Eco Yarns, well worth a visit

24 July 2011
I have been using Vivian's Eco Yarns for a few months now and I'm never going back to the yarns I was using before. I love the feel of these often organic and gently produced cottons and wools and I feel confident giving what I make to my grandchildren. I want them to have the best - this is it.

Here is Jamie wearing the little kimono top I made below.

Vivian was at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show last week and she has more new additions for the website soon. In the meantime, check these out:
  • Cotton Flamme yarn, in 4 natural colours. Super soft and Naturally coloured. No nasty chemical anything, and safe for babies to chew.
  • New colours in Silk Stainless Steel yarns
  • New colours in Wool Stainless Steel yarns
  • New colours in Silk Gima yarn
  • Brand New Bamboo yarn in 4 ply. Try it, its beautiful.
  • Llama Yarns and Fibres. Perfect for Knitting and spinning. These are sourced from a LOCAL Australian farm and are produced here in Australia. Please support our local farmers.
  • Handspun camel yarns available. These hand spun yarns are made on a drop spindle by the mongolian nomads and supplement their income as they spin. 
  • Merlin Yarn: The wonderful combination of the soft Merino and hard wearing Linen makes this a very special yarn.
  • SOAK out of stock flavours(scents) have arrived. The Full sized versions are back in stock and the special Ravelry scent is also available.
  • Check out the Mooi yarns, the Woolganic yarns, the Book and Magazine section and Ashford Knitters' Loom page for the revamped areas.
The Eco Yarns site shows their fine products, with prices, so you can spend quite some time there checking various yarns, thinking about how the beautiful colours will fit into your projects. Just click on the link to go there.

I know it is sometimes a bit frightening ordering from the internet, but I can recommend Eco Yarns to you for the excellent quality of their yarns, their friendly service and their reliability. Please support my sponsors.


  1. Just too cute! With a model like that, you should have a best-seller here!

  2. I declare that little Jamie is such a beautiful baby boy! I'll check out the Eco Yarns...I just finished a shawl for the winter. It is just big enough to fall over my shoulders down to my elbows and I'll button it closed in front. I think it will be perfect to knock off the chill while I sit on the porch and read or knit. ...sigh...I can hardly wait until the hot weather around here breaks. The heat index has been 105 degrees for several days this week...really hot!

    Diane in North Carolina

  3. Love the kimono top you made for him and the rainbow top he's wearing under it!! He is gorgeous. Happy 100 days Jamie!

  4. Thanks Rhonda. I love knitting, so will check it out. xxoo

  5. I agree with Rebecca...he's a cutie....and the colours of those yarns are stunning..I'm off to the website to have a look around.

  6. I looooove wool on wee babies! We are lucky enough to have some dedicated Aunts and Nanas that have knitted beautiful tops and jumpers for my boys. Storing them carefully for our next hoped-for babe.

  7. Hi Rhonda, love coming each day to read about your simple life and especially to hear about your grandsons. I notice you have a picture of the cowl you were knitting, I strarted one too and it's now finished I'm wondering about joining .I joined mine just along the short edge and it has rolled in on itself, is this correct.take care lynn

  8. So cute, Rhonda. The EcoYarn site looks good, I'll have to try some of their cotton or bamboo for summer projects.

    Thanks for visiting my site, I probably processed the jam for way too long, hope it turns out ok.

    Pity you didn't get to visit Frou Frou, the old store was good if a bit cramped, the new store is great. Next time you are down here definitely check it out.

  9. Buying organic yarn gives me assurance that the animals were treated humanely. We should all buy more of it.

    I knit a shawl from an organic Merino that was plant-dyed. It's heavenly.

  10. Totally agree Rhonda. Love Eco Yarns, AND they even sent me out samples. Totally awesome, fantastic service, excellent product knowledge and you know you are getting quality.

  11. Oh how gorgeous! (and the wool is too, LOL) It makes me want to attempt knitting. I adore your Kimono top Rhonda, so cute and comfy :)

  12. Hi Rhonda,

    Just have to say, what an adorable baby Jamie is! He looks so cosy all rugged up, very nice little top, it must be nice to see him dressed in something that you've knitted Rhonda.

    Have a lovely day,



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