Biome, one of my valued sponsors

3 November 2013
As you know, I only endorse businesses and products that I use and am happy with. Biome is such a business. They have stores in Brisbane, Paddington and Milton so if you're starting to look for Christmas gifts or you want a good reliable source of organic and environmentally sound products, Biome is your place.

They have seven days a week trading but they may change in the lead-up to Christmas. Trading hours are listed on their website here

In recent months I got new organic makeup from Biome and just last month received two mosquito repellant bracelets, colouring-in books and pencils for Jamie and Alex and new water bottles and refillable coffee cups for us. They have a good range of a wide variety of products that you can check out simply by visiting the website. They have an excellent online shop and postal service. 

Just added to the stock are beautiful organic sheet sets

Back to school supplies - great new range of lunch boxes from Norway that are exclusively available from Biome in Australia:

Christmas gift ideas for kids: Green Start puzzles and books.

Kylie Johnson ceramic decorations are always very popular at Christmas:

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