Introducing the first of my sponsors - Ambrosia's Designs

14 May 2009
I wrote a couple of weeks ago that I was adding some advertising to my blog, you have seen the Google ads, well now I can introduce you to the first of my sponsors. I spoke with Hanno about this at length and we decided that we would only accept advertising for those products that we would happily buy ourselves. Above all else I look for value for money, quality and good workmanship in products that reflect my environmental values. Ambrosia's Designs delivers all that, and more.

Ambrosia's Designs sell a variety of high quality fabric menstrual, postpartum and nursing pads and panty liners. Reading through the feedback on this Etsy shop showed me a 100 percent positive approval rating after 582 sales. The customer feedback is second to none, her customers love her. If you've decided to move from commercial pads or tampons to a more natural alternative, I recommend Ambrosia's Designs to you. Posting within Australia is free and minimal to other countries. She will happily post internationally.


  1. Switching to cloth pads was one of the best decisions I ever made. I can't BELIEVE how much more comfortable they were than any of the other options. I'll definitely have to check out this shop! Thanks, Rhonda!

  2. Think its a very good idea to switch to cloth pads,


  3. I've bought from this seller & can recommend the seller for great service.

    It is very freeing to have my cloth stash & know that I don't need to constantly buy more packs of the disposable version every month. Ever notice that this is one product that you can't buy a bulk pack & stock up on?

  4. Thanks for commenting, ladies. Toria, it's good to have your personal recommendation. Thank you.

  5. Good evening Rhonda,

    This looks to be an excellent product.I hate to think of the money I have spent over the years on pads. This product will save others so much money. Again Rhonda you've done well.

    Blessings Gail

  6. They look fabulous! Thank you Rhonda, for posting this :)

  7. i have seen these products online and have been considering purchasing some for myself and my daughters... i'll be sure to come here and link off from here if i do☺

  8. My daughter just recently became very interested in cloth pads and made me a dozen. I'm loving them. Now, she's making herself and her sister some. What a money savings the girls will have when they start their future families and not have to buy pads...she's also making diapers for future babies!

  9. I switched to cloth pads about 5 years ago and it was such a good decision. The comfort factor alone is the best reason, but the savings is a huge bonus!

    Thanks for being so thoughtful in choosing your sponsors! I love your blog and read it every day. Blessings to you!

  10. This looks like a beautiful shop. Thank you for sharing.

    Can you let me know about sponsorship? Our family's site is and we make sustainable, natural fiber toys and home goods.

    Warm wishes,

  11. I've been condsidering switching to clth pads since I read about them a few weeks ago on one of your older posts. I guess I haven't made the jump yet as I am still trying to get my head around how the cleaning them would work in my life/schedule. I have very sensitive skin and from what I've read these are a good option for people like me.

    I guess I'll have a bit more of a search around the web and try and find some cleaning advice to help me get my head around them.

    thank-you very much for the link, if I do decided to go with them, I now know where to get some gorgeous ones :-D


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