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I must be doing something wrong. No comments on the 8 things meme, although my stats counter tells me there were 100 visitors yesterday. I just checked several other blogs with meme posts and all of them were commented on, a lot. Maybe hearing so much about me was too much. Or is it the age thing? Do younger people not like knowing that us oldsters were young once, just like them?

H tells me that most people just like to look and while I know involvement is not compulsory, it certainly makes it more interesting. I've made my living from writing for the past 20 years so it's strange to write now and not get feedback. Oh well, I guess I'll just carry on for the time being and see how I go. I'll view this as a book I'm writing, and add a few paragraphs each day ... although that does seem rather solitary and sad.


  1. I just found this blog today...so it wasn't me! Although I have been known to be very guilty of lurking and not commenting on all of the feeds I watch.

  2. I'm also very guilty of frequently lurking without commenting. Will try and do better! :-). Loved the pic from yesterday's post. Was going to bake your bread today but couldn't get hold of any gluten flour so it'll be a garden day today and hopefully a bread tomorrow after I go to the shops this afternoon.

  3. It was a great post, Rhonda. In my own blog I can never work out which posts will get heaps of comments and which ones no one responds to -- it's a mystery.

    I especially loved the kiss photo.

  4. I love reading your blog and I will admit I am one of the "lurkers" I read lots but rarely comment! I'm going to try to start commenting more :) And maybe posting on my blog more too!
    Keep writing...we are all out here!

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  7. It was me Rhonda... I look but don't comment ! I enjoy reading your posts. Your wisdom reassures me that I am on the right track with my young family.

  8. Oh my, now I feel a bit guilty for saying something. Thank you all for your comments. They do mean a lot to me and I appreciate every one of them.

    Hello Lynn, I hope you come back and read more.

    Susan, thank you. Now that I look at the photo on the screen it makes me realise how much time has transpired since then. Let me know how your bread turns out.

    Kate: yes it's a strange thing isn't it. Some posts that I think are quite good get no reaction yet others not as good get a lot. I think I'll give up worrying about it.

    Lisa, thank you for your kind words and for commenting. It makes me feel like writing more. Write more in your blog. I'll go look at it later.

    Busy woman, thank you for that womderful complement. I've seen your site. May I add it to my list of favourite blogs?

  9. It wasn't me, I definitely would have commented on that *very* sexy photo if I'd popped by yesterday ;-)

  10. I'm guilty too. I came, I saw, I read, and I didn't comment. I did enjoy getting to know you a little better though. I'm still making my way through your past writings.

    I love today's post on saving money in the kitchen. Great job.


  11. Come on now Rhonda, you should know by know Im the Lurker King ;-P

  12. julie: LOL it looks more awkward, than sexy to me. ; )

    Kim: thank you. Your list on hanging clothes was very good too. I hope others read it.

    Kimble: I do know you're the lurking king. You are excused sweetheart.

  13. Hi Rhonda,

    I've been lurking now and again the past few days and probably ought to let you know. Reading this lonely post made me want to comment. I've often thought of writing books, but fear it being too solitary for someone already a hermit!

    Your blog link was sent to me by a fan of yours in NZ who thought I could gain a few pratical matters from it and I have... I live in the far north of the U.S. I had a blog for awhile too, and appreciated everyone who actively commented, but with a very slow dial up, left it to pursue the simplier life of tasks close at hand. As you know, lots to do!


  14. from one hermit to another, hello wildside. It good to have another simple living reader.


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