Alexander in his Bean Sprout Bubba nappy

7 August 2011

As most of you know, both Shane and Sarndra and Kerry and Sunny have been using Bean Sprout Bubba nappies and covers. They're so soft on those precious bottoms and I'm happy to report that they've delivered on all the promises of softness, dryness and easy care. Sarndra sent me a photo of Alexander in one of his Bean Sprout Bubba nappies that she is happy for me to show you. 

I thank Rebecca for sending them. She's been very generous with her products and her advice.  And she's just sent some bigger nappies for Jamie who is growing so fast I can hardly believe it. I am happy to recommend Rebecca to you. Check out her website and ask her some questions if you're new to these products. I'm sure you'll find her as friendly and helpful as we did.


  1. Aw, so cute and looks like he is filling out some already!!


  2. He is delightful...his nappy looks very soft and comfy and his toes look very cosy in nellymary's little bootees.


  3. You have two beautiful grandsons, you must be such a proud "oma" ; )
    I love the nappy, it looks great and so do the little bootees, very cute !!

  4. Cute as he can be from the tip of his head down to his adorable booties!

  5. There is nothing cuter than a little baby in a cloth nappy (in this case a modern one) except maybe handmade knitted's, which he is wearing also.

  6. Good to see little Alexander. Haven't seen a lot of him since his birth and he is absolutely precious. What two fine grandsons you have!

    Diane in North Carolina

  7. Very cute!

    Having done two babies in traditional terry squares, and two babies in modern cloth (some home made and some store bought) there is definately an option for everyone out there, no matter family size/budget or otherwise.

    In every way I can think of, there's a modern cloth nappy that can match or out-perform single-use nappies.

    There's even reusable options out there that are as trim as, or trimmer than, single-use nappies.

    Lucky Baby Alexander :) Enjoy the cuteness, Family :)

  8. Your little grandbaby is adorable!

  9. Gosh he's growing boys loved laying like leg over and one leg under like a little possum on a branch. Chrissy

  10. He is a very beautiful baby!



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