Bean Sprout Bubba update

30 July 2011
Many of you would remember I was hopeful that both my grandsons would wear cloth nappies/diapers. I was very happy when I set up a bartering deal with Rebecca at Bean Sprout Bubba and was able to help supply modern cloth nappies/diapers to both set of parents. Well, I have not been disappointed. The nappies/diapers have performed extremely well and have kept both babies dry and comfortable.  

Above and below we have our beautiful boy Jamie modelling (above) the Booroi nappy cover and below the cuddlefleece giraffe cover.
And here is Jamie again with the nappy on the right way!  Overnight Rebecca gently told us to turn it around, but as Sunny said, it looked good and was comfortable so they are good both ways.  LOL  

I recommend Bean Sprouts Bubba to you - whether you're a parent or a grandparent. The catalogue of products is extensive, I even bought a little hose attachment for the toilet, for both parents, that's been a great help with "full" nappies/diapers. But what I love about it most is the service and helpful advice Rebecca is happy to give. If you're a new parent, or a new grandparent like me, the world of modern cloth nappies is probably alien to you. Please don't hesitate to contact Rebecca who will guide you through the ins and outs of nappies and baby needs. 

Rebecca has restocked and expanded the sizes available to order. Also:
  • Booroi have recently revamped their prefold products.
  • The prefolds are now natural in colour packed in a red bag pack of 6 for Size 1 (small) and yellow bag pack of 3 for size 2 (older babies)
  • Bigger Booroi nappy covers are also available in sizes small, medium and large to cover over these prefolds.


  1. Way too cute those Giraffe pants! x Chrissy

  2. What a great idea. They look so cute too. And so much better for the environment.

  3. The giraffe style really catches my eye too. I have been hearing more and more from new mums around me that they are going the cloth nappy path again. I'm hoping for grandchildren in about 5 or so years time...imagine what the new types will be like then! Pre-folds and pinless, well I'll be!

  4. Oh Rhonda, such a beautiful model you have chosen....wearing great products too.

  5. The giraffe print takes the theme of the hugely popular children's book Where The Wild Things Are (by Maurice Sendak) to a whole new level!

    I'm intrigued by the baby bed/carry cot in which Jamie is lying. Is it Korean and do you know from what material it is made?

  6. What a kissable face he has, you are such a lucky nanna xx

  7. Becca, Where the Wild Things Are was a story I read to my boys many times when they were young. It contains some wonderful truths.

    Jamie is lying on an old fashioned change table. Sunny put down a towel so Jamie wasn't lying on the plastic support.

  8. Rhonda did you know that they made the movie - Where the wild things are last year? You can buy it on dvd and was filmed in Australia, Victoria I think? Chrissy

  9. Big smile from me....and perhaps wearing the nappy back to front might actually work better for little boys?

    Jamie is just a picture of health, well done Sunny and Kerry


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