Ecoyarns in new hands

28 June 2015
One of my favourite sponsors, Ecoyarns has changed hands. Vivian, who started Ecoyarns when she was a medical student, recently sold the business to Salihan and Richard. My best wishes go to Vivian as she takes up her medical career. Salihan and Richard have a young family and have moved themselves and the business to Canberra, which must be high on the list of places that need good supplies of warm wooly yarns.  I hope their new business will thrive.

Salihan knows all about Ecoyarns because she used to work for Vivian. She is now running the business from home while she looks after her two daughters, aged two and three. Salihan is an experienced crochet and knitting pattern maker and I'm sure that experience will stand her in good stead at Ecoyarns. Her patterns are still available on her own blog and Ravelry.

I asked Salihan about herself and what her plans are for Ecoyarns. She said she has been a stay at home mum for the last few years and before that was working with Vivian part time. 

"I was packing orders, providing customer service, and also doing the graphic design and photography for Ecoyarns," she said.

"The new changes that we would like to announce first is that we are now on several social media outlets.  We hope more people will follow us and keep in touch whichever way they prefer.  Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest |  Twitter

"We are also shipping orders within 1-2 business days and replying to emails promptly. We hope the faster turnaround would be noticed quickly by customers who might have be turned off by orders being shipped out only once a week in the past.

"We also just added our first new stock to our shop - Australian Organic Wool WOOLganic 8ply  We will be stocking more from their range in the future. We are looking at ordering the 4ply and undyed wool hanks when they become available.

"We will be stocking more Ashford tools too. This will include the ball winders, skeiners, niddy noddy, swift and drop spindles. There will also be quite big changes to the EcoOrganic Cotton range in a few weeks time. I will keep you posted on these in the future," Salihan said.

I'm looking forward to working with Salihan and Richard. I've been using Ecoyarns for all my knitting for the past few years and I'm very happy with the quality of the yarns and the ethics of the producers.  Don't forget to follow them on whatever form of social media you use.  I've followed them on Pinterest and Twitter.  Thanks for your continued sponsorship, Salihan and Richard.  Happy knitting and crocheting, everyone.

ATTENTION: Salihan has just told me that there are details of a $10 discount on your order on Facebook. Check it out here


  1. I wish both Vivian and Salihan best of luck on their business and career.

  2. Thanks for the update Rhonda, I am looking forward to trying something with the new "Woolganic 8ply". Wishing Vivian all the best with her career - and good luck to Salihan and Richard.

  3. Many thanks for the update Rhonda. Best wishes to both Vivian for her career and Salihan for the business.


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