Christmas advertising

28 October 2012
With Christmas coming I've been thinking of offering a frugal advertising option on my blog. Way back I used to have a few Adsense and Nuffnang ads here but I found them intrusive and ugly, I had almost no choice over the ads shown, so I stopped both, even though they were quite lucrative. Since then I've gone to a fairly unique form of advertising in that I barter space for goods for most of my major sponsors. I only take advertising from small and home businesses that would otherwise find it difficult to reach their desired market because the price of advertising is either too expensive or their appeal is limited in today's marketplace. Here we have a passing traffic of people who buy ethically and mindfully and who want value for money. I think those elements blend together well.

So from now until the end of December, I am offering button advertising the same size as "Give Self-Sufficiency this Christmas" in my side bar, 150 x 150 pixels, for $20. You supply the artwork in jpg form. You may link the button to your website or blog. The current weekly readership here is between 35,000 - 37,000, with between 50,000 - 60,000 pages viewed. The readers come from all over the world but mainly from Australia and north America. Payment is through Paypal in Australian dollars. Please remember I'll only take advertising from small and home business selling hand-made, non-commercial-type products; or if you want to advertise your blog, that's fine too. If you are in doubt, email me with your idea and ask.


  1. Thanks so much for putting up a link to my blog. I'm flattered that you read. Kind Regards, jane/frugal queen

  2. I am just stopping by to have a read and to say hallo.

  3. That is a wonderful thing, Rhonda! I just sent you an email :)

  4. Hello, I like your blog and your ideas...I enjoy visiting ..Barb

  5. Hi Rhonda..happy with whatever you decide to do..always like to support you! Have you ever thought of a facebook linked to your blog..that way..facebook subcribers have your blog delivered asap! This may appeal to advertisers as there would be more exposure. Goodluck with what ever you decide.


    1. Thanks Patricia. I used to have my blog linked to Facebook but Facebook stopped the linking for everyone late last year.

  6. Thank you Rhonda, I have sent you an email:)

  7. What a great opportunity for exposure for small businesses and blogs. Thankyou! Will make a pretty button and email it through :)

  8. See at the bottom of your blog today a link to eco wool link which brings me back to something that I saw over the weekend. A wool and craft shop has closed down over the weekend in Mt Maunganui. That shop has been there for over 50 years it is where my mother use to get her wool from and then I did, guess it is the sign of the times so sad.

  9. What a great idea Rhonda. I hope you get a great response :)


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