Sale at Ecoyarns

7 October 2012
Since 2005, Ecoyarns has been Australia's organic and ecofriendly yarn and fibre providore. Ecoyarns has been a valued sponsor here for the past couple of years and now, I use only their yarns for my knitting.

Vivian is about to move everything to a new premises so she is having a sale. This is what she has to say about it:

With the lovely spring season, we have found a home to move to that will hold our stock as well. How lucky! I wanted to pass on the luck and good wishes, so another clearance is on the website for shoppers. 

Eco organic cotton

Our NEW website will be unveiled in November, please do take this opportunity to shop at discounted prices.

30% Off the ENTIRE collection on the website. 
Use Code 10STOCK for another $10 off the total.


  1. I've purchased some of their cotton and it is devine to knit with. Great products. Shame I am on a buy nothing new month for October.
    Take care :)

  2. I am on a shopping budget, too; although I cannot knit to save my life! I tried lessons last year, but I am afraid that it just did not take. Knitting is not for me; but I do sew and like to embroider as well. All those beautiful oolours will be Saved for someone else!

  3. I have also made beetroot relish and sweet mustard pickles and they were such a success! I used the recipes out of the WW Preserves book. DH loves the store bought mustard pickles and I've never liked them. Too mustardy or something, but I tried the ones I made and they were just superb! I'm going to get the fixings to make both again today. I'll layby some tomatoes while I'm at the greengrocer!

    Going over to Ecoyarns next. I am making dishcloths and embroidered tea towels and face cloths with hand made soap as part of my Christmas gifts. Mum and DD can't get enough of my dishcloths! Also making the pickles, beetroot relish and chilli jam to go with the dishcloths and tea towels. It will be a kind of kitchen gift pack!

  4. Rhonda, I went to Ecoyarns and just got myself all confused! Which one do you use for your dish and face cloths?

    1. Diann, I use two different cottons for face and dishcloths - EcoOrganic Cotton (which is not available right now) and the one here: called Heart of Cotton - an organic Japanese cotton that knits up beautifully.

  5. I just ordered some of the Cotton Lace. I tried to put in the code and it said 'Invalid Coupon Code'

    Not to worry is just nice to get some cotton lace so cheap.

  6. thanks i bought some nice cotton lace. Unfortunately they said the code was invalid.

  7. I made an order also and received the same invalid coupon code message. I emailed her and haven't heard anything back. So, I made the order, however, I chose the money order/cheque option and asked her to send me an invoice with the coupon applied and I'll pay by Paypal. Still waiting to hear something. :(

  8. i use bendigo woollen mills for all my yarn, are they a lot cheaper too. they don't have all those colours but i can't afford that eco yarn.

    the beetroot pickles looks yummo, mmm, might have a go at growing some beets too.

    selina from kilkivan qld


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