Just looking

23 June 2007
I must be doing something wrong. No comments on the 8 things meme, although my stats counter tells me there were 100 visitors yesterday. I just checked several other blogs with meme posts and all of them were commented on, a lot. Maybe hearing so much about me was too much. Or is it the age thing? Do younger people not like knowing that us oldsters were young once, just like them?

H tells me that most people just like to look and while I know involvement is not compulsory, it certainly makes it more interesting. I've made my living from writing for the past 20 years so it's strange to write now and not get feedback. Oh well, I guess I'll just carry on for the time being and see how I go. I'll view this as a book I'm writing, and add a few paragraphs each day ... although that does seem rather solitary and sad.