Can you make money blogging?

15 May 2009
I spent most of yesterday in my writing/sewing room doing some preliminary mapping on my book, reading your wonderfully generous and interesting comments and sewing. Hanno was out most of the day so I had myself nicely positioned in my room with my sewing machine, computer and note book (not in the photo) side by side so I could slide from one activity to the other with no effort at all. It was a nice day, one I enjoyed and I got a fair bit done. BTW, I was sewing something I'll show you next week. I still have to do some hand sewing to complete it.

I wrote yesterday about my experience of blogging and commented later, after a couple of questions, that I'd write about making money from blogging today. For almost two years I refused advertising on my blog. I've had many people ask me to carry their advertisements or to review products for cash, and declined the offers until just a couple of weeks ago. My reluctance to take on advertising was partly because I was prudent and frugal in my own life and advertising didn't fit with that, and I've never been one to make money just because I can. If I wanted to be earning money I could still be working for a living. I have chosen to be at home now but with the wedding coming up and a couple of things here that need replacing, as well as the solar panels we are saving to buy, I decided to take selected sponsorship and use Google's product Adsense. I am now taking sponsorship for those products that I would buy and those that have a place in a simple and sustainable life. I am curious to see if I can make a bit of money from my blog, I'm not sure yet if it's worthwhile but it's worth testing.

If you have the right type of blog and enough visitors, you might make money either directly or indirectly from a blog. Directly is when you accept advertising or sponsorship on your blog, indirectly is when your blogging reputation allows you to make money away from your blog - like writing a book or for newspapers and magazines.

I have Google ads (Adsense) in my sidebar. I make a small amount of money when my readers click on those ads. If they're not clicked, I don't make anything. When you set up Adsense, you select the keywords that reflect your blog, then Google ads appear that are relevant to your keywords and what is written on your page on a daily basis. They change according to what you write about. You can block certain ads.

Sponsorship is you dealing directly with the advertiser. They contact you, you give them your advertising rates and if you come to an agreement, you place their sponsor button in your sidebar. I have chosen to introduce my sponsors in a post as well. I only accept sponsors that I've checked out and are selling a product that I am comfortable promoting.

As many of you know, I have an agent in New York who working with me to produce a Down to Earth book. We are still in the very early stages, I've sent my proposal in and it will be sold in the next month or so ( I hope). After that is sold, I write the book. So that is another way I can make money from my blog. That opportunity only came about because of my blog and fine community of readers that has built up here over the previous two years.

You have to be realistic, most blogs will not have the visitor numbers to make money from sponsorships or advertising. If you want to have a go, you'll need to work hard to build up your readership and give your readers a reason to come back to you. Don't expect overnight success, it takes time. Like all things in our simple lives, it's small steps, one at a time.

Problogger's How bloggers make money from blogs this is a few years old but still worthwhile reading.
Chris Garret's Can anyone make money from blogging?

And finally, I received this private comment from Cat yesterday so I'll let her tell you her wonderful suggestion: "I continued to read through the comments left on this entry and found a lot of people who have said they have a blog with no/few readers. I also wonder how many people, like myself, don't leave their blog details in comments left here because they think it may seem rude to 'advertise' their own blog on someone elses.

Which is a shame because it seems that the ideal audience for their blogs are right here, reading and commenting on your blog.

It made me wonder if it would be worthwhile for you to do a follow up post to this one asking for readers, if they are willing, to leave their blog link in the comments - like a blog share circle - so that people who are interested can mosey across and have a read. I know I would!"

Thank you for that great idea, Cat. So because Cat asked, I'm happy to invite anyone who would like to leave a link here to the family-friendly blog. Just make your comment as normal, and leave a link to your blog. With the weekend coming up, it's the ideal time for people to be wanting something extra to read.

Have a great weekend everyone. I hope all my Australian and NZ friends stay warm, I hope our northern hemisphere readers enjoy a sunny and warm weekend. I'll see you all again next week.


  1. It makes sense, especially when you can advertise for products/services you have experience with. As both a blogger and an avid blog reader I'd much prefer to check out and purchase merchandise/services advertised from blogs I'm familiar with and love, then say, a main stream news site. Cheers!

  2. When I am reading comments here or on other blogs I will click on the name in blue and it takes me to their blog or statis page. Isen't this the same as leaving a blog link address? I have found many other blogs this way. I was just wondering if Cat was indicating something else. I don't mean to be rude. Rhonda I was on a new bloggers page today and thought they would be interested in your blog so I typed out your blog address for them to check it out. You have provided us with so many warm good informative posts...I wanted to help another learn too. Thankyou. Jody

  3. Hi MOTM.

    Hi Jody, yes, most people do connect via the blue link however, blogger doesn't let some people comment with their linked address and if you're commenting as anonymous, you leave no link behind. The offer is mainly for them, as well as an encouragement to my readers to read some other blogs they might not know about. Simple living is best done with an open heart and this is one way we can open ourselves up to new people and to support our blog community.

    BTW, you weren't being rude at all, thank you for your comment.

  4. What a great idea!! And I agree with MOTM - I much prefer to purchase products that are advertised on blogs I read and enjoy.

    Rhonda, thanks so much for sharing your day-to-day life! Today was one of those days that life slowed down a bit, and I've been able to enjoy creating on my new loom, drinking homegrown mint tea (tisane), and visiting with a dear friend who is also on this journey toward simplicity! I shared your blog with her, and warned her to visit when she has a chunk of time, because I know once she visits she'll be reading for hours :-)

    Oh, I was able to post some pictures of the newest addition to our homestead - an antique loom!

  5. Chilly here on Gold Coast this morning, bring out the winter woolies! My daughter gave me a new "hottie" with a cover on it "best mum" for Mother's Day, so I was extremely happy!

    Is this wll I do to leave a blog link? Or should I have clicked on Name/URL -
    Happy w/end everyone...

  6. I've been following your blog for about a month...can't remember how I found you, but enjoy reading about your life. Readers who want to see a bit of my life can find my blog at
    I blog on a variety of topics.

  7. To be perfectly honest, I was a little disappointed when the advertising appeared here and on Simple Green Frugal Co-Op.
    But it is your prerogative to manage your blog as you see fit and the reader can choose to click or not to click.
    I still enjoy your posts and gain much from them.

  8. I will enjoy browsing the blogs in your commments section. I love finding new blogs :)

    Have a wonderful weekend

  9. Dear Rhonda,
    I wasn't sure about leaving a link to my new blog in your comments section back in Feb but I'm so pleased I did as I am now in touch with some lovely people who have so much in common with me. You can also put in your blog's name as your identity, which is why I'm Ann at eightacresofeden which is not only my blog's name but also the name of our property... yes I do live on eight acres and it is my very own eden, my garden home! I have been giving some thought to what I will write about in the future and as well as writing about the joys of family life in the country, I will offer more articles on creative home education as that is what I do with passion! And I cannot wait for Christmas! I have run hugely popular Christmas decorating seminars for homemakers in my community for the past twelve years (in NZ and OZ) - was told by lots of people to start a business or write a book but I'll share my ideas on my blog instead, I look forward to inspiring a wider audience.

  10. The advertising doesn't bother me, and it's always interesting to see what others buy and to discover new companies and people through my favorite blogs and comments.

    Keep up the inspirational posts and thank you for providing so many helpful hints about how to simplify life.

  11. I often click on the blue link on a comment to check out a blog. I've found some interesting things that way.

    Its cold and frosty in my part of the world today. The ground is carpeted with red and gold autumn leaves and it looks like it will be a beautiful day.


  12. I think its great that you may be able to earn some money from your blogging. Your effort and effect is greater than that of many peoples paid work so I think its wonderful you could be rewarded for your effort.

    Some of the google adds have not been very relevant to your blog and hence a little obtrusive - but i imagine over time as you block certain adds and work out which key words work less that will lessen.

    Yesterday was the last day of my 'working week' and i'm looking forward to spending today cooking, gardening and cleaning with my daughter. Changing to a simpler life can sometimes seem too labour intensive - but I have found its just the way you look at it - I see our housework fridays as a lovely way to spend time together and teach my daughter by example. At 2 she can already harvest greens from the garden herself! Its just the way you look at it.


  13. Morning Rhonda
    Well I am back home after being very bad under anathestic (sp?), and giving them a big, big fright, not very nice to come out of it in recovery and find a syringe of adrenaline next to you, but all's well that ends well. I have a beautiful little granddaughter, born yesterday morning whilst I was in hospital, the phone call came through and the nurse told me she weighed 9.47 lbs, but when I came home and was able to ring my daughter, the bub weighs in at 5lb 15oz or 2.46 kg, and was born at 9.47 am her name is Melshina Louise, (the H is silent)both are well. Is that not a beautiful bithday present?
    Love Lorraine

  14. Hello! This is my first time to your blog - you have a wonderful site! I found you will visiting OctoberFarms blog. I've added you to my own blogroll, so I'll be checking in. Now, I'm off to check out your archives!

  15. You are so sweet, Rhonda Jean. I hope that advertising works for you.

    I'm just getting started with a new blog, and while I don't know that I'll ever try to make money from my blog, I'd sure love it if folks would come on over and read. I had quite a few reading my older blogs, The Zahn Zone and Herbalist Lisa Zahn at blogspot, but now I'm at I've got links to my favorite "old posts" from my other blogs, and I'll be trying to write regularly at Lisa Zahn Writes. I plan to write about homemaking, creativity, gardening, and whatever else comes to mind. I am starting a career as a freelance writer so readership would be a plus!

    Thanks for this opportunity!


  16. Rhonda, I think it is great if you can make a little money on your blog. You have enough readers that you probably could. When I asked the question about making my blog into a book on the last post, I wasn't talking about making money. I was talking about something for me (a hard copy) or my children.(maybe as a gift). I also don't mean writing one like you are. I mean just my posts on my blog. I started printing it out but it takes so much ink. I just don't know where to start. Hope you can help with an idea.

  17. The google ads don't bother me and I like that you're carefully choosing sponsors. Your first one gets a 'thumbs up' from me. I know there are many women who haven't heard of cloth pads yet so it's a great way to spread the word.

    I do miss the old format with the lush garden pics along the side.

  18. What a great idea - I am actually looking for more blogs to read.

    My blog is called The Nifty Thrifty Homemaker. I write about frugality and managing finances, although I also post about other topics that come to my mind.

  19. Thanks for putting up the offer to share our blogs, mine is very young. I enjoy getting a little slice of other people's lives, especially those living the way I'm striving toward.

    I've clicked the blue link in comments and then click on the blog(s) that's listed by blogger. I just figure that out not too long ago, still learning this stuff a little at a time.


  20. hi Rhonda the advertising does not bother me , as I see it, this is ultimately 'your' blog so you do as you see fit with it and we are lucky you share it with us, advertising or not, it is your writing we come here for, however in saying that you linking ambrosia designs as a sponsor was serendipitous for me!
    i do have my blog linked but it will only take readers to my creative blogs, I am still wanting to keep the ins and outs of my young children's lives and our finances private from the big wide world. I am thinking of incorporating more of my personal posts into my regular blog, as when I think about it my life has changed a lot from when I first started that blog.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  21. Rhonda,

    Thanks for reminding me about the ads, that they have to be clicked on to get the credit. I sort of thought just allowing the ads was where the $$ came from.

    New personal rule for Karyn, click one ad of interest at the start of every visit here. No click no good nuggets of reading...:)

    Of course I am joking well sort of, if the ad is interesting I will check it out...

    Have a great day


    PS I just noticed you added a link to my blog, I am honored and pleased, thank you very much

    Hello Hanno hope your day goes well too.

  22. I tried putting ads on my blog for a little while, and then an ad went up with the most awful looking picture... it was the most off-putting thing I've ever seen! So I deleted the widget thingy.

    I suppose the only way I 'make money' from the blog is from my Etsy shop, but sadly that's not nearly enough to pay the bills! Speaking of which, I should get off the computer anbd go and mark some more essays...

  23. The idea of blogging to make money is incredibly new to me...I suppose it's not much different than any other type of writer earning money for their written words. My best wishes to you as you begin work on your book - I'm sure it will be inspiring just as your blog is!

  24. @Valerie--

    I believe Amanda over at SouleMama has made her blog into books (one year at a time) through I may try it, too, someday. (Actually, I used lulu to make a vacation photo album and was pleased with it.)


  25. I'm happy to check in with you on occasion to see what you are up to. Another friend of mine, a avid gardener pointed me to your blog and happy I am. I've been blogging for over a year, but try to keep it simple, devotional and family oriented. Come on over for a visit sometime to

  26. I was surprised to see ads on your blog after you having had the 'ad-free' picture on the side for so long, but it's your blog and I'm thrilled that for all you've put out into the blogosphere, you can get a little bit of renumeration. Your posts are so helpful and grounding.

    My feeling about ads depends on the ads. Google not only doesn't pay you much, but it looks cheap and tacky. Sponsorship, on the other hand, or carefully chosen, hand-picked businesses, *add to* a blog.

    Even with attractive ads, the money-making can get out of hand. For example, SouleMama's blog has ads (like your first product ad) that are nice to look at and are in tune with the spirit of the blog - it doesn't feel like a money-making blog. Pioneer Woman's blog, however, feels like it has become one giant advertisement with little content. I seriously doubt your blog will ever fall in the latter category because that is not what motivates you.

    I wish I had my kid's book blog up, but I'm still formatting it. I have an unschooling blog at and a farming/homesteading blog at


  27. I don't mind the advertising, and I have met two new friends through your blog, and one of them found my blog page because when I signed in here, I left the link. I'm going to look forward to getting a chance this weekend to check out some of the blogs here. It's a great idea!
    It's very, very windy here today in our part of NZ - I'm worried about the chook house roof! I just saw my neighbour's clothesline fall over!
    Hope your day is going well.

  28. I often click on the blue links and visit your readers' blogs too, Rhonda. I think blogging can create a wonderful sense of community and your blog in particular has really achieved this.

    My blog is a pretty simple family blog, but any visitors are most welcome - please leave a "hello"!

  29. Great idea! Here's my blog:

    I blog about unschooling, urban homesteading, Sustainable Baby Steps and whatever else that fits the mold.

    I for one am not turned off by your placing ads. You've offered a lot to a lot of people and that comes full circle. And if it's paying for solar, all the better!

    Have a great weekend!


  30. Hi Lorraine, what an ordeal, I'm pleased you're back with us. Congratulation on the baby girl. What a treasure.

  31. I'm one of the bunch who don't mind the ads being on your blog. I'm also hanging out to get your book when it's published. How exciting to be able to be paid to write about something you love!

    I've got multiple blogs but my simple living blog is still taking its baby steps.

    Peaceful Home Peaceful Heart

    The naming of it is actually inspired by yourself, Rhonda. Reading your blog and conceiving my own life as I'd like it to be brings me, as I've said before, a great sense of peace. Since I've been starting on this path, I've been calmer and my home, in being cared for more than ever before, feels like a peaceful place.

    I sometimes wonder how you must feel knowing you've touched the lives and inspired so many people from across the world. No wonder you sleep so well at night!

    Thank you.

  32. I enjoy your blog and also enjoy browsing through many other cooking, homemaking, frugal living, gardening blogs that I've found. I've learned so much from reading about others' lives!
    Thanks for sharing and the opportunity to share my blog, too!

  33. I'm not sure if my name shows up in blue so I'll just add my blog here.
    Rhonda I love coming here and reading your blog everyday. I never miss it!!
    I also love when you are talking about it being warm when I'm having my winter as I live in Canada. Now I believe you are heading into the cold and my summer is coming.
    Keep up your wonderful writing :-)


  34. I haven't read the comments so I appologise in advance if I repeat someone elses observation. Everyone who comments with the exception of those who choose Anonymous has a link to their blog or information on blogger which is usually linked to a blog. So everyone already has a link, I am not sure if Cat knew that when she said that no one leaves a link to their blog.
    I could sit and read the blogs of all the commenters all day (but don't) so I have to limit myself to a few. I am amazed by your readership and amount of traffic, it truly is incredible.

  35. I was a bit dismayed at first when you made this change, but after reading this post I completely understand your reasoning. :)

  36. Hi Rhonda Jean!

    I'm glad that you are posting some ads on your site. It was a tough decision for us to begin posting ads on our blog but I like them because they help to finance the giveaways. Blogging is an enormous undertaking -- between photography, writing, commenting, networking, and staying fresh. You put so much effort into your posts and you deserve every ounce of success that comes from your beautiful prose, creativity, and heart. I click on the ads of the blogs I love as a matter of principle.


  37. I recently found your blog and am enjoying it very much. I found your post to be very timely for me since I have been researching this topic myself. I don't have time right now to say too much, but I will leave my blog addresses if anyone is interested. The first is my personal blog of random things. I am a mom of 4, and love to craft, cook, and try to live simply and naturally. The other is a new one I started called http://cookallergyfree.blogspot.comI would love for anyone to come have a look and leave a comment. I am always interested in what others have to say. Take care.

  38. Have been reading you for years now Rhonda-Jean and you just keep getting better and better!

  39. The advertising also does not bother me. I rarely even see it though on any site. I think my brain just tells me to pass it by. lol

    I have two blogs. My first is more of a family blog but has bits of other stuff scattered through it. And the second I just started as a place for me to ramble about anything I want.

  40. Hi Rhonda and Hanno!
    I frequent your blog very often, ok, fine, every day. I also check out your comments sections and click on the blue ones. I have found that the people who leave you comments most usually have wonderful blogs too.
    I blog about gardening, cooking, making things,living in East Texas, my etsy shop, quilting, occasional mentions of family and grand dogs and of course ranting about the things that don't work right but really should.
    My blog is I love the idea of self-promoting. I am taking heed of something you said yesterday that made so much sense...I need to blog everyday about relevant interesting things. Women have some difficulty doing this, but should really do it. Thanks Rhonda, Elaine from Texas

  41. My second comment today .... I did it! I updated my blog 'girls wear blue too', with a post about my foray back into knitting. : )

  42. My husband and I just started a blog...we are slowly trying to live a more sustainable's very new but we would love visitors :)

  43. Advertising on your blog is a personal decision and as long as you are happy with the adds and they represent your views and lifestyle choices I see no problem. It really is a personal decision and if they make you some money then fantastic!

  44. I'm extremely new to the blogging world, and my jaw is dropping at finding so many other women like myself.

    I just can't say enough about your blog. It has captured my heart.


    I love your blog, I've been so inspired by it. I hope I can inspire some people with my blog, too. I blog about my urban homestead experiments with the rest of my life worked in on a regular basis.

  46. Rhonda, I respected and loved your stance not to have ads on your blog yet we live in a changing world - our circumstances and needs change continually - and I think you have made changes to go along with meeting your needs by using your resources - some of which are us as your readers. I don't click on ads and am not likely to - they just simply glide past my vision. What I really respect Rhonda is that you chose to communicate about it and show your authenticity as a person. You didn't just make the change without explaining why. This is the reason I don't mind seeing the ads on your site now.

    I have made a tiny bit of money on my blog without being intentional. I love reading and promote the reading of books for children and adults. I became an affilliate of because they offer a good service when they sell their books. If people click on a link to their site in my blog and order books whether from a book I promote or a banner, I get some commission.

    My blog about the activities I enjoy with my family living a simple life is

  47. I would hope that most people link to their blogs when they comment. It's not rude at all IMO. It's one of the ways we can find interesting and like-minded blogs out there!


  48. The ads don't bother me at all, and in fact I'd encourage other bloggers to look into making money from advertising. If you're putting useful content out there, and getting paid for it, you'll keep putting up more content and we'll all be happy!

    I'd advise against using AdSense if you're trying to maintain some control over what appears. Yes you can block certain advertisers, but that doesn't work in reality. Ads can be geo-targetted, so you may not see an offensive ad that is targetted only to US or UK audiences. Also, every time you block one ad, two more will come along the next day to replace it. You simply can't keep on top of it.

    It just seems strange to me to be tightly controlling the direct ads and product endorsements, but allowing AdSense to put up whatever ads it likes.

  49. This has been such an interesting thread of comments to read. As a blogger who has recently started ads as well, it does really help off set the amount of time spent. As a WAH homesteading mom of five, I have gleaned much from your blog. Even though I don't blog nearly as much about our homesteading, it's fun to check in with others that do.

  50. As a new blogger I am having a great time exploring other blogs, trying to learn good techniques for communicating in this genre.
    I really like your blog because of the practical approach you take and your ethical concerns.

    For anyone who might be interested, I am a rubber stamp designer and my blog is just getting off the ground; it will soon expand to more topics than and cardmaking. Check it out at:


  51. It's an interesting thing. Apart from the intial things that you've done already like researching and choosing carefully I always wondered how it would go 'down the track'... if for example you wanted to remove an ad... or if there was a customer relations reason/product fault that neccesitated that... if that makes sense...

    Also just FYI and one I'm not sure on, I know some forums you can link to your blog in your 'signature' but they don't allow advertising... so for those with blogs who are in forums you may need to check the regs of your partiucular forums to see if it's allowed.

    I do like the idea though especially if the blogger (as you've done) chooses carefully and can recommend the products/maker/advertiser.

  52. Thanks for all the new inspirational blogs -

    Cooking and gardening

  53. Dear Rhonda,

    I'm in Dubai. I don't take any notice of the Ads and just enjoy reading the contents of your blog very much. So I actually had to have a bit of look to work out the adsense area. For your information however I thought I would paste what I can see here. I am assuming that because you have money as a key word this is the result:

    Forex Trading Make Money
    Trade The Euro, US Dollar And Pound $50 Start, 5 Min, 200:1 Leverage
    Change your World
    Earn Money for Your Opinions Register Now and Improve your World
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    Free $50,000 Practice Account With Real-Time Charts, News & Research!
    A Home Based Business
    Initiate Financial Success -Call Us Executive Income Capabilities

    I wouldn't click on any of these adds and it actually makes me smile that they should be so off-base.

  54. Thanks for all the great links everyone!

    Jodi, that's very interesting. Thanks for posting that info. On my ads at the moment, there is one for money saving, one for weight loss and the rest are recipe sites. Could you let me know what is appearing over there when I change subjects next week? Thanks.

  55. I'm getting used to the advertising but I've been clicking on links people leave in comments for ages its a great way to find like minded blogs easily.


  56. Thanks...I usually do leave my blog address as a way for the person that asks about certain recipes if I have that recipe on my blog it's easier for me to just leave the address to that page and it's shared. I thought the purpose of a blog was to share information and ideas.
    I love your blog...

  57. Great idea about the blog share circle.

    Mine is at

    Advertising on blogs has always been a bit of a dilemma. On the one hand you put a lot of time, effort and, with some blogging software, money into keeping it going and would like to see something back. On the other hand, you don't want your readers to think they are being treated as cash cows.

    But the right advertising can add to a blog, especially if you pick products and services that are aligned with your values and help your readers. They can also increase your readership and add a sense of fun if your sponsors donate something that can be used as a giveaway.

    If you're interested, this is what I see in the UK on the Ads. I would click on the 1st, 3rd and 4th ads:

    Macaroons at 30% Discount
    Special introductory offer: French style Macaroons at 30% discount!

    Butter Scone Recipe
    Thinking of buying? Compare 100s of retailers' prices at

    Marks & Spencer Recipes
    Try our delicious Flapjacks recipe. Ideas and more from M&S.

    Easy Vegetarian Recipes
    Vegetarian Recipes Using Common Ingredients You Already Have!

    Ink Cartridges
    Buy 2 Get 1 Free! Free UK delivery.

  58. Every day I stop by to read your blog Rhonda, thanks for the inspiration. For those of you who can read Dutch (or maybe you just want to watch the photos), here's my blog:


  59. I have been blogging for a couple months about the major effect on our family from this recession. My husband's job has moved and we must move. We have to leave the home we have nurtured for 16 years. There are conflicts about leaving, moving in a sustainable way, and reducing all kinds of stuff. Your blog has been a refuge. Thank you. So far mine has been to keep family and friends informed, but I'd love to make some new connections, especially where we're going... Massachusetts. Thanks.

  60. I too find interesting sites to visit by checking out people that comment on blogs I like. Me, I'm at home with my small babies, trying to live simple and green. Rhonda, I love your blog: is part inspiration, part fantasy for me...and I look forward to having a surf through the lives of some of your readers.

  61. Enjoying your blog whil epromoting mine...a light hearted look at the "average" struggling, mixed marriage family just trying to get by one laugh at a time.

    And, no, I don't advertise...I don't want restrictions or reservations about what I write, or feel the need to promote something simply because they are willing to pay to advertise on my space. It's all for one, and one for fun.!
    Thanks for the plug time!

  62. I've noticed that none of the URLs people are giving for their blogs are actual links, so this is a test to see if html codes are allowed in comments.

    My blog If this has worked, then the code for creating the clickable link follows, but you need to use < > brackets, instead of the [ ] I have used here (couldn't put in the < > or the html would try to work!) :

    [a href="URL to link to"]text for link [/a]

    I usually click on the blue names & follow through the profile to find a blog, but it would be a little easier to just click on a direct link to a new blog.

  63. Hi Rhonda

    I suggested ages ago that you put up some ad's and I think it's a great idea for your guys. Hope the wedding planning is going well. I have purchased from Ambrosia Designs before and her products are great!!

    Oh, we will have (fingers crossed) some baby chickens next week (due Thursday) too if you or anyone wants to check out my blog!! Very excited.

    Take care

  64. I have been following your blog for some time now and am really enjoying it. As we enter Summer here... I am looking forward to reading some of your back posts on gardening. I thought I would take your suggestion and leave my blog link too
    Ya'll come by and visit. Good luck on raising some wedding cash!

  65. I so enjoy your blog and it has become my regular reading in trying to find a simpler life. In doing so, I've expanded my garden, started making natural cleaners and have involved the kids in all of this while homeschooling.

  66. Carefully selected advertising is quite different to open slather.Living simply and mindfully isn't about never spending any money- that would be unrealistic for most people. For me, where I spend the money I do spend is important, and discovering businesses I'm happy to support, as an alternative to the big mainstream producers, through like minded people is actually pretty handy. Most of these businesses aren't big enough to afford to reach people through newspapers etc. It will save me money ( and reduce my carbon footprint) to buy from the Australian sponsor you featured yesterday rather than buying from the other side of the world, as I have been.

  67. Hi Rhonda -

    The ads showing here for me (UK) are: Recipe ideas from M&S, How to earn "big" money, online blogging jobs, online scone recipe, and bloggers for hire. I would only possibly click on the scone recipe - maybe recipe ideas from M&S.

    I have found many interesting posts from clicking on others' links left in your comments and also have found 3 of the blogs I now subscribe to via these comment links. If it weren't for their comments, and linking those to their blogs, more than likely I would have never found them at all!

    Also, I would encourage people to allow different options for linking (as you do) because not everyone will have a blogger account or OpenID etc... I have been to a few blogs that only accept one sort of 'identity' and I've not commented simply because I don't wish to 'sign up' for anything else in order to comment.

  68. Thanks for the informative (as always) post. It gave me a lot to think about, and I am definitely going to be reading the two articles you linked to.
    Will pray for your book project, that all goes well. You are an excellent writer, and I look forward to being able to read it.

  69. I love visiting your blog and reading your posts! You have such great ideas, but I do have to admit to suffering from chicken-envy (our borough does not permit them).

    My blog is

  70. Hi Phonda, I will add my blog to the lovely blog circle!

  71. Hi Rhonda, weddings are such an expense even when you try to keep the costs down. I do hope that the advertising brings in some revenue for you and should there be anything that i am interested in I will of course click the link. Lisa

  72. Rhonda,
    I like the new look. I probably need to go revamp my own blog pages just to wake everyone up.
    Here's hoping you garner some income from the adverts.

  73. Hi, I'm Melissa and I love your blog. Would love folks to stop by and visit, too. :)


  74. As spring has momentarily lapsed back into a feel of late winter here in Wales, bloghopping in the warm seems a wonderful way to use a little time which was meant to be spent gardening this afternoon.

    My main blog is


  75. Hi Rhonda,

    When you added advertising to your blog I didn't notice a difference. I think it's great for you to be able to make a little extra from your blog; every little bit counts and it eventually adds up if you're saving for a rainy day.

    I also am shy when it comes to telling people about my blog and artwork on different sites, like many people. But I enjoy interacting with people in the blogging sphere and have made some wonderful friends. My blog is mainly focused on the crafty things I make and my paintings, but I also write about my daily life, family, and miscellaneous topics.

    I welcome anyone to stop by and say hello. :)

  76. Just out of curiosity, what brand/model is your sewing machine, Rhonda? And have you always used or would recommend it?

  77. My blog is called breathing and my URL is aclutteredlife. I blog about everything under the sun. I would love it if some folks would come visit and leave a comment! I'm not sure if anyone is reading it.

    Your blog is helping with the clutter situation. I'm learning to take baby steps to getting my life organized. And I decided to take up knitting because of you too.

  78. Hello! I just came across your blog today from Dreaming of the Country, which is a very nice blog as well. I'd love to visit Australia someday!


  79. hi....great idea. i invite anyone interested in witches, gardens, cooking and collecting to check my blog at:

    i will be interested in following your experience with advertising!

  80. I have been enjoying your blog for a couple months. I am always looking for new blogs to read and think its a great idea to have your readers post theirs in your comments! I just started my own blog about a month ago. It's about homemaking and gardening in the Midwest.

  81. What a generous offer! I've been reading your blog for a couple months now and I just love it. It's an enjoyable read filled with such practical suggestions. I'll enjoy checking out blogs belonging to your commenters.

    My blog is: and I write about cute things my 4-year-old says, eating local, book reviews and an occasional environmental issue.

    I also write about my first book which I published just two weeks ago: The Purple Elephant. It's for kids ages 5-10 and can be read one chapter/night as a bedtime story since at the end of each chapter, a character falls asleep. The website is:

  82. I love your blog, Rhonda. I think it's wonderful.

    My blog is not a family related blog, but some people may enjoy it.
    I hope you don't mind me leaving the address.
    Thank you.

  83. Hi Rhonda,

    I was never sure if I should put my link in a comment or not. I wasn't sure what the proper etiquette was. My blog is still fairly new but I've been writing about healthy eating and living. I'm running a contest right now too!

    - Callista

  84. I love this blog! I have been blogging for only a short period, but have met so many people who inspire me to keep going even when I am at a loss for words or ideas. Thank you from Ontario, Canada.


  85. All I can say is WOW! Rhonda, you have an amazing following on your blog! I read it religiously for inspiration to change my own life and every day I'm discovering something new....

    I've now got my own blog about my journey....

  86. What I usually do if I like what someone commented. is to click their user name, which displays their profile page - if they have a blog it is usually listed there.

    Great idea to add them here too though :)

  87. I so enjoy your blog Rhonda and I a learning a few things too.
    On my blog I write about my latest crafts for sale on etsy, my garden, herbal lore, and other things.

  88. Rhonda, I've really enjoyed reading your blog. Good luck on the book too. You seem to have a niche that is attractive to many, including myself. Simplicity! I think we've made our lives way too complicated with too much stuff. I'm enjoying getting back to basics. And I thank you for sharing much with your readers.

    I started my blog Heart Choices two years ago. I needed to learn about social media for my husband's company. Blogging was jut another avenue and so I shared my passion for making healthy choices. My background of 25 years as a cardiovascular nurse has been helpful and useful. But I also share how our choices determine what our tomorrows will become. And that impacts body, mind and spirit. I freely share Christian principles on my blog but all people are very welcome.

    It's become such a love for me to blog. I've found that I love to write and so enjoy meeting new people. I have so many new friends even though I've not met them face to face. So, it's actually been a blessing to learn about social media.

    I haven't made money from my blog yet. But I really haven't focused on it other than a few Amazon books I recommend. This is something though that I'd like to pursue but don't want it to become too commercial and in your face. I've learned much from reading Darren Rowse's Problogger and also Chris Garrett. They share useful tips on blogging and I also purchased their book on How to Make Money with a blog.

    I've recommended your blog Rhonda to other people who seem to want to get back to basics. I wish you lots of luck and plenty of good health.

  89. Hello Rhonda,
    Kadeeae is onto something regarding advertising. I don't usually "see" advertisements on blogs and they don't blother me unless they flash or suddenly pop up over what I want to look at.

    But I do see the pictures (like the sewing machine) and words of the blogger. They do influence my shopping.
    Regards, Ann.

  90. Not sure if anyone else has said this as I haven't time to read 86 comments but try to get adsense set up so clicking on it brings up another screen, not replacing your blog when they click through.

    Love the practical common sense of your blog and I use it to bring me back to earth a bit.

    To anyone new to adsense - Rhonda gets paid every time someone clicks through and you don't have to buy anything at all.

    For anyone wanting to demystify medicine and doctors you might be interested in my blog - ramblings based on reading I do as a researcher.

  91. Well, you might not get to read this, because there are quite a few comments, but last night I was reading your blog and my 3 year old daughter said "Momma, that woman with the lipstick, she is soooo pretty." Thought you might like to know.

  92. Hi again. The google ads seem to pick up on keywords on the particular page. Because this page is "Can you make money blogging" the ads I see are:

    Make $50,000 Per Month
    Ordinary People Earn Big Money On eBay. Find Out How YOU Can Too!

    Don't Pay To Get Paid
    Most "Make Money" Sites are Scams Some Are Legit - We Found Only 3

    My Husband Almost Died...
    When I earned $48,842 in 30 days. & Now he works for ME! I proved...

    Entrepreneurs Wanted
    Realistic $250K Income Potential. No Selling. Automated System.

    Make Money From Home
    $250k+ Potential to Fire Your Boss And Live Your Life By Your Design

    I'm sorry but these ads particularly irritate me. They seem at odds with the simply living principles.

    However, if I click on your banner and get your home page, I get bread and scones and a few money ones like the above. So it looks as if it will depend on the content of the page.

  93. I don't mind the advertising as long as it's something you believe in, and like you said, would buy yourself. It's probably something you're going to mention in a blog post anyway.

    I too have made lots of new "friends" by following links in comment sections.


  94. Love your blog!! It inspires me to keep plugging away at daily life at home!! thanks

  95. Rhonda, we love your blog and share many of the same friends in the blogging community. We applaud whatever ways you enjoy profiting while keeping home at the heart of things. We'll continue linking here and recommending your site to others :)

    Robbyn and Jack

  96. Rhonda, so many things that I'm busy with lately, started here. And whenever I need inspiration or I feel I lose track, I come back here and it gives me a new drive. Thank you for that.

    For people who are looking for some more reading material, I'm happy to add my own blog to the long list of comments (I enjoy discovering nex blogs that way).

  97. As always I am thoroughly enjoying all that you put out. I agree with some about the ads being a nuisance but it does depend on the page your on. I tend to ignore the google ads (sorry) and just focus on the products you personally endorse.
    I do agree through that you deserve some remuneration for all the hard work you put into this blog.

    Good luck with the book, looking forward to it.

  98. Hi Rhonda
    I had contact from someone that offered my $20 to write an article about credit cards. I was very suspicious but my $20 arrived in paypal and paid for some new microfibre paids for my steamer! Very welcome. I think my side ads have made a total of £1.92 so far, so I wont be retiring on it anytime soon!!!


  99. Hi Rhonda
    I've been wrestling with myself for some time about connecting advertising with my blog

    I could really do with some money, but I also don't want to spoil my blogging experience.

    June in Oz

  100. People can click on my name to get to my blog, or on the link below. My last post was a response to one here, but usually, I post about gardening.

    Rhonda, Adsense is showing me links of the "Make Lots of Money" variety. I haven't clicked on them, but I doubt they are what you'd like to see on your blog!

    My blog is at

  101. I'm all for the freedom to advertise or not. The choice is still with the reader whether to click or not so it isn't too pushy. Your sponsorship button looked really good and not generic like the google ads.

    I have found many wonderful reads by clicking on comment links. It's a pity though that there isn't more time just for leisurely blog reading.

  102. Rhonda,

    It worked. After leaving my address here I found two comments on my blog. That makes 3 comments on my whole blog site. LOL. I'm excited. Small beginnings.

  103. It seems a little conflicting that on your blog you personally are advocating frugality etc., and yet you are advertising (via adsense) companies that are out to sell their products to people and to make a profit from that, with no regard as to whether the products are really necessary or worthwhile. Indirectly you are encouraging people to buy products by having the temptation and facilities to do so on your blog. Surely this goes against your own ethics, doesn't it, or does it really not bother you where your income comes from? (I ask that genuinely as I am finding the principles espoused by yourself on your blog to be in direct contradiction to having adverts from just about anyone who has something to sell).

    In one way it doesn't bother me because I have Adblock Plus and don't see any adverts anywhere as I abhor them, but the principle does bother me. (I have read comments and see the kind of adverts showing up.)

    Your sponsorship of pads is a totally different matter, and I think it is a great idea - you choose products that you have checked out and feel do fit with your philosophy, but why the different standards overall?


  104. I always click on people's blog titles in the comments if the name peaks my interest! I've viewed many a blog from your comments as I think that at the very least I know we have some things in common!

    Anyway, I hope that advertising helps you achieve your goals!


  105. Kadeeae, my sewing machine is a Janome Quilters Companion 4618QC, it's about 5 years old and I bought it second hand when my previous sewing machine gave up after 20 years. I'm very happy with this machine, it's not computerised, has snap on feet and it's easy to use.

    Harriet, thank you, no one else had suggested tht. I'll see if I can set it up that way.

    Helen, most of the commenters state the ads don't bother them, that has been the response in the emails too. As for me and my ethics, although I do rather like being able to bring small at home businesses to a wider audience and to help readers promote their Etsy shops, I would prefer not to have any advertising. When I have earned the amount of money we need, the ads will go.

  106. I love coming each day to *visit*. Your blog is very inspirational and I have started making our bread and planting a few things in a container garden.

    Your ads do not bother me at all and I hope you do make what you need.

    My blog is mainly about cardmaking as that is all I have known for a long time. I'm hoping to share more as I simplify our lives. I have made money off my blog by people just randomly asking if they could buy a particular card I have posted. I do not have an Etsy site.

    Thank you so much for all you do.

    Vivian (USA)

  107. This is such a good idea. As I write there are 107 comments, most of which are blogs of like minded folk we can visit.
    It feels like belonging to a large family and I find it so interesting to visit when I come to the computer. It was a great suggestion, Cat.

  108. I've enjoyed visiting some of the other blogs listed here; thank you for the opportunity for all of us to leave our blog addresses. My blog is about our life here in the country and our attempt to be more self-sufficient and frugal - no wonder I enjoy Down-To-Earth!

  109. Hi Rhonda,

    You've already kindly added one of my blogs to your site - Permaculture Pathways - thanks for that. it promotes my permaculture workshops and courses, but I also try to have interesting things there for readers and visitors.

    I'm starting another blog now solely about bee keeping and my journey as I learn how to do keep bees. I hope it helps others learn how to do it properly.


  110. Most of the blogs I read are actually ones I found by looking at other people's sites. It's a lovely, organic way to create community in such a high tech fashion. It seems like I can never get tired of new pictures and descriptions of gardens, sewing, knitting, baking and cooking! There is so much inspiration out there. So many people who I almost think of as friends, who don't even know me! I warmly invite anyone who want to to come on over to my blog and get a glimpse of my little corner of the world.

  111. I thought that maybe I posted on your blog, but looking back, I don’t see my moniker. Hopefully, I am not doubling up.

    My blog is I just started blogging last winter so don’t have a lot of posts. Some of what I do have, however, are about the following: Random weekly activities, family, ways to be frugal, ways to go organic, my Heavenly Father, etc.

    Please stop by and leave a comment any time that you would like. :)

  112. I just found your blog and I love it :)some great info on here

  113. What a lovely offer! And it's true, I've found some very special places, this included, by following links in comments. I'm so glad you have built up the following you deserve, which will give your book a flying start out into the world. Looking forward to reading it,


    A Recycled Lifestyle

  114. I have a blog about our family's simple, homesteading life in northern Vermont. We live off grid, have six children, grow our own food and enough for our farmstand. In addition, we make toys of natural fibers and some home goods of branches. I often wrestle with combining our blog with making money as well. However, because we have our own home based businesses, it is helpful to share and let others know of our products.

    I also have a quarterly newsletter that is handwritten and copied at our local office supply store - it is called Plain and Joyful Living. It contains aricles about living richly on less, homesteading, old fashioned skills, handcrafts, homemaking and more. It also contains letters from readers and we have swaps - recipe swaps and handcraft swaps.

    Thanks for sharing about your journey!
    Warm wishes,

  115. I think the world is drowning in ads so I generally avoid them. At the moment I don't have any on my own blog but I guess with the world the way it is, that might change over time too. The only thing I don't like about people leaving links on my pages is spam. I have found some wonderful new blogs thru people leaving their links. But the ones who just wander around cyberspace to dump ads for their pages that sell things, truly annoy me and I will delete those.

    Most just say some lame thing like hey I like your page and then dump their link. You can tell they didn't even read your own. So I have a disclaimer about that on my page and I will dump any comments that do that. Will I lose some readers? Perhaps, but honestly I don't think the readers want blatant spam either.

  116. Hi Rhonda. I just wanted to leave a comment letting you know that I love your blog. :) I'm a newbie homemaker, kind of thrown into it since I was laid off last October. I love being at home! I'm drawn to simple living, healthy eating, etc. and am really enjoying learning ways to implement these ideas into my household. Thanks for all you do!

  117. What a great idea. I love reading your blog. I have found some great blogs by clicking on the comments people leave.

    Anyway, I write a blog about frugal living mainly, with some finance, family stories and a little bit of homeschooling thrown in. Oh and gardening, I love to grow vegetables. I am trying to remember to water my flowers this year, but since I don't eat those, I tend to forget LOl. Every year I try to do better. I have learned so much here are down to earth!

  118. I've really enjoyed your blog. I've had your blog address in "My Favorite Links" since I found you. I, too, didn't want to advertisements on my blog but I did it when the economy went south. My interests are blogging, reading, history, genealogy, scrapbooking, cooking, organizing, etc. So my blog represents all my interests so I called it A Scrapbook Of Me at
    -Sharon in SC, USA

  119. I have been considering these same issues and appreciate your thoughtful response. Ads can be troublesome; but at the same time, as a writer, I know how much time I put into my blog, and I'm sure it's the same for you, and if you are able to be compensated a bit, it makes it more possible for blogs to continue and/or expand. Good luck with it.

  120. I don't mind the advertising at all. :) It is not blinking and taking my eyes off the text as some do. I love it that you are advertising products that you feel good about. Introducing them to us is very meaningful to me. You put much time and effort into this blog I hope you do get some money back from it. You are also helping these advertisers as they seem to me to also be a family affair. Your thoughts have enriched many lives. I know they have ours for sure!! Thankyou too for answering my question so sweetly. Jody

  121. I just found your blog today when i looked what blog was on blogtop lists in Australia. Im from Sweden and living together with my Australian partner here in Stockholm. We have a blog to keep family and friends in Australia and in Sweden updated on everything we do. Its a great idea! I will follow your blog from now on! Have a great day Hughs Ida from Sweden.

  122. I've just been catching up on some blog reading and of course yours is always inspiring. Thank you.

    Here's a link to my blog

  123. Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.

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