Introducing Mamma 4 Earth

28 May 2009
I am happy to introduce a new sponsor to you: it's Mamma 4 Earth who makes Waldorf inspired farm animals and toys, using hand spun and hand dyed pure Merino wool. The toys are stuffed with natural fleece. Her yarns and wools are so beautiful and some of them are organic.

It can be difficult to find suitable toys for small children that inspire creative play, so if you've been looking, and you're not quite sure about the choices available, visit Linda's Etsy shop here or have a look at her blog, here. The Etsy shop has toys, gnomes, Waldorf inspired dolls, needle felting, farm animals and farm yards, as well as wools for your home knitting. The blog is a treasure trove of the most beautiful natural wool, hand dyed in a range of colours that I'm sure would suit most tastes. As with all the people I recommend to you with an Etsy shop, Linda's rating is 100% positive, so get your cup of tea ready and take a while to look at these two lovely sites.


  1. I adore the little pigs and chickens. Toys for children? Not for me more like!!!

  2. Absolutely adorable! My daughter's birthday is coming up in July and I may just have to buy her one of those cute toys. I almost want one for myself!

  3. What beautiful stuff! My daughter enjoyed looking at all of the pictures!
    Hopefully some day we'll be able to support Mama 4 Earth!
    -Melanie in Canada

  4. Those toys that are pictured there are adorable! I'm going to go over and take a look! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Rhonda,
    I checked out today's site and found a free knitted sock pattern that I will be trying soon. She has some really interesting things on her site and I will go back and visit when I have a more time.
    Have a wonderful day/evening.

  6. Hi Rhonda Jean :) We will go take a look! Love & hugs, Q



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