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9 November 2013
We added to our flock of chickens a couple of weeks ago. Old chooks had died off and we like to keep up our numbers of laying hens. Eggs play an important part in our meals here and we give eggs to Kerry and Sunny as well. I think there are not many foods as wholesome as fresh eggs, and as our girls free range on grass, their eggs contain omega 3 oils as an added bonus. When it came to adding some new layers, I wasn't sure who to go to. Julie, who used to supply our chooks, has gone out of business, so I asked on my blog if anyone knew who was good and close to us. Sure enough, one of my reliable readers referred me on to Kate at Beautiful Chickens. A few days later, we drove over to meet with Kate and both Hanno and I were very impressed by the setup there.

Kate's blue Australorp rooster.

We got some blue Australorps and two blue-gold Barnevelders. They've all settled in well and are growing fast. We've also ordered some silver laced Wyandottes. They should be ready in a couple of weeks. I've been very happy with Kate's stock and I'm pleased to recommend her to you. Our girls are happy, healthy and growing fast.

Kate's website, Beautiful Chickens, gives a good idea of the quality of her stock and the types of heirloom breeds she keeps. What you can't see, but I can tell you, is everything is clean and organised, flocks are housed in age appropriate houses and runs, the babies are in a shed, the others have shelter with bird netting over the top of their runs. I always think a responsible chicken owner makes sure her flocks are secure from predators. Sure, no one can protect every bird, but you can tell when the effort to protect has been put in. I loved that everything was clean, the drinking water was fresh, they were fed quality food and there is a vaccination program for all the chooks.

Kate and her husband, Francois, are at the Samford Valley Markets the second Saturday of each month from 7.00am till 12 midday. Please note: the market does not operate in January. The next market on 14 December is a twilight evening market for Christmas. It will run from 4.00pm till 9.00pm.

Contact via email or mobile 0414550302. The website is www.beautifulchickens.netBeautiful chickens is also on Facebook. Kate's FB page has some great photos, including some of the accessories and equipment she sells.

If you can't get to the Samford Valley Markets, call her and you may arrange a visit to her chicken farm. She is there most Saturdays, and other times can be arranged, either week day or weekend,  to suit.

Blue and Black Australorp, Gold and blue/gold Barnevelder, Gold and Silver Campine, Pekin bantam, Silkie, Frizzle, Plymouth Rock, Sussex (Light, Buff, Silver, coronation, speckled), New Hampshire, I-Fav (Favorelle x Isa brown), Farmyard cross, French Summer, Araucana, Spangled Hamburgh and more, depending on availability.

Kate's coloured Silkies.

Kate aims to have chooks, from chicks to point-of-lay pullets, available year round even though many of the speciality breeds are more seasonal in breeding. Trios of a rooster and hens are available for those wishing to breed their own.

Kate offers:
  • Free advice before purchase on breeds and set up.
  • Happy to offer after sale advice any time.
  • Coops - small, medium, large chicken tractors, walk in size coop and mini ark ideal for broody hen or younger chicks growing out.
  • Drinkers and feeders from Wet-a-chook and Din-a-chook.
  • Gift Vouchers.
  • Small range of poultry related giftware - locally made embroidered linen towels, rustic tin signs.
  • Vaccination program for all our poultry.
  • For the kids, Kate can colour silkies any shade including pink, blue, green, purple or any colour!


  1. Rhonda, I just love those Silkies. Kids would absolutely be crazy about them. We have had chooks in the past but not for a few years. I would like to get a couple but hubby isn't keen on keeping them again. I will have to twist his arm I think. Thanks for the info about Beautiful Chickens.

  2. Those gorgeous coloured chookies...I remember going to the royal show here in Adelaide as a child, and seeing small chicks in all sorts of different colours...goodness knows what or how they did it, but I loved it very much....

  3. I would have loved to have been there for when those chicks had their picture taken! That must have been some project getting them to all stay like that even for a second! Thanks for sharing.

  4. It's been 13 years since I had to give up my chickens when we moved into town, and I still miss them! Would love to convince my hubby to move back to the country - who knows - maybe some day!

  5. I love fresh farm eggs. I have 16 Delaware hens. They are all penned up for winter, but in the summer they are pastured raised. I love how dark the yokes are! A white cake is yellow!

  6. Omg - Kate's coloured silkies look spectacular! What a photo - love it! Kate certainly sounds like one chook loving lady who deserves all the support she can get - thanks for telling us about her Rhonda. Lucky, lucky chookies to have such a wonderful carer.

    On the subject of free-range chickens and eating grass, I had to laugh. I push mow our 1acre lawn - (it's my exercise) and the chickens literally run by the mower at the ready to snap up the lizards and other little creatures jumping out of the grass as I mow. It's hilarious - I'm often heard in the neighbourhood yelling "get outta the way". I had to explain to my neighbour who enquired why was I yelling whilst mowing - I call it the chicken gauntlet cause I'm trying to get the job done without clipping their legs or their head in their frenzied diving onto nature's leaping protein. The things we do.

  7. We love our chickens. They are so entertaining, and we love fresh eggs! We started over with a new flock in the spring - 5 black australorps, 1 chochin, 1 sliver laced wyandotte, and 1 barred rock. Got our first egg yesterday!

    I've never seen the colored silkies before! Amazing!


  8. those silkies look fantastic!

  9. oh how I love reading and looking at the pictures of chickens! I'm desperate for some girls of my own, but first hubby has to make their house...I'm patiently waiting so will just read with chicken envy!!

  10. I will be visiting Kate in the coming weeks to pick up my Plymouths & Australorps. We are starting our flock from scratch again & Kate is the breeder I have chosen to buy from so, so very happy to read your recommendation.



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