Introducing a new sponsor - Modern Little Munchkins

I am happy to introduce a new sponsor to my blog - Modern Little Munchkins.  This online store is run by Louisa who is friendly and helpful and has many dependable and organic products of all kinds.  I receive a lot of emails from people wishing to advertise here, I only accept those I would use personally with products I feel comfortable with.

In the store you will find organic children's clothing, BPA-free baby bottles, organic skincare products, wooden toys, baby sleeping bags, amber teething necklaces, green cleaning products, books, and more.  The store is colourful and easy to navigate so when you have time, please wander over and have a look.


  1. this is my daughter :)
    mummy of Harry [3] and Charlie [18mths] - I am proud of her and her business and lifestyle.

    and she has the most beautiful items for sale as well as organic and BPA free.

  2. It's a wonderful store, Miss R. I am proud to introduce Louisa and her store to my readers.

  3. I have bought a wooden toy from this store - really good and it was cheaper than all the other sites. And I got a canvas bag with my purchase which has been put to good use.

  4. My kidlets are too old for this site and too young to have their own yet, I hope you're still around in about 10 years or so! Congratulations on a great site, hope you get lots of traffic from Down to Earth!


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