This moment

17 June 2010
I aim to learn something every day. There is always a new technique, stitch, recipe, or way of doing a common task; always a new book, a newly met person who might change me in some way. I am open to it all.  As I walk this long and increasingly sad journey with my friend Bernadette, I am saying goodbye in tiny pieces so that the last one is not so heartbreaking.  And yes, I am learning a valuable lesson from this - the only true thing we really have is this moment.

I am going to make the most of my moments. I am going to mine every day I have for whatever it holds.  If right here and right now are all we have, then I plan to make every moment count.  To do otherwise would be shameful.

Today I'm at home and I have a long list of tasks to be completed.  We need soap, I actually had to buy soap the other day so making a batch is a priority.  I'll use my old standby recipe of olive, coconut and rice bran oils. That mix gives me a creamy and nourishing soap that is excellent on the skin in this drying winter weather. We have no biscuits or cake so I'll be baking something sweet as well as bread for our lunch.  We have a tree full of oranges so it will probably be an orange cake; always a great favourite here.  Our freezer is very low on meat so there may be a trip out through the pineapple farms to our butcher to stock up.  If we do that I can see a casserole on the dinner table tonight, if we go the other way, it will be fresh fish from the co-op.  I also want to make some ricotta for a spinach pie I'm planning so I'll have to buy some non-homogenised milk from our local dairy.  I'll take some photos of that when I do it.  It's such a simple thing and makes a delicious difference to many home recipes.

I'm sure all the knitters will remember that I'm clicking my way through a jumper for Hanno, hopefully there will be some time later today to do a few inches.  I'm halfway through the front and still have the sleeves to knit.  I promised Hanno that he would be wearing it in June so I'll have to get a wriggle on.

Mine is not an exciting life, I am more than happy to quietly work in my home, to try to live true to my values, to be a decent wife and mother, a dependable sister and friend. I do not wish for a rich life but to create a warm and welcoming home that enriches those who live here, and those who visit.  And if I can make every moment count - not only in productivity, but at times in calmness and reflection, and in being the person I hope to be, then I will be satisfied and thankful for that.  What would make you happy?  What do you aim for in your life?