Christmas at Odgers and McClelland

7 November 2015
Over the years I have used this blog to show and write about simple life. I could have made money on the side by using Google's Adsense and taking on the many commercial partnerships offered to me along the way. I chose not to do that because it would have distorted my message of home production and self-reliance. But we all need to buy some things and to judge for ourselves how much we choose to buy rather than make. So I decided to barter a small space here to small businesses selling some of the goods I buy in my everyday life. Continuing on that path, over the next couple of weekends, I'll be writing about my sponsors to highlight the products they currently have. Everyone of these businesses sends me goods in exchange for an honest review - not one of them has ever asked me to do otherwise.

I visited the Odgers and McClelland with Tricia a while back and what an absolute treat that was. There, in a tiny country town in New South Wales, was this old timber shop, built over a 120 years ago, housing a collection of goods that could easily be a part of any simple home. Megan and Duncan own the shop and their days are spent working there and looking after their family. This is how Australians used to do business, thankfully the tradition of service and quality continues in their shop.

Please note the Odgers and McClelland website is new and improved and the link has changed to: If you've shopped there before, you'll need to update that link. Clicking on it will take you to a catalogue full of products similar to those your grandma used and many of which are hard to find. When I first found this store, I couldn't believe my luck - so many things I use, all under one roof. The shop is now full for the Christmas trade so I've added a few photos Megan sent through to share with you. Clicking on the links in this post, or the ad on the sidebar, will take you to their site and you can see photos and prices. If you order now, your goods will be with you before Christmas.

Looking for good quality gardening tools? Check the Burgon and Ball section to find them. If you don't see what you're after listed in the catalogue, use the search engine to find what you're looking for. I just searched for the pastry brush below and two pastry brushes came up very quickly. If you can't find a particular item, contact the shop by email: and either Megan or Duncan will help you. Gift certificates can be arranged by email or phone.

Late addition: I've just discovered how to search the entire catalogue: click here - or what's been added so far. Come back in a week or so and more will probably have been added.

I have one of these pastry brushes and it's the best one I've ever used. Made in Germany, it's made of beech wood with copper wire holding the natural bristles. It's a brush that should be washed by hand so it can be used for many a long year.
 There's a good range of cast iron cookware.

I have two of the Mason and Cash Forest mixing bowls that I use as serving bowls because they're so beautiful.
The brushes they sell are good quality German stock, having been sold for many years, these brushes have stood the test of time.
 Check the Robert Gordon section, you won't be disappointed.
I want to get a set of these pannikins to take on our road trips. At the moment, I either pack our porcelain mugs or we drink from the top of the Stanley thermos. These would suit our lifestyle much better.

I'll be back tomorrow to showcase Ecoyarns and their beautiful yarns, kits and notions.


  1. I have so many if these timeless classics I'd be embarrassed if they weren't in constant use. Like you I use my lovely Mason Cash bowls for serving as well as mixing.

    Dual purpose, beautiful to look and and in constant use fits well with my simple life style.

    Highlighting small companies that fit in with your ethos is a brilliant use of your popular blog.

  2. Such lovely things! Those pannikins will be great for the grandchildren, too. Handles are so helpful for preventing spills and ours like to toddle about the house with small snack items in a cup with a handle.

  3. Enamel cups and plates make me think of childhood camping trips. We still have one chipped dish we use when keeping things warm in the oven.

    If only I could justify buying some new ones now!

    :) Allie



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