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9 July 2011

I'm pleased to introduce a new sponsor to you - Kate at Cubby Club Corner. Kate's online store sells a variety of non-toxic, Fair Trade, eco toys. You have to be so careful with baby's toys. I have a couple of Kate's toys here, I've seen the quality, I know where they come from and what is used to make them, and I will happily give them to my grand babies. But let's hear what Kate has to say:

Our beautiful eco baby and toddler toys have a story!

They are designed in Melbourne, Australia and are handcrafted as part of a special fair trade program in Vietnam. The program trains people with a disability who wish to have a career as a craftsperson and have the opportunity to be paid and work in accordance with fair trade work practice conditions. 

Their story was part of the motivation to stock them in my online eco toy shop and in my original eBay Shop but I also fell in love with their quality and the beauty of their simple design. (I have as much fun playing with them as my two small product testers do!)

Made from non toxic, eco friendly, plantation rubberwood, they are hand smoothed so the beauty of their natural timber remains. They are then sealed with beeswax, natural plant dyes or non toxic, babysafe paint. 

Natural, sustainable, real  ...   Come Play!

If you click on the link above or the Cubby Club Corner button in the right column, you'll be able to visit Kate's store.


  1. Great toys. Fairtrade and non toxic. I wish they had something like that when my children were little. Well maybe I'll be so lucky to get grandkids someday ; )
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Thankyou so much Rhonda.
    It is so exciting to have a button on your wonderful, inspiring blog. All your readers understand the importance of eco friendly, non toxic, sustainable products so I feel at home here!
    (I can't wait until your shop opens too xx)

  3. Some lovely little toys there, and very reasonably priced. Good for future christmas shopping.

  4. OH Goody goody!!! SO exciting these sound like my DREAM toys. Aus made, eco friendly and fair trade- perfect. I know lots of friends who will be interested too. Thanks Rhonda and Thanks Kate!! We will love from shopping from you for our son, god daughter, neices and nephew. :-D

  5. Sadly, Cubby Club Corner seems to have disappeared from that link. Just a "This Store has been closed" message. Do you know if they're sill in business?

  6. gregoryo, I tracked back to Kate's blog and have discovered she has a lovely ebay shop selling these excellent toys:



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