Ecostore launches new sustainable packaging

15 March 2015

I'm very selective about the sponsors I choose to be associated with. My guess is that for every 50 companies and retailers who ask, I say yes to one. I'm proud to have ecostore as one of my sponsors. I use their products in my own home, I've given them to my children to use on my grandchildren. I can say no more, if I want these products used by my own children and grandchildren, that's the best recommendation I can give.

So I was very please to know that they've been working towards new packaging and now it's here. Instead of me telling you about it, why not listen to Malcolm and Melanie Rands, founders of ecostore.  Well done Malcolm and Melanie.

What a great innovation! And just another reason to use products from a company who cares about its customers and what it sells. One of the things I love about ecostore is that they're so transparent. They talk about their challenges and what they're doing to overcome them. 

I use ecostore washing up liquid everyday and it's better than any other washing up detergent I've ever used. I also use the hand wash, their soap when I don't have time to make my own and I always have backups of ecostore laundry liquid and shampoo on hand.  Last winter is discovered ecostore lip balm and it saw me through the season well. I recommend ecostore to you, I doubt you'll be disappointed. Ecostore products are available from their online store as well as from here and many supermarkets.


  1. I have used the Ecostore dishwashing liquid ever since you recommended it. I love it. I stock up when its on special, usually $3.49/bottle.

  2. Rhonda,. thank you so much for providing the link that shows where Ecostore products are sold. I knew our Woolworths store had some of their products, but I was delighted to discover that the organic food store a few streets away sells their products as well! I just love everything I received in my gift hamper from the Forum, and want to make sure I can restock before I run out!

  3. I wish this could become the norm worldwide, if only our respective governments would hold up their pants this can be easily done.

  4. My daughters and I discovered a local small business that we now purchase our soaps from. She even uses cloth the wrap them as a measure to protect the environment. We are slowly (as we can afford to) changing over to as much organic and natural items we can. When I say natural we are aware that soe natural items are not good for us - such as wood pulp in shredded cheese. So we have learned to research as much as possible.

    1. Pardon? Wood pulp in shredded cheese??

    2. This article may help clarify.

  5. I also use Ecostore products their dishwashing liquid,liquid hand soap, conditioner,(I make my own goatsmilk shampoo) dishwashing powder,and laundry powder when I have not had time to make my own washing powder. I buy my purchases on line and in bulk and then refill my containers.



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