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20 February 2010
I currently have some lovely and interesting sponsors. Please visit them and check out their sites.

Introducing Cricket McRae, Cricket writes books set in the home and featuring various crafts ...
Welcome to the Sophie Mae Reynolds homecrafting mystery series.
Sophie Mae makes soap for a living. If you think she sounds like a dowdy old dear who dotes on her fourteen cats, you’d be mistaken. This amateur sleuth juggles the demands of running her own business while tracking down a ruthless killer with humor and aplomb. Visit Cricket McRae here.

Laryssa is featuring some adorable cupcakes on her site, L Herbert Designs right now.  Laryssa writes:
My prints are special, because they are truly hand made!  I paint the originals and my husband and I cut the paper, make the giclee prints, package and mail them all ourselves.
You can’t get these prints in any big box store.  I really like unique art for my home, but I don’t like the outrageous prices that most artists charge!  That’s why I’ve priced my artwork affordability.  I want the paintings in your hands, so you can enjoy them!

If you've ever wanted to live by the sea you'll love Sarah's site, A Beach Cottage.
Sarah writes:
G'day, welcome to my cottage by the sea, in a bustly little seaside town in Australia.
We found our fixer-upper cottage in a very sad state about a year ago, here you'll find our journey to renovate, makeover and decorate in a laid-back country coastal style.

We surf through life in our tatty old fixer-upper cottage with surfboards on the deck, old weathered furniture and lots of sandy feet...

If you're looking for inspiration on how to create a natural home with organic, natural and fair trade products, you need to look no further than Home Matters Most. They even have a range of organic cotton products for personal use and for the home.  While you're visiting, check out the little worm farms that look like bee hives.  Very cute, and practical!

If the fear of knitting needles and learning intricate jargon such as "Knit one, purl two" kept you from hooking up with the latest knitting craze, The Butterfly Loom has the perfect, no-fail product - The Magic Board. If you love to knit and crochet and want to add something mystical and magical to your project, incorporate a motif you have created on the Board amongst your knitting and crochet.  Carolyn has a blog and video to help you with your projects.

This shop sells eco friendly products, lovely natural makeup (I have bought makeup there) and many things for the home.  If you're after stainless steel water bottles, they have them here.  My DIL Sarndra went shopping with a friend at Biome just before Christmas and told me it was a delight and the staff are very friendly and helpful.  Do yourself a favour and have a look at this little place when you're in Brisbane. Ask for Tracey when you go in.  They have mail order too.  Biome aren't sponsoring me now, they have in the past, but it's such a great place, I recommend it to you.


  1. You're up VERY early, Rhonda (as am I, I guess.) ;-) Tis my favourite time of day, a time to water the garden and hanging plants. Enjoy your weekend.
    Tracy (Brisbane)

  2. Thanks Rhonda! Really appreciate the plug! :D


  3. So happy to be able to add my support to your blog! Thanks, Rhonda. Hope you have a peaceful weekend.

  4. I already found out about butterfly looms through your sponser and bought one from a UK supplier. I've already made my Grandma a shawl and am currently working on a 'throw' for my Mum for mothers day. I love it! :)- Gillie


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