Introducing a new sponsor - Teaching Good Things

21 May 2009
Have you ever tried to learn something new, a skill that will help you in your quest for a simpler life, and wished you had a friend to help guide you? Well, help is at hand. Teaching Good Things can give you the next best thing, DVDs showing the gentle arts of knitting, quilting and crochet; homemaking skills of cake decorating and canning; as well as information and instruction on auto maintenance, carpentry, tools, and wood working. There are also gift baskets, E-books and many free recipes and tips for the household.

Working with a DVD allows you to stop it to go back over something you're not quite sure of. You see the ingredients, methods, patterns and tricks first hand.

Jeff and Kathy have made a series of clear and informative DVDs designed to help you and your family develop the skills needed in daily life. So don't let the lack of a mentor stop you. Self development and teaching your children are an important part of a simple life. Put aside some time to discover what this site has to offer. Just click on the sponsor button here or in the side bar and discover a new world of self help at Teaching Good Things.


  1. What a lovely sponsor!!! I browsed the site and really liked what I saw!

    Congratulations, again, on your blogging success. You deserve it!


  2. Another fabulous sponsor.
    I have been eying the Homestead Blessings DVDS for a while now.I first saw them on a link from the Path To Freedom website.
    But how do I justify spending all that money and those travel miles to help me be more frugal and self reliant?
    I battle with it nearly daily.
    I am sure the time will come when the answer is clear.
    Good luck with your book writing.

  3. I'm adding teaching good things blog to my coffee pals.
    Believe it or not I sure learn a lot from these blogs.

    Coffee is on.

  4. Hello Rhonda,

    I have been watching your blog for a while as a young stay-at-home mum from Sydney and I am really enjoying it!
    My husband and I first started simplifying our lives so that we could live on one income when our baby came along, and since I have learnt to make bread, soap, laundry powder, cleaning products etc and become sef-sufficient, the boost in my confidence has been enormous!

    What you are doing with this blog is a great thing and has been a huge impact on me and i'm sure, countless others.

    Keep it up and I can't wait for your book.

    Lauren H

  5. I wonder why this sponsor thinks it's only men that should be able to maintain their home and vehicles? Basic vehicle and home maintenance are great skills for ANYONE to have - why limit ourselves?

  6. What a great sponsor. I really enjoyed looking at their site.

    Best Wishes,


  7. My hudbsnd has been wanting to learn more about carpentry but has not been sure where to start. I will have to see about getting him some DVD's and other instructional material to help him out a bit. He seems to think no one has any patience to teach him any thing useful any more with out asking for a fee. What a great way to learn the skills from yesterday that are so largely forgotten.

  8. Dear Margo,

    This is Kathy from Teaching Good Things. I appreciate your question but we don't teach that only men need auto repair skills, we have stated this in several of our articles. The skills are just 'classified' for easy navigation.

    Our girls can do just about anything our son does, but their main responsibilities are more of keeping the home and vice-versa.

    Thank you for letting me clear that up. :o)

    Kathy Brodock

  9. I wanted to finally comment that I adore your blog. There is so much about your life which I am unable to apply to my own, but so much that I can, as well. I take what I can and the rest is the stuff of my dreams... :-)

    I really enjoyed your post on soap making and it has given me the courage to go ahead and try it myself after many years of wanting to. You have made the process so simple in your post. Two questions for you:

    1. Can I use distilled water?

    2. Must one have a stand mixer or can a hand mixer worker just as well?

    Thank you! I can't wait until your book comes out!

  10. I love Teaching Good Things and have been receiving their emails for about a year now. As a homeschooling mom I love how they reinforce teaching your kids how to do things that we often pay someone else to do. They have great tutorials too.

  11. Hi Rhonda

    I've been reading your blog for several months now, and find it a source of inspiration. I enjoy your almost daily updates and have gotten some friends trying out your delicious recipes and general tips.

    Good Luck with the book, looking forward to reading it!

    All the Best
    Amman, Jordan

  12. t in hd, distilled water is fine in soap. The best type of mixer is the portable stab-type blender like the one here:

    They mix thoroughly with a minimum of splashing.

    Thank you all for your support of this new sponsor.

  13. I am so glad you added this sponsor. I had never heard of them...but am sure glad I do now!! :) Their blog is an added bonas too!! To advertise products you feel confident of and fit into your lifestyle attitude is so admirabe. I never thought I would applause someone adding sponsors..but I do now!!! Jody

  14. Thank you for your response. I happen to have a very similar gadget in the kitchen already so I won't have to go out and get a stand mixer!

  15. Hey great post!

    I would love to contact you. Feel free to email me directly at

  16. What a fascinating concept they have come up with! Many of us did not have that strong influence of older, wiser generations to learn from. I have bookmarked it in my "Handyman and How To" folder for future reference.

  17. Thanks for the free good stuff for all frugal garners.

    Free Australian Lamb Cookbook

    A budget-saving recession garden:


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