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16 August 2014
As you know, I have a small number of sponsor ads on my side bar. I don't generally promote commercial enterprises but I share these small businesses with you because I use the products they sell and I'm happy to recommend them. I often get emails from many of you asking me to recommend various products or wanting to know what we use here.  I'd like to reassure you that I only promote what we use and what I'm happy with, even though I'm asked every day if I'll advertise a wide variety of businesses and products.

Small businesses compete with big business, paying the same advertising rates, and many of them can't afford to advertise. I'm pleased I can give the businesses I deal with a wider audience. I don't charge the businesses I promote, we have a barter arrangement. Some years I order a few things, in other years I don't need as much. I think the arrangement benefits both of us. I recommend these businesses not only for the products they sell but also for the service the owners give and the values they share with us. I know you'll receive excellent service and that you can trust these people.

One of these businesses is Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores in the New South Wales country town of Nundle. Megan and Duncan run the store which was established in 1891. I'm really pleased to know they can still earn a living operating a general store that is packed to the rafters with goods that I use but are quite often hard to find. When I found Megan and Duncan's store online, I thought all my Christmases had come at once. I found my favourite (of all time) teapot there - the Falcon enamel 1.5 litre,  they have a good range of cleaning tools, enamel ware, brushes and brooms, gardening equipment, kitchen ware, toys, soap and men's shaving products. The aerosol shaving products Hanno was using were causing rashes until Duncan recommended some old fashioned shave soap and a brush. The rash went soon after and Hanno is very happy now using his shave soap and brush.  

If you have time over the weekend, have a look at the Odgers and McClelland Exchange Store. I'm sure you'll find it a delightful surprise. If you order now, you'll have your goods before Father's Day.

Vivian at Ecoyarns has Soak back in stock. Soak is a washing liquid for fine wool, silk, cotton and linen yarns that doesn't need to be rinsed out.  You can find out all about it here. While you're there, check out my favourite organic cotton. Vivian has it on special at three 100gram 8 ply skeins at $35. This is the cotton I use for my shawls, face and dish cloths.  It's strong, unbelievably soft and beautifully coloured. Ecoyarns is another NSW country store, located in Budgewoi.  

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  1. Good morning Rhonda. Not much rain here yet but that is about to change this afternoon apparently. I love looking through all the products that Odgers and McClelland sell. So many of them were commonplace when we were growing up and bring back happy memories.

    Enjoy the rain and have a relaxing weekend.


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