The winner of the Fiskars axe is ...

The winner of the Fiskars axe is Linda. Thanks to everyone who entered, thanks to Fiskars for the prize.
This is her comment:

Linda said...

Hi Rhonda, We would use an axe like this because my husband keeps discussing how he would like to chop wood by hand. He has decided using the chainsaw (and fossil fuels) is unnecessary. He says he could do it by hand with a good saw and good axe. Sorry I'm writing a novel length comment but I have been wanting to tell you how inspirational I find your blog. Although I have been living many elements of the simple life for years, your blog has reminded me to enjoy the process and to smell the roses on our busy way! Thank you!

July 17, 2011 9:01 AM


  1. Congrats to the winner.

    Totally off subject, but can someone explain to me about "living on the smell of an oily rag". Perusing the site, there is much interesting and helpful info, but I just don't get the oily rag part. Where did that come from?


  2. Congratulations Linda-and thankyou Rhonda and Fiskars for the opportunity:)

  3. Congratulations, Linda, and what a lovely comment you wrote.

  4. Thanks for your kind thoughts everyone. Aren't we lucky! Thank you so much to Rhonda and to Fiskars. What a wonderfully practical giveaway!

  5. Congratulations Linda, I am so glad you won the axe!!!! I think that you and your husband deserved it for sure!!! Thank you Rhonda for the opportunity for all of us......


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