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15 September 2012
Jason operates Gumboot Garden and blogs at Zuchinni Island, this is his story.

About nine years ago, when I met my lovely partner, I was inspired by her little vegetable garden out the back of her inner city unit. It wasn't much a few vegetables surrounded by concrete. But something sparked, and along with developing a love for each other we also developed a passion for growing our own food.

We are now growing a large portion of our own food, but it’s been no easy ride. Learning to garden has taken me years, and I have had my fair share of challenges. In the beginning my involvement in the garden was done on an ad-hoc basis and seldom planned. Often I would step outside, realise what a magnificent day it is, sunny with a soft cool breeze begging me to spend it gardening. But sadly spent it procrastinating unsure what to plant and discovering I didn’t have the right seeds anyway. As a result I was always planting behind schedule.

So during one of my many daydreams, I got to thinking wouldn’t it be great if someone would just send me the seeds I need when I needed them. I then thought there are probably many other people out there suffering similar issues. So I decided to start a home business that does just that, subscription seeds.

Later when I got the hang of being organised with seed, I encountered a new problem, keeping my bounty of seed packets organised. I initially tried organising them by sowing time, but seeds are often suitable to more than one season. I then tried alphabetical, which made finding a particular seed easy, but hopelessly slow when wanting all those sowable now. So I came up with the idea of season stickers. 

A sheet of little round stickers with the seasons on them. When you purchase a new packet of seeds, based on the packet information or some planting guide, you put the appropriate stickers on the top of the packet. Then come say, spring you simply grab all seed packets with the spring sticker on them, and off you go. I now sell these stickers in addition to the subscription seeds, coupled with a planting guide designed with beginner gardener in mind. Also available as a free printable download.

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  1. My thoughts exactly. It's a neat idea. :)

  2. The sticker idea is a very clever one. Which reminds me I really need to sort out my seed packets. I'm thinking the stickers would add to the fun :)

  3. really simple but very clever, I have mine organised by season in a show box. just need to pull them out and get planting now


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