - I love your glasses in the new photo! They look like they would be fun to wear. As someone who has worn glasses since a very young age, I am always looking for fun frames! Yours are awesome!

  5. I agree with the above comment about your glasses, I thought they were lovely too! I am making the triangular shawl in wool now in Winter, but it would be lovely with a cotten one for Summer. That yarn looks so soft. Pam in Norway


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